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What Are Simmons Mattresses Made Of? – The Bedding Planet

What Are Simmons Mattresses Made Of?

The mattress you choose will determine how well you rest. If you understand your sleep needs and mattress types, you can easily narrow your options, making shopping easier. The trickiest part is picking a reputable brand because almost all manufacturers offer the same products, with a few changes.

In the US bedding industry alone, over 600 mattress manufacturers are, meaning the competition for the top spot is very stiff. Nonetheless, Simmons is one of the leading brands with over 150 years in service.

With such a significant footprint on the market, it begs the question, what are Simmons mattresses made of? Technically, these mattresses are foam mattresses, combining gel memory foam and poly foam for better quality. However, considering it is a big brand, there are other mattress types made of different materials, as we will be discussing.

Simmons Mattress Brand Models

The first pocketed coil mattress Simmons trademarked was in 1925. The company, therefore, has over a century of expertise in making various pocketed coil mattresses. The Simmons Original Pocketed Coil consists of high-quality carbon steel for extra support.

The carbon steel is first pre-compressed before placement in each pocket. Each original pocketed coil has a specific number of turns to provide a desirable spring effect. The result is a mattress with enough spring effect to support your back.

Mattress ModelMaterial/Features
Simmons Beautyrest 
Beautyrest BlackMicro Diamond Infused – AirCool Memory Foam – Super Pillow Top –   Filcare Fiber
Beautyrest HybridPlush Top – CoolSleep Fabric – Non-Flip
Beautyrest Harmony LuxInfiniCool – Smaller Springs·          
Simmons DreamScapes 
Dreamscapes MayvilleOpen Cell Foam – Foam Encasement – Fused Memory Foam
Dreamscapes BellevilleSuper Pillow Top – Filicare Fiber – Open Cell Foam – Oxygel – Convoluted Foam
Simmons Beautysleep 
Discovery ITight-Top – Non-Flip
Discovery IIPillow Top – Non-Flip
Simmons BackCare 
BackCare 2Plush Top – Biorytmic Fiber – Moistcare Fiber
BackCare 32-Sided – E-ION Crystal Technology
BackCare LuxurySuper Pillow Top – Cold foam· – E-ION Crystal
BackCare Advanced Recharge s4599DualCool Fabric – Silver Fiber – 5-Zone Coil – CoolGel Conformance Foam – Copper Infused Latex

What are the Beautyrest Mattresses Made Of?

Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are hybrid mattresses that combine metal coils and foam layers to build a comfortable and long-lasting design. All Beautyrest mattresses have a support layer built with Beautyrest’s innovative Pocketed Coils.

There are various categories of Beautyrest mattresses, including;

Beautyrest Black

The Beautyrest Black mattress comprises three innerspring types with a patented pocketed coils system called T3 Pocketed Coil Technology. This technology uses three steel strands to minimize motion transfer and improve durability.

The support layer also features a unique BlackICE cooling technology, with over 5 inches of foam and gel memory foam layers. The BlackICE cooling technology combines a breathable gel with micro foam diamond to allow maximum temperature control.

Beautyrest Hybrid

The Beautyrest Hybrid line combines memory foam and innerspring coils for a deep night’s sleep. The mixture of gel memory foam and pocketed coil system creates the perfect hybrid blend of a foam mattress and innerspring.

In addition, the models have a cooling feature called the InfiniCool, which is a cool-to-the-touch fabric. It can pull the heat away from you as you sleep, and with the smaller innersprings, the mattress adapts to your movement through the night.

Beautyrest Harmony Lux

The Simmons Beautyrest Harmony Lux is a high-end hybrid mattress with ultra-thick comfort layers for maximum cushioning. Like all Beautyrest mattresses, it comes with naturally breathable innerspring coils that are durable.

What Are The Dreamscapes Mattresses Made Of?

Source: Simmons

Dreamscape mattresses have the original pocketed coils with a variety of foam combinations. Some of the popular foam options include convoluted and open-cell foam. The convoluted foam design looks like an egg crate where foam splits to double the production. Therefore, you get two 4-inch thick foam sheets from one sheet.

Convoluted foam is lighter than most types of foam and allows for extra airflow. On the other hand, the open-cell foam is rubberlike and results from adding an inflating agent into the rubber compound. The vulcanization process expands the rubber, which opens up the cells.

Dreamscapes Mattress Categories

Dreamscapes Belleville

The Dreamscapes Belleville construction combines the Simmons’ trademark Original Pocketed coil and convoluted foam. These features ensure maximum support and comfort, with the Oxygel material providing the cooling features. It also uses filcare fiber, which is unique to Simmons’ products.

