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Where Are Simmons Mattresses Made?

When my dad was diagnosed with a back problem, the first thing we thought of replacing was his mattress. However, we were left confused because of the variety of mattresses available in stores.

We started looking through mattress company websites and as expected, Simmons Bedding came to mind because of how long they have been in the market. 

You see, a good brand cares about how refreshed you feel in the morning, which makes choosing your mattress as important as looking at the manufacturer.

Naturally, we wanted to know where Simmons mattresses are made and who makes them. This information helped in determining if their products are as high-quality as they claim to be. Moreover, a good mattress manufacturer is clear about where their design and assembly take place.  

So, where are Simmons mattresses made?

Simmons mattresses are made in Atlanta, Georgia. The Simmons Bedding Company is a renowned mattress and related bedding manufacturer with decades of experience


Since its formation in 1870, the company has created many well-loved products and it is easy to follow its production history from its inception up to date. 

Where Are Simmons Mattresses Made? A Little History

Simmons is an American company. The company moved its operations to Atlanta, Georgia in 1975 from its initial home in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It all began with the manufacture of telegraph insulators, then bed springs, and finally woven wire mattresses. 

The company has grown immensely and makes some of the world’s best mattresses today. As a result, Simmons also has manufacturing plants in the following regions:

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles 
  • Montreal 
  • Toronto 
  • Winnipeg 
  • Vancouver 
  • Elizabeth 
  • Seattle 

Where Are Serta’s Mattresses Made?

Among Simmons’ products are Serta mattresses. Based in Atlanta, Serta supplies more than 150 countries with the best sleeping collections available. Such supply is made possible in the 42 manufacturing plants operating under Serta Simmons Bedding. 

So, if you want a Serta mattress, you can get it from the company’s 36 plants in the USA, five in Canada, and one in Puerto Rico. In addition, the company strives to provide high-standard mattresses by creating innovative sleep solutions, optimizing manufacturing processes, and ensuring environmental stability. 

Where Are Beautyrest Mattresses Made?

The Beautyrest mattress on Simmons’ line of products is luxurious, comfortable, and durable. These mattresses stand for three things:

  • Innovation 
  • Authentic quality
  • Integrity 

Since Beautyrest mattresses are under Simmons, Atlanta remains the manufacturing center. Interestingly, the concept behind these mattresses came about in 1925 after Simmons’ top engineer came up with the Independent Pocketed Coil. That’s what makes the Beautyrest Black Original and the Beautyrest Hybrid popular. 

Moreover, the brand incorporates wonderful features to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the night. 

Are you a hot sleeper? The Beautyrest Hybrid has a BlackICE cooling cover. What this means is that you no longer have to struggle with constantly covering and uncovering yourself while you sleep. Sweating at night is frustrating and uncomfortable. Therefore, finding a long-lasting solution helps ease the stress. 

Where Are Tuft & Needle Mattresses Made?

With Simmons, you have endless options. Another brilliant option is their Tuft & Needle mattress. The mattress line started in 2012 as an online-based product, to boost e-commerce for the parent company. 

So, still in Atlanta, they made Tuft & Needle customer-centric. By listening to what customers want, these mattresses help customers achieve the utmost rest and comfort. So, you wake up in the morning feeling rested and ready to tackle everything life throws your way. 

We often purchase mattresses based on price, without checking the materials and work that went into the product. Tuft & Needle materials are carefully selected and well-thought-out. Moreover, they are responsibly crafted and free from harmful chemicals present in other mattresses.  

Where Are Simmons Headquarters Located?

Simmons Bedding is a global brand, with its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. Specifically, the main office is on 1 Concourse Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA. 

The company did not start its journey here, but Atlanta has become the home of mattress and bedding design and manufacture since 1975. 

The Simmons Bedding offices are open from Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8 pm. On Sundays, you can get services between 11 am to 6 pm. 

Where Are Sertas Headquarters Located?

Serta Simmons Bedding brought together all its locations to Atlanta, Georgia. The new five-acre site is the perfect space to accommodate the headquarters.

Moreover, Serta Simmons is a part of the 165-acre redevelopment project at the Doraville General Motors Plant. 

Where Are Beautyrests Headquarters Located?

Since Beautyrest is a part of the Simmons Brand, the headquarters are also in Atlanta, Georgia. If you want the Beautyrest mattress, you can visit the main branch at the Doraville General Motors Plant. 

Where Are Tuft & Needles Headquarters Located?

Unlike all other products under the Simmons brand, Tuft & Needle offices are in Phoenix, Arizona. You will find these offices at 735 West Grand Avenue. 

Final Word

If you were curious about Simmons mattresses, there is enough information in this article about where they are made and the technologies employed to make them as good as they are.  So, the next time you need a high-quality mattress, consider getting a Simmons mattress. 

As Ariel Dorfman once said, Those who have never suffered the iniquities of exile cannot possibly understand the significance, the gravitas, of a mattress.” That should tell you how important a comfortable mattress is. 

Related Questions

Where is The Simmons Sleep Technology And Advanced Research Facility Located?

Simmons has a new R&D facility located in Norcross. This state-of-the-art center is also known as the Sleep Technology and Advanced Research center (STAR). It consists of expert teams to ensure the delivery of the best designs and technology for home and commercial use. 

The facility does the following:

  • Rigorous product testing 
  • Advanced innovations to improve products 
  • Applying the latest technologies to ensure bedding are the best on the market

How Long Does a Beautyrest Mattress Last?

All Simmons mattresses are designed and manufactured with durable materials. Therefore, you will use your mattress for up to ten years. You can use it for longer, but Simmons recommends getting a new one after seven to ten years. 

What are the Best Simmons Mattresses for Back Pain? 

The Beautyrest Black Hybrid Gladney has the best rating for anyone with neck and back pain. Moreover, it provides stomach sleepers with the best comfort because of its traditional innerspring and multiple layers of memory foam.

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