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Do CBD Pillows Really Work? What Research Says – The Bedding Planet

Do CBD Pillows Really Work? What Research Says

This post is a part of the complete CBD pillow buyers guide

Considering the new buzz around CBD and CBD-related products, it is difficult if not impossible for one to not have come across them. This gift of nature is said to have a lot of health benefits for humans.

Most of these claims are almost ridiculous and appear to be exaggerated which is why this article is important. In this article, a close examination of CBD pillows will be done.

This article will also answer all questions regarding this topic, especially the important question of whether they work. 

To start this article, it is important to begin with the basics. 

What is CBD? 

To completely comprehend what CBD is, consider the CBD plant as a mother with a large number of offspring, of which CBD is one.

CBD is one of over 100 compounds present in the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids. To be more explicit, CBD is distinct from THC, which is the most well-known component of the Cannabis plant and the one that causes the high, and it is obtained from Hemp, a cannabis plant variety. 

CBD offers numerous health advantages and is usually non-psychoactive. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, it is also lawful in the United States. 

What Are CBD Pillows?

Pillows are generally a source of comfort for the users. They are common in households and other places because of their very obvious usefulness.

They can be used for the correction and alignment of bones, to deal with insomnia and anxiety, and to help fight skin conditions. There are countless types of pillows and the CBD pillow is one of them. 

The CBD pillow is a type of pillow that is infused with cannabidiol. They can be designed in different ways that suit the manufacturer. The CBD pillow can come with different filling/stuffing and in different shapes and sizes.

How Do CBD Pillows Work?

Microencapsulation Technology is the reason why CBD pillows exist and work the way they do today. Using this technology, the process of making a pillow involves the installation of countless microcapsules that are filled with 150 milligrams into the other part of the pillow. 

These said microcapsules are susceptible to pressure. Hence, once the body weight is placed on them in the process of using the pillow the microcapsules will burst. After this, CBD is released into the environment and your skin absorbs it for it to become effective. 

One of the edges that CBD pillows have over other CBD-related products is its microdosing technique. This involved a minimal, reduced and effective use of CBD products. This technique allows the effect of the CBD product to last for a longer period than any other CDB product.

For example, experts say that if you use a CBD gummy, it will take 2-3 hours for the effects and benefits of wearing off. However, with the microdosing of CBD pillows you can enjoy the effects for close to 9 hours. 

There is no stipulated dosage for CBD pillows. It generally depends on who you are, your condition, and what you intend to do with the pillow. It is only advisable to meet with a physician for the right prescription on how to use the CBD pillows.

How Does the Body Absorb CBD from CBD pillows?

CBD-infused fabrics are always created with unique components that improve cellular transdermal permeation. It’s slowly taken into your body, allowing the cannabinoids to penetrate deep into your tissue throughout a protracted sleep cycle.

As a result, more CBD can be absorbed into your body over time while you sleep. You don’t have to deal with the troubles of getting CBD products from time to time or having to carry them around. 

Benefits Of CBD pillows

A lot of experts have affirmed the fact that CBD pillows work well and here are some of the health values it can add to a user. 

1. Reduces anxiety which helps with sleep

CBD pillows may be able to assist you in overcoming anxiety. It may alter the way your brain’s receptors respond to serotonin, a neurotransmitter connected to mental wellness, according to researchers. Receptors are little proteins connected to the surface of your cells that receive chemical messages and help your cells respond to various stimuli.

In addition to this, CBD pillows which contain CBD activate CB1 receptors in the amygdala of the brain. Anxiety levels can rise when these receptors are inhibited, making CBD a promising anxiolytic. CBD has also been related to increased activity in the amygdala-hippocampal-cortico-striatal circuit of the brain, which is involved in emotional processing.

Although there are few clinical trials investigating CBD’s anxiolytic benefits, the data that does exist is promising. A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in 2018 suggested that cannabis can help with anxiety, stress, and depression.

CBD’s potential for treating Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) has also been investigated, with a study published in 2019 revealing that the cannabinoid can reduce anxiety levels over a four-week period.

2. Reduces Pain

CBD pillows’ impact on brain receptors may also help you manage pain. Cannabis has been proven in studies to have some benefits when used following chemotherapy treatments. Other pre-clinical research funded by the National Institutes of Health is looking into the effect of cannabis on symptom relief for chronic pain and muscle pain.

The endocannabinoid system is a cell-signaling system found in everyone (ECS).

CBD, according to some researchers, interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system, which are a key component of the ECS.

Receptors are little proteins found on the surface of your cells. They receive chemical messages from various stimuli and assist your cells in responding.

This reaction has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which aid in pain management. This suggests that CBD pillows and other CBD-based treatments may help those who suffer from chronic pain, such as chronic back pain.

A 2018 study looked at how effective CBD is at treating chronic pain. The review looked at trials that took place between 1975 and March of this year. These research looked at a variety of pain categories, including cancer pain, chronic pain, and neuropathic pain.

