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The 8 Softest Mattresses on The Market (2022)

It’s a tough cut to shop for a good soft mattress in today’s market. With so many options available, it’s easy to get confused especially when choosing a soft mattress.

Which one should you choose? What should you consider when picking one? Is option A better than option B? What about comfort?

As a rule of thumb, always read reviews from other buyers to get a clear picture of what you are getting yourself into. Compare both negative and positive solutions, so you know the pros and cons of a certain brand before you commit your money.

To make your work a little easier, we compiled a list of eight of the softest mattresses in the market today.

Let’s get to it.

Soft Mattress Choice #1 – A “Hospital Type” Memory Foam Mattress


Primarily used in hospitals, these mattresses are known for flexibility and health benefits.

People have learned that these mattresses are so soft and comfortable so they have started making their way into the bedroom as well. Now, I’m sure you are thinking; uh how weird, I don’t want a hospital bed in my home…

Well, just hold on for a moment, there are manufacturers that make these mattresses in all the common home bed sizes and without having them look like the typical “hospital bed”. You simply put this mattress on your current bed frame, then put on your own sheets and voila you will sleep with amazing comfort on a bed that looks just like any other bed.

Hospital memory foam mattresses conforms to your body shape as you sleep due to a rectangular pad installed on them. The firmness helps in contouring your body without sinking in, thus giving you that extra support you need at night.

The mattresses are so soft and comfortable that you don’t need extra padding. For people suffering from body sores and backaches, this is an excellent catch because your body will relax; hence the pain is reduced.

Concerning the body weight and heat, there is a unique open structure that levels up. This simply means it doesn’t matter what sleeping position you use. The mattress will adjust accordingly and eliminate pressure, so you are comfortable. This means you can kiss restless nights goodbye as they are reduced by 80%.

The Medacure Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress

If you’re interested in getting a hospital type mattress for your own bed then I definitely recommend Medacure’s mattresses.

They are one of only a few companies that has taken the technology from hospital mattresses and put it into twin, full and queen sized mattresses when normally the technology is only available in single sized mattresses that are made specifically for hospitals.

Just imagine how soft this mattress will feel for anyone who isn’t a patient and simply want to own one to get a softer night’s sleep.

Here are some of the benefits promised by Medacure:

Superior Comfort

This pressure redistribution mattress is made with low-risk patient comfort and safety in mind. Designed to distribute a patient’s weight evenly across its surface to mitigate the formation of pressure ulcers, lesions and bed sores. This obviously translates perfectly to healthy people who want a softer bed as well.

Convoluted Foam Cut

The convoluted foam cut is made to provide patients with greater support and relief, while simultaneously reducing heat and moisture by promoting airflow. It will do the same to non-patient people as well.

If you want to learn more about the Medacare Foam Mattress, you can do so on Amazon here.

Soft Mattress Choice #2 – A Mattress Topper


Have you ever heard of people turning mattresses around because they have “sunk”? A sagging mattress is a nightmare, but sadly, many people go through this each night and do nothing about it.

The genesis of the problem is choosing the wrong mattress. Mattress toppers have a thick comfort layer, usually around 2-4 inches made of soft materials. For the people who are big-bodied or age has caught up or for anyone who just want to sleep better, these are perfect mattresses to consider that will make your bed softer while still providing great support.

They are made from natural latex, fibers, and memory foam. That makes them durable and holds to their shape for long. The entire core gives the mattress soft layers, which are very helpful in supporting the body. Their top layers are the most soothing and perfect when it comes to massaging side sleepers.

On top of that, these mattress toppers soothe the hips and shoulders, making them perfect for people with knee and hip joint pain problems as well.

One of the biggest pros of getting a mattress topper is that you will get close to the same quality of cushioning and support as you would from a whole new mattress that is 3-5 times more expensive. Simply buy a topper in the correct size and throw it on top of your current mattress for optimal comfort and support.

The MemorySleep Mattress Topper


If you are interested in getting a mattress topper then I definitely recommend our own MemorySleep mattress topper.

