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CBD Pillow Spray: What is it, Why Use it & How to Use it?

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If you have trouble sleeping, you have to consider the pillow or mattres you are using. Likewise, if you experience insomnia and it does not improve with time, you will need medication to help you sleep.

There are different medications that people have used to help them sleep. Until scientists realized the benefits of CBD to treat various illnesses, manage anxiety, and induce sleep.

Pillow manufacturers are now improving their pillows by adding CBD into the fabric. Unfortunately, the CBD effects on these pillows can only last for up to six months. Lucky for you, there are CBD sprays and mists that you can splash on the pillow to restore the CBD effects.

This is still a new product in the market, and if you are interested in learning every detail regarding the CBD pillow spray, read on!

What is a CBD Spray?

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant, either hemp or cannabis, and bears many health benefits. The best form of CBD to use is hemp-based, which has a low amount of THC.

Generally, CBD products must have less than 0.3% of THC, which explains why they cannot get you high. Some manufacturers also isolate THC from the CBD to get pure cannabinoids.

The CBD spray is processed cannabidiol oil that can be applied to the pillow through spraying. This spray can be used even on non-CBD pillows. So all you have to do is splash a few droplets of CBD on your pillow to help you sleep better.

How Does CBD Oil Compare to CBD Spray?

The CBD oils and CBD sprays are used to deliver similar effects. The only difference is that the CBD pillow spray has lower CBD content than the concentrated oil. CBD spray is also quick to apply and convenient for sleepers. You can spray it on your pillow a few minutes before you sleep to allow rapid absorption into your system.

CBD pillow sprays are also infused with other ingredients to prevent allergic reactions or skin irritation. However, using pure CBD products is much better because you will not subject your body to additional components.

When consumed in large quantities, CBD oils could also expose you to some side effects so you need to control your usage.

Why Should You Use CBD Pillow Spray?

  • CBD pillow spray releases micro-doses of cannabinoids that help you sleep better if you have insomnia. These products, alongside CBD pillows, aim at preventing sleep problems by providing a safe and relaxing alternative.
  • The CBD used in the spray is pure and extracted from high-quality hemp, making it potent. Additionally, it has less than 0.3% of THC; thus, you will not get high when you sleep on it the whole night.
  • The pillow is made from natural ingredients, and you will not experience any skin
  • Spray bottles deliver quicker results than many other forms of CBD. The effects are also long-lasting, unlike direct ingestion. For example, once you spray the CBD on your pillow, you will fall asleep faster and stay asleep for long.
  • The CBD sprays undergo thorough lab testing to ensure users get the best quality. Therefore, you are assured that all the product information on the packaging is accurate.
  •  Depending on your preferences, you can control the amount of CBD you apply to your pillow. Unlike CBD-infused pillows with 150 mg of CBD, you can increase or decrease the dosage as you wish. This ensures that you get the right CBD to supply the desired effects. Most CBD sprays have 1600mg CBD infused with other ingredients.

How to Shop For The Best CBD Sprays

Purchasing CBD products is different from buying any other products over the counter. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate these products. Therefore, you should do some research before purchasing any CBD spray for your pillow.

To be sure you are buying safe CBD pillow sprays, ensure they come with the certificate of analysis from reputable testing labs. These sprays have labels that show the company, and you should be able to access these certificates when required.

If you understand the COA before making your purchase, you can check the amount of CBD and THC included in the products. Also, check for mold, GMO, heavy metals, and pesticide residue. Finally, considering the CBD sprays are available online, ensure that you read through the company website to see where they source hemp, grow, harvest, ingredients, and potency.

You can also check for reviews online to check the seller’s reputation. Read both good and bad reviews and see how the company responds to claims. This can help you decide the best brand to buy your CBD pillow sprays.

How to Use CBD Pillow Sprays

  • You can spray the CBD directly on your pillow to enjoy long-lasting effects. Alternatively, you can place a pillowcase on your pillow and use CBD pillow spray on it. This makes it easy to take out the pillowcase once you are done using it.
  • First, you need to shake the CBD spray bottle before spraying it on the pillow.
  • Hold the bottle a few inches from the pillow surface, depending on how much CBD concentration you want. Holding it closer delivers a higher CBD dose than when you hold the bottle from a distance.
  • After you are done spraying your pillow, let it settle for three minutes to let the CBD penetrate the pillow. Doing this ensures that the CBD is not too strong for you to cause any adverse effects.

If you have a CBD-infused pillow that you have used for more than six months, you can use the CBD spray to restore its relaxing properties. You will follow the procedure above to ensure your pillow provides long-lasting effects.

Benefits of CBD Pillow Sprays

1. It could be cheaper than buying CBD pillows

Buying a CBD pillow spray is much cheaper than purchasing CBD-infused pillows. A bottle may cost anywhere from $30 to $80, which gives you a variety to choose from. If you are buying the $30 CBD pillow spray, you save money in the long run while delivering the necessary CBD doses.

2. Good for insomniac people

CBD pillow sprays can help you fall asleep if you are an insomniac. If so, all you need to do is apply the appropriate CBD dosage to make you fall asleep faster.

3. Helps with stress and anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety or stress, spraying CBD on your pillow will help you relax throughout the night. Once your skin or hair follicles absorb the CBD, you will feel relaxed.

4. Safer than sleep medication

Sleep medication can be pretty damaging, mainly if you use them for a long time. This leaves you with some side effects or infections that may take time to heal. You can avoid taking this path by using CBD sprays.

5. They are easy to use

You do not need a complicated manual to understand how to use CBD pillow sprays. You can take it out of the package and directly spray it on your pillow. Do not open the container to add scents unless you are making your own CBD spray.

6. You can increase your CBD dosage

If you are already using a CBD pillow, you can buy a CBD pillow spray to increase your dosage. The CBD content categorizes the spray bottles depending on how much CBD you want.

Drawbacks of CBD Pillow Sprays

1. Using sprays can be costly in the long run

Some CBD pillow sprays cost up to $80, only $19 less than an original CBD pillow. Therefore, CBD sprays could be expensive, especially if you buy them regularly.

2. The CBD does not last long

CBD pillow spray may not have long-lasting effects, which means you will have to spray it daily. However, once you spray your pillow, it can serve you for less than a week before you need to spray again.

3. Some scents are too strong

CBD manufacturers add extra ingredients to their CBD spray to give it a distinctive scent. However, some users may find these scents to be strong and complain of headaches, nausea, and irritation.

4. It may be ineffective to some users

Everyone has their preferences for using CBD pillows and CBD sprays. Some may find CBD pillows more efficient, while others prefer CBD pillow sprays.

5. They are hard to find

Although CBD is the commonly sold CBD product, legalized in almost every state, the CBD pillow spray is still hard to find. Only a few brands deal in the products, and they are not readily available in stores.


The bedding industry is influenced by new inventions that improve people’s sleep almost daily. The latest innovations are the CBD pillows and CBD sprays which are suitable for people with sleep disorders and anxiety issues.

Until this moment, it is clear that CBD pillow sprays might be one of the best ways to improve sleep if you cannot get yourself a CBD pillow.

Most of these sprays are also sold at competitive prices that most consumers can afford. Regardless of the pillow you are using, spraying CBD on it can help you sleep better.

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