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How Much do Simmons Mattresses Cost?

It’s been ten years, and you now want to replace your worn-out mattress. Where do you begin? And what mattress do you get? If you’re thinking of going the Simmons way, the cost of Simmons mattresses depends on the type and special features of the mattress. Of course, a mattress you bought ten years ago does not cost the same today. 

Also, you must be sure of what you need from a mattress. The next big question is, how much do Simmons mattresses cost? 

Simmons has many mattress options, each with a different price point. However, get ready to spend upwards of $5000, especially if you want special mattresses like the BackCare 3 Simmons Mattress. Still, there are more affordable options for those on a tighter budget. 

Worry not, because this article has you in mind. Read on to find out how much your favorite Simmons mattress costs and what value you get for your buck. 

Mattress Models and Prices at Simmons 

To make your work easier, here is a breakdown of models and prices available from Simmons. Of course, you want your mattress features to match the price. So, here’s what you should be ready for:

Type Price ($US)Size (US King)
Beautyrest Black Radiance 16”26,700 – 29,900193cm x 203cm
Beautyrest Ultimate Crown Mattress 16.1” 10,017 – 11,718182cm x 190cm 
BackCare 2 Mattress 9.45”2,274 – 4,535182cm x 190cm 
BackCare Advanced S4500 Mattress 6,919 – 8,359 182cm x 190cm 
BeautySleep Discovery I Mattress 7.87” 1,060 – 1,902 182cm x 190cm 
BeautySleep Discovery II Mattress 9.07” 1,630 – 2,617 182cm x 190cm 
DreamScapes Belleville 15” 6,850 – 7,859 182cm x 190cm 
DreamScapes Mayville 15.7”7,669 – 10,219 182cm x 190cm 

What Are Simmons Mattress Categories Based On The Price?

Simmons makes all its mattresses with all customers in mind. As a result, you get products in three categories:

1. Silver 

Are you a consumer on a budget? Then the Simmons silver category of mattresses is the best for you. The name comes from the memory foam with silver used for thermal dissipation in these mattresses.  

Unfortunately, mattresses in the Silver category lack some of the fancy features in the costlier options. Still, that does not mean that they are lackluster. In fact, consumers get more than what they bargain for. If you buy from this category, you get the following features:

  • Gel memory foam and pocketed coil core combo 
  • A satisfactory coil count (between 815 to 1000 for Queen mattresses) 
  • A hybrid sleep experience

Although you are working with a tight budget, you shouldn’t settle for a low-quality mattress. 

2. Platinum 

This category perfectly incorporates consumers looking for performance and affordability. Again, the name comes from the PlatinumICE material, which reduces heat retention issues. Moreover, mattresses in this category have the Simmons Pocketed Coil Technology that gives a springy yet supportive feel. 

Consider the platinum category a middle ground if you don’t mind spending a bit more for extra comfort.

3. Black 

The black category includes some of the best mattresses from Simmons. That’s not to say that the rest are mediocre. In fact, all Simmons mattresses are worth purchasing. Nonetheless, Black mattresses have the best features. For instance, the coil count goes up to 1850 for the Queen mattress. 

If you want comfort and support, invest in Black mattresses. Moreover, the BlackICE cooling mechanism in its layers is best for you if you get hot at night. 

Do Simmons Mattresses Come With a Warranty?

If you are about to spend $10,000 on a mattress, you need reassurance that the product is covered for a significant period. Luckily, Simmons understands the importance of after-sale services and is willing to offer a 10-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. 

However, the warranty is non-transferable, and Simmons only covers manufacturer defects and issues with the material. So, if you experience any issues with a Simmons mattress, the company is willing to refund, repair or replace the mattress. 

Are Simmons Mattresses Worth the Price?


Customers considering buying a Simmons mattress want a hybrid sleep experience. After all, you deserve a good night’s sleep after working hard all day. Therefore, Simmons mattresses are worth every penny. 

Besides, the company started in 1870 and has been working on improving its products since the very beginning. Today, the features of Simmons mattresses supersede most other brands. Consumers get the best mattresses even for low budgets. 

Sleep enthusiasts and customers have a lot of good things to say about Simmons mattresses. Actually, most credible mattress review sites give Simmons a minimum 4.5-star rating. Undisputedly, Simmons does not play when it comes to customer satisfaction. The features of Simmons mattresses and the pricing go hand in hand.

Therefore, if you are willing to spend more than the average mattress price, what you get in return is more than you expect. If that’s not enough, Simmons mattresses last a minimum of seven years, which is a long time considering you sleep on them every night (and sometimes during the day!) 

Related Questions 

What is the Average Cost of a Good Mattress?

The cost of any mattress depends on its features. Moreover, you can choose between budget, mid-range, or luxury mattresses. With that said, high-quality mattresses cost between $250 and $30,000. So, it’s up to you to select a mattress according to your budget. 

How Good is the Simmons Foam Mattress?

The Simmons Foam mattress is among the more affordable options but maintains high quality. If you love a medium-firm feel, this mattress is an excellent choice. Besides, it combines gel memory and poly foam at an affordable price. 

Does a Mattress Have To Be Expensive To Be Good?

Most companies offer their customers a choice between luxury and budget mattresses. While some people prefer top-of-the-line products, it does not mean those products are the best. Surprisingly, some mattresses are better, yet they cost much less. 

To prevent spending too much money on a not-so-worth-it mattress, do enough research about the outstanding features of the mattress. You’d rather settle for a cheaper option if the costlier mattress is nothing special. 

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