The topper is a hybrid made of latex and memory foam and comes in either 2″ or 4″ thickness. By combining latex and memory foam in different layers we managed to make a mattress where the latex provides great support, elasticity and resilience while the memory foam provides comfortable cushioning and pressure relief.

On top of this we designed the topper with hundreds of something called “honeycomb air holes”, also known as the natural air conditioning system, which effectively emits heat and moisture generated by the body, thus removing the heat problems that often comes with both latex and memory foam.

Lastly, the topper also has two sides. One side made specifically for hot climate, where the other side is made specifically for cooler climate.

If you are interested in getting an affordable mattress topper that will make your bed much softer and supportive, then you can learn more about the MemorySleep mattress topper here.

Soft Mattress Choice #3 – A Hybrid Mattress


These are very popular due to their versatile nature. Most people claim they offer two worlds at the same time. They are soft, bouncy, and firm, thus giving you a heavenly feel. If you like sleeping for long hours, then you have yourself a winner.

Their ability to cool the sleeping environment is what makes them attractive to most people. The innerspring core has a breathability capacity, which aids in the cooling process. It is believed that their innerspring coils can transfer up to 28 percent of heat. So even in summer, when it is usually hot, you can still bounce around your bed and have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Their structural spring system offers excellent edge support. With such support, you can lie anywhere around the mattress without feeling uncomfortable because the surface area is high. Even as these mattresses get old, you don’t have to worry about poking springs. They have a protective barrier that is engineered to protect your back.

The Idle Hybrid

When it comes to soft, supportive and comfortable hybrid mattresses I can not recommend a company called Idle Sleep enough. They make a 2-sided hybrid mattress that combines supportive coils with pressure relieving “Buoyancy” foam, which according to them has 400% better support than regular memory foam.

On top of their foam they have what they call the “Rolls Royce of Comfort” where they offer 1,000 smart support coils vs the 300 springs that you will find in a typical coil mattress.

I have not slept on the Idle Hybrid myself, but recommendations from a friend who has it, their 2000+ 4-5 star reviews and 18 months of risk-free sleep trial I would definitely put my own money on their mattress if I was looking for a new hybrid.

If you are interested in learning more about the Idle Hybrid mattress you can do so on their website. At the moment you will get 30% off + 2 free pillows with every purchase if you use our link here.

Soft Mattress Choice #4 – A Luxury Mattress


These mattresses spell luxury for every user. They are available in various forms, sizes, styles, and firmness levels. You will discover that some are up to 14 inches tall, thus unsuitable for the elderly. When shopping, there is a need to do thorough research to pick the right one.

Luxury mattresses are soft and don’t smell. Most of them contain plant-based castor oil, which creates Bio-Pur. The Bio-Pur helps in cooling and regulating temperature. Harmful chemicals used to make some of the mattresses are not found in luxury mattresses; thus, they are unlikely to off-gas.

Surprisingly, these mattresses have put into consideration every person’s need. They are designed for light sleepers, average sleepers, and heavy sleepers, and so on.

When it comes to choice, you know what kind of sleeper you are. Luxury, comfort, soft-touch, classic is what these mattresses are known to give.

The Loom & Leaf by Saatva

When it comes to classic you can’t go wrong with Saatva. Their Loom & Leaf mattress screams high class and premium feel. Most mattress companies use the bed-in-a-box shipment standard, but not Saatva.

Their mattresses are handcrafted in the U.S. with premium, eco-friendly materials, never stuffed in a box, and they are hand delivered to your home for free!

It’s a premium memory foam mattress, that’s comfortable, soft and luxurious and best of all, without the premium price tag.

If you are interested in an affordable luxury classic then you can learn more about the Loom & Leaf mattress here.

Soft Mattress Choice #5 – A Latex Mattress


Generally, these mattresses are put together from two to four layers of latex foam. They can either be synthetic, natural, or blended. Preferably, natural is most common. They are an excellent choice for people with back and joint pain.

