Should I Put a Pillowcase on a CBD Pillow?

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A CBD pillow is a special kind of pillow that is designed to serve a particular need. It is meant to help people who do not get adequate sleep to sleep more without having to take medications or other forms of CBD products.

With CBD pillows becoming increasingly more popular one common question is whether or not one should put a pillowcase on a CBD pillow?

Ideally you should not use a pillowcase for your CBD pillow. This is because a pillowcase will prevent the micro dosage technology used in the CBD pillow from functioning properly. A pillowcase is a covering that is used to protect the pillow from dirt and sweat. If used on a CBD pillow it will go on to stop the CBD infused in the pillow from working.

Read on to learn more about CBD pillows and how you should think about using pillowcases with them.

What Are CBD Pillows?

The CBD Pillow’s main feature is that it’s made up of millions of CBD-infused tiny capsules that deliver micro doses throughout the night. What is a microcapsule, and how does it work to release CBD?

The company that manufactures CBD pillows uses microencapsulation to encase small droplets of CBD in a protective polymeric shell. These microcapsules are then put into the pillowcase’s fabric, where friction from your hair and skin tears the capsules apart, releasing the CBD while you sleep.

The benefits of a CBD pillow are countless and this is why a lot of experts advise the use of this pillow. However, a lot of people are still unsure about some aspects of the product and they have a lot of unanswered questions such as whether or not they need to use a pillow case for their CBD pillow. 

Before answering the question of whether to use pillowcases for CBD pillows, it is important to look at the meaning and types of pillowcases.

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What Are Pillowcases?

Unlike what most people think, pillow cases are different from pillow shams. Pillow cases are one of the most important pieces of the bedding set in terms of uses and functions.

A pillowcase is more than just a cover for your pillow that can be removed. Its primary function is to keep your pillow free of dust, filth, and stains.

Not only that, but sleeping on a clean pillowcase can help your complexion because you can wash it as often as you want, comparable to changing out your face cloths.

To conceal your pillow, pillowcases usually open on one side with or without a flap or tuck. Like the styles from Parachute, they can also open straight down the middle in the back to produce a sleek, seamless effect.

There are different types of pillow cases that are designed to serve different purposes and pockets. Here are some of them.

1. Housewife Pillowcase

Pillowcases for housewives can be seen in practically any domestic setting. They’re a normal pillow case that fits securely around the entire pillow to prevent creases, drooping, and any attempts by the cushion within to escape.

Housewife covers are a very cost-effective solution because they are the most basic and universal sort of pillowcase.

2. Bag Style Pillowcase

Bag type pillowcases are by far the most convenient and low-maintenance on the marketplace, and a lot of people in the industry rightfully prefer them.

The main feature of a bag-style pillowcase is that it has a large slot on the side through which you can slide your pillow as if it were a bag.

To keep things together, they rarely have a button clasp, velcro strap, or zipper. They’re also a little more laid-back than their Housewife counterparts.

Rather than the poppers, buttons, or inside flap found on a typical housewife pillowcase, a bag type cover’s entry is fully open, with folded ends that can be tucked in for that all-important neatness and delicacy.

Bag-style pillow cases can be difficult to use at home because the pillow can easily come out as well as in. This, on the other hand, makes them very easy to remove for washing.

Bag-style cases are ideal for B&B owners and housekeepers who value efficiency, as they provide simple access while changing a bed.

3. Oxford Pillowcase

Oxford pillowcases are typically thought of as a higher-end, more upmarket alternative. They include trim or a stitched border that is designed to go around the pillow, rather than merely enclosing it tightly. This border is typically 2 inches broad and may include cushioning. This makes the cushion appear larger and fluffier overall.

Oxford pillowcases are divided into two categories: “genuine Oxford” and “faux Oxford.” The distinction between these two categories is often difficult to see at first look. True Oxford pillowcases feature mitered corners that are more distinct.

Oxford pillowcases often have hidden zipper closures on the back, though Velcro is sometimes used. Because Oxford pillowcases are rarely worn for sleeping or directly beneath the head, this is the situation. They’re perfect for throw pillows because of their added volume. As a result, they’re typically composed of finer fabrics like satin, silk, or velvety mixes.

Should I Put a Pillowcase on a CBD Pillow?

In simple terms, you do not need a pillowcase for your CBD pillow. This is because a pillowcase will prevent the micro dosage technology used in making the CBD pillow from functioning properly.

A pillowcase is a covering that is used to protect the pillow from dirt, dust and sweat. If it is used on a CBB pillow it will go on to stop the CBD infused in the pillow from working and it would amount to a waste of time and resources because the pillow won’t be working as it should. 

You may want to ask what the next line of action should be since it is impossible to make use of a pillowcase on your pillow. The answer to this question will be provided in the subsequent paragraph as this article will explain how a CBD pillow can be best catered for. 

How Should I Cater For My CBD Pillow?

While attempting to clean a CBD pillow, it is important to keep the unique nature of the product in mind. To start with, research has shown that after a period of six months and about 30 washes, the efficiency and effectiveness of a CBD pillow drops to an abysmal 20%. What this signifies is that adequate care is required in catering for a CBD Pillow. 

The removable cover should be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. Bleach and fabric softener should not be used. Allow it to dry naturally. We don’t advocate washing your cover more than once every couple of weeks to keep the CBD dose intact.

To wash the inner cushion, remove the CBD-infused cover and seal the shell’s zipper tightly with a safety pin to prevent the filler from falling out when you wash it. 

Wash the inner pillow in cold water on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener again. Allow to air dry for at least 24 hours, or tumble dry on low until the inner material is totally dry.


While it makes sense to cater for CBD pillows, it is important to do it the right way. Covering a CBD pillow with a pillow case will do more harm than good to the pillow because of the unique nature of the pillow.

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