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Complete Bed Size Guide: Bed Info & Measurement Charts – The Bedding Planet

Complete Bed Size Guide: Bed Info & Measurement Charts

Every once in a while, you have to say goodbye to something because it no longer serves your needs. This can happen to your bed.

When you start waking up tired, sometimes more tired than you were when you went to bed, you know it might be time to change. Other times, it’s simply a matter of size.

So, does size matter where beds are a concern?

In all honesty, there isn’t a black or white answer. It all depends on your preferences and needs. But, to make your decision a little easy, let’s consider different bed sizes and what they could mean for your bedroom, yourself, your partner, and your comfort.

Which Bed Size Should You Consider And Why?

First, let’s use the chart below to get a glimpse of the sizes.

Bed sizeDimensions in inches
King size72 by 80
California16 by 84
Queen size60 by 80
Twin XL size38 by 80
Twin size38 by 75
Split size76 by 80

To guide us in this process, we have to consider a few things. For instance, will you be sleeping alone or with a partner? Do you have pets or little kids who may want to hop in bed with you every once in a while (sometimes daily)? If you are in a relationship but live alone, how often do you have your partner over for sleepovers?

Not forgetting that most people also buy a new mattress when they change their bed, this may be a factor to consider. Finally, are you a heavy or light sleeper, and how will the bed size affect your bedroom space?

Obviously, you don’t want to fill your room with a bed and have no space for anything else. Remember, the more squeezed your bedroom is, the less relaxing it will be, and ultimately it might interfere with your sleep quality.

King Size Bed

Granted, this is one of the largest bed sizes on the market. The king size measures around 72 by 80 inches which is large enough to accommodate two people. In fact, with a king-size bed, you should have enough space without interfering with your partner’s sleep. Everyone sleeps on their side, which means no motion interruption, hence better sleep.

Obviously, your bedroom space must match this size if you are to have this bed comfortably. According to interior designers, anyone with a bedroom measuring at least 12 feet by 10 feet can comfortably have this dreamy bed while leaving enough space for other things. If your room is smaller than this, you may have to consider the other bed options mentioned here.

Luckily, this rule is not cast in stone, so you can play around with your bedroom space and still fit a king-size bed. However, be mindful of other things in the bedroom as you plan. So, in terms of size, what do you get when you buy this bed?

  • 76 inches of sleeping space if you sleep alone
  • 28 inches if you share a bed with your partner
  • If you are all, your size will determine how much space you get. Anyone below 6”7 will fit comfortably in this bed.

California King Size Beds

Not many people prefer this bed size, but if you are taller, then this is your match. First, the California King-size is 72 by 84 inches. This is longer than the king-size with around 4 inches. This means anyone taller than 6″7 would fit here perfectly. The mattress size and thickness you choose is entirely up to you and may be guided by your sleeping style and preference.

So, this bed is most suitable for:

  • Taller people who find king-size beds small for their size
  •  If you have a narrow but long bedroom as it’s not wide but compensates in length
  • If you are single and hardly have anyone sharing your bed
  • If you love cuddles and the closeness of your partner next to you at night

Queen Size Beds

The queen size is undoubtedly the most famous bed size and mattress in America. This bed is a perfect size because it’s not as large as the king-size, but the difference is insignificant. It measures around 60 by 80 inches and is perfect if you share your bed with pets, kids, or a partner. For this bed to fit perfectly in your room, your bedroom should be at least 10 inches long by 10 inches wide. Now, what do you get with this bed size?

  • Around 60 inches of sleeping space if you sleep alone
  • About 30 inches if you are a couple
  •  If you are taller than 6 inches but less than 6″5, then you can still comfortably fit on this bed.

Twin XL Size Beds

The Twin XL is another amazing bed to consider. First, the bed fits a mattress measuring 38 inches wide and 80 inches in length. Usually, people tend to confuse it with the traditional twin, but they are different. You see, the Twin XL bed is longer, which is the main distinction between the two.

If your bedroom isn’t wide, this is perhaps the best fit for you. Two Twin XL beds make a king-size bed which is pretty awesome. What turns most people off when it comes to this bed is the availability of beddings. Frankly, manufacturers don’t care so much for narrow but long beds, making it almost impossible to find sheets. If you still love this beauty, then consult your retailer about sheets. The likelihood is they know where to get them.

Twin Size Beds

When you think of a twin-size bed, kids and teens automatically come to mind. But, although this is the case for most people, this doesn’t mean teens and kids are the only ones who can use this bed size.

There are stunning beds for kids and teenagers. The twin-size bed uses a mattress that measures 38 inches in width and 75 inches long. Though the bed is associated with kids and teenagers, it is not limited to that. Measuring thirty-eight inches by 75 inches, this bed is perfect for adults who live in small spaces. It gives you enough room for a nice long bed, but it doesn’t take up much space, which is awesome. Perfect balance.

Split King Size Bed

The split king-size bed uses two similar mattresses in terms of measurement. That is, both mattresses are 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. What makes this bed perfect is that it accommodates people who have different sleeping styles. For instance, if your partner prefers a firm mattress and you would rather have a soft mattress, then both of you can get your wishes met. When shopping, however, consult your retailer, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

In some cases, some split beds are joined at the bottom and separated at the top, so make sure to check which bed you are getting. This spit isn’t a bad thing because it means you have one intact bed and two mattresses instead of two ‘separate’ beds and mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the biggest bed sizes found in the market today?

The biggest beds are king-sized beds measuring 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. We also have the California beds, which are slightly longer than the king-size. These two are best for large rooms and taller people because they don’t leave your legs hanging.

Which bed size is right for my room?

Size matters when choosing a bed. According to design experts, you should leave at least 30 inches on either side of the bed. So, when choosing a bed, always add thirty inches on each side to find out if you will have enough space left once the bed is in your room.

Can a full-size bed fit two adults?

Some couples prefer this type of beds because they let you cuddle. However, these beds are primarily for anyone who isn’t sharing bed space with a partner. If you live in a small house, however, you may opt for this bed. If not, you are better off with a larger bed.

Is a double mattress the same as a full mattress?

Yes, they are the same. A full mattress is simply another name for a double mattress. They both measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches long.

How high off the ground should my bed be?

It depends on the thickness of your mattress, your bed’s style, and other personal preferences.  But on average, 25 inches off the ground is good enough. Note that there are beds that are as high as 36 inches and as low as 18 inches. The 36 inches are suitable for taller people, whereas the 18 inches are good for children.


Now that you are finally ready to say goodbye and buy a new bed, this information should come in handy when making your pick. Do your research and keep your needs and preferences in mind when making the selection.

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