Things like these are often the reason why a lot of people do not get adequate sleep and it is properly tacked by CBD pillows.

3. Reduces Acne

CBD and CBD pillow effects on immune system receptors may assist to lessen general inflammation in the body. As a result, CBD pillow may be beneficial in the treatment of acne. The oil inhibited sebaceous gland activity, according to research. Sebum, a natural oily fluid that hydrates the skin, is produced by these glands. 

According to a 2014 study, the effects of CBD on human sebocytes, the cells that produce sebum, were investigated via research. The CBD prevented these cells from producing too much oily sebum, according to the researchers.

They also discovered that CBD l generated an anti-inflammatory response in the cells and blocked the activation of inflammatory cytokines. Because cytokines can cause acne, lowering them can help prevent future breakouts.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of cannabis were emphasized in a 2016 review. These benefits may aid in the reduction of skin diseases caused by dirt and other contaminants.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

CBD can be utilized as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis-related inflammation, according to a rat study. Although inflammation is necessary for the body’s regular functioning, too much of it can be harmful to one’s health.

A sufficient intake of CBD oil can effectively and fully address this. Once in the human body, cannabinol aids in anti-inflammation.

5. Provide Comfort 

One of the most significant aspects of the CBD Pillow review is comfort. The CBD impact in a pillowcase is effective, so if you’re anxious or stressed, the pillow can help you relax.

It is guaranteed that you will get a complete night’s sleep without tossing and turning or waking up in the middle of the night. 

What’s more, you’ll feel calm while also feeling comfy, cuddled, and refreshed.

When it comes to pressure-activated contouring, shredded memory foam is the greatest fill option for a CBD pillow. Regardless of which sleep position you’re in, it will conform to your demands and adjust accordingly.

6. It is Safe

In terms of CBD safety, this is a lab-tested CBD from a hemp farm, therefore it’s entirely safe and certified by the CBD Potency certification, as well as other quality and safety criteria.

There are no known side effects of using CBD pillows healthwise. CBD pillows are often made to be hypoallergenic such that it is impossible for them to retain dust, mold, or sweat. 

Another thing that must be noted about CBD pillow is that it is scentless and that you won’t have to worry about off-gassing, and although this is true, it is still important to wash the pillow from time to time so that it will not become smelly or pass off offensive odors.

7. CBD Pillows Can Help Deal With Insomnia

CBD may also aid in the regulation of cortisol levels. This is a stress hormone that normally peaks in the morning. People with insomnia, on the other hand, may have higher cortisol levels at night, which can increase arousal and affect sleep quality.

According to a study published on CBD’s effects on anxiety and sleep, participants who took 300 to 600 mg of CBD oil had reduced cortisol levels. According to the research, the drug may act as a sedative via altering cortisol release.

CBD may also aid in the regulation of cortisol levels. This is a stress hormone that normally peaks in the morning. People with insomnia, on the other hand, may have higher cortisol levels at night, which can increase arousal and affect sleep quality. If this can be achieved using CBD then CBD pillows can likely help people with insomnia sleep better.

The researchers point out that extremely high CBD doses could be prohibitively expensive. There is also no control group in the study. In addition, many of the individuals were taking additional medications, most of which were for psychiatric problems, which could have influenced the study’s findings.

Cons Of CBD Pillows

Despite all the advantages of CBD pillows, research has shown that there are some side effects of using this type of pillow. Here are some of the cons of using a CBD pillow. 

1. Dry Mouth

Although this side effect of CBD pillow is rarely talked about, it does exist and can be dangerous to human health.

When a person uses a CBD pillow and they inhale the components of the pillow, it can go on to temper with their salivary glands and create instability in the way the mouth produces saliva.

The situation can get worse if  your CBD pillow has some impurities in it. This might go on to irritate the lungs and lead to a swelling of the mouth, and tongue. It is known as the cottonmouth condition. 

2. Overrelaxation

Owing to the fact that CBD puts you in a relaxed state, a slight overdose can lead to a situation where a person is overly relaxed and drowsy.

This can affect the person’s mood and daily interpersonal relationship and activities. Such a person might go about the whole day not being active or struggling with other conditions associated with oversleeping.

3. Possibility Of Interacting With Other Medication

While CBD can be great help in curing certain medical conditions it can also be dangerous. This is in the context where it can hinder other drugs from doing their work. Some enzymes in this family are inhibited by CBD.

This causes patients to break down certain pharmaceuticals more slowly, increasing the risk of side effects unless your doctor lowers the amount. CBD, on the other hand, activates other enzymes in this family, speeding up the breakdown of some medications, making them potentially less effective unless the dose is raised.


Hinged on the aforestated, it is pertinent to restate that indeed, CBD pillows work and can help improve your sleep and health. All you have to do is to be careful in the process of using it. It is also advisable to see a physician before buying one in order to select the best one.

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