They are also friendly to people with allergies. When you don’t clean your mattresses, there is a likelihood of viruses and bacteria clogging on top. The good thing with latex mattresses is that apart from being soft, the latex has a natural antimicrobial that repels dangerous microorganisms.

These mattresses pass the durability test as well. The natural latex comes from the milk-like sap of a rubber tree. Don’t worry about cutting the tree because once the liquid is extracted, it remains intact and used another time. Once the liquid has been harvested, it is refined and processed into Dunlop. The Dunlop is durable, soft, and can last for around 20 years or more.

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The Idle Latex Mattress

If you want to go with latex as your mattress material, which is a great choice for our planet, then the Idle latex mattress is your best bet.

The mattress is handmade with 100% organic cotton and GOL’s Certified Latex, with no glue or toxins, and are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant. So while you finally get the best ever sleep, you can be happy knowing you are also contributing to a much healthier planet.

You can learn more about the Idle Latex mattress on their website. Use this link and if you decide to buy you will get 30% off + 2 pillows for free.

Soft Mattress Choice #6 – A Oceano Mattress

Brentwood’s Oceano mattresses are made with a GOTS Organic wool layer, making these mattresses very soft and comfortable. They are a bit pricey, but everything is worth it when you look at the comfort they bring. Oceano mattresses boast of purely natural materials, which makes them durable.

There are coils strategically located in these mattresses, which offer support to the body. The memory foam installed in Oceano mattresses is infused with gel, so if you lie on the bed on scorching hot days, no need to worry because the gel acts as a cooling agent.

The springs are wrapped throughout the body. There are over 3,100 of these springs to offer optimal motion when you are catching some z’s. They are suitable for heavy and lightweight people, so your weight won’t be an issue. Also, they offer a feather-touch feel while you sleep.

If you are interested in learning more about the Brentwood Oceano mattress you can do so here.

Soft Mattress Choice #7 – A Plush Memory Foam Mattress


We are all looking for softness in a mattress. Plush Memory Foam Mattresses are an ideal example. Most people, who have bought these mattresses, boast of their tender touch and comfortable feel. They are mostly recommended for light-weight to medium-weight people.

Their various layers support your body, absorbing excess motion. When we want to steal our way to the bed without waking up our partners, these are mattresses ideal for such a mission. On top of that, they have built-in support technologies that ensures that body pain is alleviated, so you wake up feeling fresh.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress (Plush Side)


The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is definitely the best soft plush mattress on the market in my opinion, at least the “soft” side of the mattress. The mattress comes with two sides, one side that is softer with a plush feel and another side which is firmer.

On top of that, the mattress has copper infused gel memory foam in the mid layer which are super conductive. This conductivity helps carry heat away from your body faster which results in a much cooler sleep experience than you get with old-timey conventional memory foams.

Read on to learn more about the Layla Memory Foam Mattress here.

Soft Mattress Choice #8 – A Tempur Breeze Soft Mattress

Tempur breeze soft mattresses come in different shapes and sizes. Not only is the Tempur breeze soft mattresses, well soft, it’s also as the name suggests, suitable for cooling our bodies as we sleep.

When using the mattress, your body is cooled by 8 degrees through the night. The mattresses are designed in a unique manner observing all the sleep technology that allows the cooling to start as soon as you lie down.

They have five layers, which have an innovative climate dual cover system. Each system has its cooling function that it performs in terms of keeping the heat at bay. These mattresses are, as you might have guessed, most suitable for hot sleepers.

If you want to learn more about the Tempure Breeze Soft Mattresses you can do so here.

Conclusion of The Softest Mattresses on The Market in 2022

Your bed is your best friend after a long day. You want to slam down to uninterrupted sleep where you don’t toss and turn all night long. That’s where a feather-soft mattress comes in.

To get the experience, you need to do thorough research and choose a mattress based on your needs. Considering a company name and the price is fine, but it shouldn’t be the only factor you check. After all, what is expensive compared to your comfort.

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