Dreamscapes Mayville

The Dreamscapes Mayville is similar to the Belleville series, only that it is bigger. Its structure is fused latex/memory foam held in position by a foam encasement. This construction ensures the pocketed coils stay in position as you sleep.

What Are The BeautySleep Mattresses Made Of?

The Beautysleep mattress from Simmons features a high-density wrapped coil technology. These coils adjust independently to the contour and weight of the body. These coils combined with the memory foam material provide prolonged and better motion support. In addition, the soft yet high-end AirFeel Foam improved the airflow to enhance durability.

There are only two categories of Simmon BeautySleep mattresses;

BeautySleep Discovery I

The BeautySleep Discovery I is made using the Original Pocketed Coil that offers the features we explained earlier. In addition, this mattress is a tight top with no extra layer of cushioning, making it more stable than a pillow top.

Beautysleep Discovery II

The BeautySleep Discover II is similar to the Discovery I, except that it is a pillow top. In addition, it has extra foam layers making it plushier and conforming. These mattresses are best for back and side sleepers because the extra layer offers maximum support for the spine and back. It also relieves pressure points.

What Are The BackCare Mattresses Made Of?

Source: Simmons

The Simmons BackCare mattress series dates back to the 1990s, resembling the BeautyRest series’ features. However, Simmons claims that BackCare and BeautyRest are different in terms of construction. The mattresses have a unique coil construction creating a unique combination with the ContourFit anatomic foam.

The BackCare mattresses feature the 5-zone system, which breaks down the mattress into five distinct zones. This provides the body with comfort and support, with foam and pocketed coils targeting specific body parts. The five zones support the feet, legs, hips, lumbar, and head. In addition, Simmons incorporated the e-Ion Crystal technology to improve sleep quality.

This technology is patented by Simmons mattresses and combines the benefits of Negative Ion-Fibers with Far Infrared Therapy. These e-ION Crystals create air spaces full of negative ions that benefit lung and heart functions.

BackCare Mattress Categories

BackCare 2

Simmons BackCare 2 is a plush top mattress with the T3 pocketed coil technology. In addition, it combines biorhythmic and moistcare fiber for a comfortable night’s sleep without night sweats. The mattress is also non-flip, meaning it is built from the ground up and is irreversible. With such a construction, the underside is rock solid, and the upper part is more comfortable and plush.

BackCare 3

The BackCare 3 features the signature pocketed coil and is a tight-top mattress designed for back sleepers. Unlike the BackCare 2, it has a tight top and is two-sided, meaning the user can flip it for even wearing. It is also the first BackCare mattress to incorporate the e-ION Crystal Technology.

BackCare Luxury

Simmons mattresses are popular because of their unique memory foam and poly foam construction. However, the BackCare Luxury mattress is unique because it is made from cold foam. Cold foam is a unique material that forms when polyurethane is foamed with a controlled amount of heat. The foam further cools to room temperature to assume a solid structure. This foam material makes the BackCare Luxury mattress durable, flexible, and highly elastic. These mattresses fit almost all types of sleepers meaning anyone in the household can use them.

BackCare Advanced Recharge S2500

The Advanced Recharge S4500 is the thickest BackCare mattress made of the original pocketed coil and a combination of CoolGel Conformance and AirCool Memory foam. The foam material allows proper area circulation making the BackCare one of the coolest Simmons mattresses. Additionally, it has a copper-infused latex material to provide extra comfort and relieve pressure.


Are Simmons Mattresses Toxic?

No. Simmons Mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US certified foam with zero ozone depleters, formaldehyde, or heavy metals. This makes the mattresses better than most brands because they have no off-gassing. As a result, when you take them out of the package, there will be no odor, and they will retain their quality for a long time.

Do Any of The Simmons Mattresses Need to Off-Gas?

No. Considering that these mattresses are made with non-hazardous material, there is no off-gassing in Simmons mattresses. However, mattresses that combine multiple types of foams may have off-gassing for around 3-5 days. The latex mattresses do not need to off-gas and will retain their structure for many years.

Do Simmons Mattresses Have Fiberglass in Them?

No. Simmons mattresses are built to standard with no fiberglass content. Instead, the memory foam and hybrid foam mattresses are built with layers, forgoing the need for fiberglass to prevent them from catching fire. Therefore, you can sleep on these mattresses comfortably, with their cooling properties that help relieve the pressure on your body.

Does Simmons or Beautyrest Use Formaldehyde?

No. Simmons Beautyrest mattresses do not have formaldehyde because it is a health hazard. Instead, as explained earlier, the CertiPuR-US foam guarantees user safety. In addition, these mattresses do not have flame redundant and benzene.

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