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What Bed Size is Best for Couples?

Getting ample sleep is the foundation of good health and happiness, especially for couples sharing a bed. Before you go to motion isolation, the first thing you need to consider is the bed’s size.

The best bed size for couples allows them to have some personal space when sleeping and turning, but still provide the opportunity to be close together and cuddle if need be.

Ideally, the bed should be big enough to fit two adults comfortably but not so big that you can’t feel the warmth of your partner next to you even without touching.

So, what bed size is best for couples? A standard queen size bed is perfect for couples. It measures 60 by 80 inches, which means both has 30 inches to themselves. However, it’s not so big that you feel like you feel alone in bed. You and your partner are still close enough to feel each other’s warmth, touch toes, and come together for a cuddle.

What’s more, if you have a young child, they can fit in there comfortably when they are too scared to sleep on their bed.

A standard queen size bed fits perfectly in most master bedrooms, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Some extenuating circumstances such as height, size of the couple, and size of the room can make a couple choose a different bed size.

California and Olympic Queen

Since a queen size bed is the perfect size for couples, it comes as no surprise that it has some variations. A California queen bed measures 60 by 84 inches, adding an extra 4 inches to stretch your legs. It’s an excellent option for people who are a bit taller or if their pet likes to sleep in the bed’s leg area.

An Olympic queen is the opposite, as it gives extra inches width instead of height. With 66 by 80 inches, the couple will have plenty of room for themselves, but it still won’t be too big to feel alone.

The problem with a California or Olympic queen size bed is buying bedding and accessories for them. Most of the time you’ll be forced to custom-make the bedding from a tailor because you can’t find ready-made ones.

King Size Bed

A king bed is impressive at 72.2 by 80 inches, but you can also opt for 76×80 or 80×80 inches, depending on how big your room is. With over 36 inches to yourself, you can roll, stretch, and sleep in any position you like without disturbing your partner. You can also lay sideways to read a book, watch TV or even do some exercise on the bed. This bed is perfect for;

  • Couples that enjoy/prefer ample space when sleeping but don’t want to get separate beds.
  • Big- bodied people who occupy quite some space in the bed
  • Couples who would like to sleep with their child in the same bed.
  • People with peculiar sleeping habits such as kicking and hitting.
  • People with huge master bedrooms.

California King Size Bed

The California king-size bed is made for people who are taller than average so they can sleep straight. It measures 72 by 84 inches, giving your legs an extra 4 inches to stretch.

This bed is also perfect for couples who sleep with their pet, so your furry friend can lie on the leg space. Seventy-two inches width is more than sufficient space for two people who enjoy their personal space and even a third person if that ever happens.

Double/ Double XL

A double size bed, also known as full-size, measures 54 by 75 inches. It is the perfect bed size for a couple that likes to be close to each other all night, cuddling or not. Unlike the twin bed, a double still gives you some space to turn or sleep on your stomach.

If one or both of you are a bit tall, a double XL is a good alternative because its 80 inches long. This gives your legs ample room, and even a pet can sleep there.

Does Bed Size Matter?

Many years ago, a very controversial study about the correlation between divorce rates and the bed’s size came to light. According to researchers, the vast space between a couple sleeping in a king-size bed eventually poured into the rest of the marriage.

Psychologists worldwide fully supported this research with the theory that lack of physical touch, which occurs when you sleep so far apart, eventually leads to an emotional disconnect.

Some of the interviewees said that a king-size bed allows you to get used to too much personal space, so when your partner comes close, you feel uncomfortable. This is especially true when you are fighting because you can stay in that space for ages without sorting the issue.

Before the 1940s, American couples slept primarily on twin and double beds until manufacturers started making bigger beds to cater to the larger population. As the size of beds increased, so did the divorce rate until people slowed down on the marriage idea.

Why is a smaller bed better in a relationship?

According to older couples who have been married for many years, a smaller bed means you have nowhere to go during a fight; you have to touch and makeup.

It forces your bodies to be closer to each other, and when your bodies touch, that connection comes back. When you are sleeping so close together, you can feel your partner’s warmth, hear them breathing, and put your hand around them if you want.

This doesn’t mean however that twin size beds are the best for couples. While many psychologists agree that a smaller bed encourages a couple to touch, marriage therapists insist on the need for some personal space, even in bed.

Having your spouse snore on your ears, put their limbs on your face or drool on your hair is not exactly the best thing for a relationship. Some separation also helps with motion isolation, so when one person is turning and tossing, it won’t wake up their partner.

So what is the middle ground?

As this post stated in the beginning, the best bed size for couples is the queen size bed. Its average size meaning it’s neither too big to separate you, nor too small to make you suffocate each other. That explains why it’s the most common bed in American homes, guest rooms, and hotels.

The size of a bed may not be the cause for a divorce or a happily ever after in a relationship, but it sure plays a significant role. Being able to sleep comfortably and still feel close to your partner is crucial to the success of any relationship.

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