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Are CBD Pillows Safe to Use?

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Some years back, if you wanted a cozy pillow, then you would either choose between cotton, memory foam, down, feather, or fiber material.

Today, a new player in the market looks like a regular pillow but has some added ingredients that will keep you relaxed at night.

The CBD pillow is now the talk of the town, and buyers are trying to get their hands on this new invention. A CBD pillow is made from memory foam, latex, or cotton.

There is little information about the pillow, but it could be worth the investment. Just as you would get an orthopedic pillow if you have issues with your joints and neck, a CBD pillow might help you with any sleep disorders.

This pillow is said to induce sleep within a few minutes of laying on it, and it can also help with anxiety before you sleep. As a consumer, you need to be fully aware of products you are consuming including CBD pillows.

People are concerned about the safety of the CBD pillows, which we are going to look into.

Is CBD Safe?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a marijuana compound without psychoactive effects unlike other compounds such as THC. This means that CBD will not make you high, so it is safe to use it.

CBD is primarily available as an oil and is mainly sold as capsules, vaporized liquids, extracts, drinks, beauty products, and food.

Until recently, CBD pillows were introduced into the long list of consumable CBD products.

How Does The CBD Pillow Work?

CBD effects will be felt when your body’s cannabinoid receptors interact with your endocannabinoid system. CBD is therefore responsible for stimulating your receptors for your body to produce endocannabinoids which are the body’s cannabinoids.

The CBD pillow deploys a patented micro-encapsulation technology that infuses CBD as millions of microcapsules. This pillow is different from all other CBD products because it does not wear off quickly. The pillow slowly releases small amounts of CBD throughout the night.

Body friction on the pillow bursts the capsules that release CBD that is absorbed through the skin and hair follicles to induce sleep. This results in a night of calm sleep, with reduced anxiety and fatigue.

The CBD dosage in the pillow can last for up to six months, depending on how you use it. You can wash the pillow frequently with cold water to keep your micro-encapsulated CBD in the fabric for long.

Is The CBD Pillow Safe?

Since CBD was introduced for food and medication purposes, numerous studies have aimed to discover its other benefits and side effects. It was found that CBD could also help with anxiety, stress, and pain.

Investigations determined that controlled CBD intake is to some extent safe for humans and animals.

The only CBD product approved by the FDA is the Epidiolex used to treat epilepsy. Other products are not yet approved, which raises some concern over their usage. Alternatively, different states have their own rules about CBD consumption and distribution. This leaves buyers with the question of whether CBD pillows are safe.

CBD pillows are 100% safe to use for all types of sleepers. Studies show that taking 300-mg of CBD daily for six months is safe and with no side effects. Some individuals can tolerate up to 1500 mg oral CBD doses for over four weeks without experiencing side effects.

So what makes the CBD pillow safe? The CBD pillow only has 150mg of CBD, which can last for only six months. This is almost 50% less than the minimum daily dose, 300 mg. This means that even CBD intolerant people can use the pillow and feel no effects.

These pillows also do not have the THC compound, triggering psychoactive reactions. Therefore, you will sleep on this pillow the whole night and wake up relaxed without feeling high. The CBD effects also wear off within an hour or two after waking up.

What Makes The CBD Pillow Safe?

1. It is made with pharmaceutical-grade, hemp-based CBD

The CBD used to make this pillow is obtained from the hemp plant, containing small amounts of THC.

This makes the CBD effects stronger on the pillow than THC, only 0.3%.

2. It is lab tested

Before being released to the market, the pillow underwent lab tests to meet consumer safety standards.

These tests aim to control the THC output, pillow quality, and endurance under certain conditions.

3. There are no dyes, fillers, or excipients.

CBD pillows only have cannabidiol infusions as additional substances. Therefore, the pillows do not have any dyes or fillers to improve the quality.

These products have side effects such as allergic reactions, skin reactions, and irritation. Lack of these additives ensures you get a good sleep and stay healthy.

4. It uses Organic CBD

The hemp plants are planted in safe conditions to achieve the superior quality of CBD.

They are not subjected to GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides that affect the product quality. This ensures that you do not inhale any toxic chemicals when you sleep on it.

5. American grown and harvested

One thing that makes the CBD pillows safe is that the hemp is purely grown and harvested in America.

The cannabis market in the United States is regulated, meaning that farmers have to follow specific guidelines to meet safety standards. The plants are also harvested and processed under safe conditions to maintain product quality.

6. It is legal

Different states have their own rules regarding the cultivation and consumption of cannabis.

While CBD is widely used across America, some states still have restrictions. Luckily, the pillows are approved in 50 states to be legally shipped.

7. Supportive

Besides the CBD, the whole pillow is built with safety in mind. The foam provides adequate support for the neck, shoulder, and head, which means you will not wake up with aching joints.

Safe pillow materials and CBD compounds ensure you sleep better at night.

8. Hypoallergenic

The CBD pillow has hypoallergenic properties making it a bedding option for allergic individuals.

It is also unlikely to host dust mites that will cause irritation or respiratory problems.

Is a CBD Pillow Safe For Children?

CBD has been used in children with epilepsy and autism mainly because it does not have any addictive properties. Therefore, any parent who wants to buy a CBD pillow for their child is free to do so. The amount of CBD being released is less than the actual amount that would trigger reactions.

It is also hypoallergenic; thus, it cannot trigger skin reactions or breathing difficulties in allergic children. There are smaller sizes for kids, so parents should not shy away from trying it on their kids.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Pillows

1. What is the benefit of a CBD pillow?

The micro-dosing characteristics of the CBD pillow allow it to dispense smaller amounts of CBD during the usage period.

Orally consumed CBD-like oils or gummies usually wear off within 2 to 3 hours. Micro-dosing maintains the effects throughout the night to keep you asleep all through.

2. How does your body absorb CBD?

CBD pillows are built skillfully using a patented microencapsulation technology that holds millions of microcapsules on the fabric.

Additional ingredients promote transdermal penetration that enhances slow absorption into the body. The cannabinoids can penetrate deeper into your body when you sleep through the night.

3. Is a CBD pillow legal?

Yes. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the distribution of hemp-derived CBD across the United States, provided the THC content is below 0.3 percent.

CBD pillows can be shipped to all 50 states in the United States. This invention is now shipping internationally to Europe and the UK.

4. Can people with medical conditions use CBD pillows?

If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor first before buying a CBD pillow. CBD has tremendous benefits that would benefit people suffering from various conditions.

However, medical conditions and people vary, so each individual has their own pillow need, thus no need for a generalized verdict.

5. How long does it take for the CBD to feel the CBD effect?

There are many factors that determine how fast your body will respond to CBD. This could be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. These effects stay all night long and even if you wake up in the middle of the night, you will fall asleep again within a short time.

Unlike CBD gummies, oils and edibles that only last for a maximum of three hours, CBD pillows are long lasting and stay active throughout the night.


If you consider a pillow upgrade, look no further than the CBD pillow. These pillows are certified to be safe, and you will have no problem using them.

First, you need to understand your needs before making the purchase. Consider any pre-existing conditions that may affect how your body reacts to CBD.

The CBD pillow is also made from safe materials which provide adequate support to your body. Therefore, you are solving two problems at once; one, you get a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

And two, you relieve pressure points and prevent neck, head, and shoulder pain that you feel when using poor-quality pillows.

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