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How Long Does Simmons Mattresses Last?

When looking for the best mattress, you check for high quality and durability. Moreover, mattresses don’t come cheap. So, you must be sure that you will get a lot of use from it.

A friend bought a generic mattress online but had to get rid of it because the coils came loose. The mattress became unusable in less than two years. So, he went for a Simmons mattress next. After all, the store attendant promised at least seven years’ service from their mattresses.

This information was accurate since Simmons mattresses are said to last between 7 to 15 years. Some last longer, but that depends on the specific type of mattress you buy. However, to maintain your mattress’s top-tier performance, you should change it after about 13 years of use.

Of course, it is essential to know more information, especially about individual mattresses. Therefore, keep reading to find details of how long your Simmons mattress will last after purchase. 

List of Simmons Mattresses Available and The Expected Duration

Simmons is among the world’s leading mattress manufacturers and retailers. As expected, their mattresses are high quality and worth every coin. You will not get less than ten years’ use from these mattresses. Still, there are many categories, and it is crucial to look at each individually.  

Type Special Feature Lifespan 
Beautyrest Abundance Memory Foam Up to 15 years 
Beautyrest Apex Deluxe Simmons Original Pocketed Coil Between 7 – 10 years 
Dreamscapes Belleville and Mayville Simmons Original Pocketed Coil Between 7 – 10 years 
Beautysleep Discovery I and II Simmons Original Pocketed Coil Between 7 –  10 years 
BackCare Advanced Recharge S4500Original Simmons Pocketed Coil and AirCool Memory Foam Between 10 – 15 years 
BackCare Premier 3553-Zone Foam and Simmons Original Pocketed Coil TakashimayaUp to 15 years 

To make your selection easier, Simmons mattresses durability is ranked according to the following:

  • Simmons Innerspring mattresses last 7 to 10 years 
  • Simmons Memory foam mattresses last up to 15 years 

That said, Simmons mattresses last long and offer you top-tier performance. However, read the instructions on the mattress label carefully. Here, you will get details on caring for the product to last as long as possible. 

Signs Your Simmons Mattress is Getting Old

There is no need to worry if your Simmons mattress is less than seven years old. However, if you’ve been using it for longer, check for these signs. Unfortunately, if your mattress shows most of these signs, you must replace it. 

Noisy Springs

Simmons mattresses with an innerspring should not be noisy. However, before writing off your mattress, check if the bed is in good condition. The noise might be coming from the bed and not the mattress. 


Many people invest in a Simmons mattress to enhance back and neck support. In fact, some have medical conditions and need very supportive mattresses. Once a mattress starts sagging, it means comfort goes out the window. So, if your Simmons mattress starts sagging, it is time to buy another one. 


A new Simmons mattress is smooth and has an even top and bottom. For instance, when running your hand across the mattress, you should not feel any lumps, protrusions, or uneven surfaces. On the flip side, if you feel anything out of the ordinary, your mattress has reached its end. 

Unremovable Stains and Smells 

You use your mattress daily (except while traveling). As a result, the mattress picks up a lot of smells and stains. With time, these smells and stains become overwhelming, especially if it is impossible to eliminate them. 

Luckily, there are products on the market to aid in stain removal. Additionally, you can get some to keep our mattress smelling fresh. However, if stain and smell removal is impossible, consider making a new purchase. Besides, these mattresses can cause serious allergies and even asthma due to the accumulated dust, smells, and dirt. 

Poor Sleep

If you prefer sleeping anywhere else other than on your Simmons mattress, it means it no longer provides a hybrid sleep experience. Everyone needs at least eight hours of undisrupted sleep. However, this is impossible if you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. 

How to Make a Simmons Mattress Last Longer

When buying a mattress, the manufacturer provides care instructions, including how to clean the mattress. In addition, some mattresses are flip while others are non-flip. So, reading the attached instructions is the most important step before setting up the mattress on your bed. 

Here are more tips to help you keep your Simmons mattress in tip-top shape for as long as 15 years:

  • Ensure your mattress has the best support. Your mattress should fit snug on your bed. Always buy a mattress according to your bed size
  • Buy a mattress protector since it protects the mattress from liquid spills, dust, and any avoidable causes of stains. 
  • Wash your bed linens often. The dirtier the linens, the higher the chances of passing germs on to your mattress. Unfortunately, it is impossible to wash a mattress. So, wash the bed linen instead. 
  • Rotate the mattress regularly since it ensures even use of the mattress. You don’t want some parts of your mattress to be newer than others. 
  • Take extra care when moving the mattress. Handling your Simmons mattress with care prolongs its lifespan since everything inside the mattress (like coils) stays intact. 

In all honesty, a Simmons mattress stays as long as you want it to. For instance, if you do nothing to care for the mattress or mishandle it, it will not last long. However, following the manufacturer’s instructions and caring for your Simmons mattresses ensures you enjoy the mattress’ beautiful features. After all, Simmons mattresses are among the best in the industry. 


Do Simmons Mattresses Sag?

Unfortunately, some Beautyrest mattresses sag after about three years of use. While this reduces the customer’s comfort, it does not always happen. To prevent such instances, take great care of your Simmons mattresses. If it is a manufacturer’s mistake, the company is glad to sort it out since they offer up to 10 years of limited warranty. 

Can You Flip a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress?

No. You should never flip a Beautyrest mattress. While some mattresses accommodate sleeping on both sides, the Simmons Beautyrest mattresses have comfort layers on one side. Therefore, sleeping on the wrong side means you won’t get the best support. 

Can You Rotate a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress?

If you bought your Simmons mattress a while back, it is recommended to rotate it 180 degrees and sleep on the other side. Keep in mind that rotating and flipping are different. When rotating, you do not change the sleeping side. Fortunately, you can rotate as many times as you wish. 

Do Simmons Offer Warranty?

The best brands, including Simmons, offer a warranty. Though unintentional, some mattresses have manufacturer and material defects. If you purchase the mattress from an authorized retailer, the company will replace, repair or refund your mattress if any issues arise. 

Simmons offers its customers 10 years limited warranty, but you also have to care for the mattress as warranties do not cover any damages caused by customers. 

What Does Beautyrest do With Returned Mattresses?

Customers that do not love their Beautyrest mattress within the 100 nights of the delivery can return it to the manufacturer. Beautyrest is an environmentally conscious company. So, it  ensures 100% recycling of the mattress takes place. In addition, Beautyrest picks up and recycles the mattress. 

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