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Best CBD Pillows of 2022 – Complete Review

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Every day new pillow designs are being introduced into the market, and it is upon buyers to decide what they want to buy. Whether looking for a new pillow or an upgrade, you will always find something to take home.

Some remarkable pillow improvements include using organic, hypoallergenic, and no-toxic materials. Droves of buyers flocked to shops to get their hands on these superior pillows.

Today when the cannabis market is still hyped, you have already seen some brands like CBD pillow advertising CBD infused pillows to help people who have trouble sleeping.

These CBD pillows use various infusion technologies to ensure that users enjoy a relaxing sleep throughout the night.

This is enough to spark some interest, and you should try getting yourself one of these pillows. Many brands have come out to capture the market, and here are some of the best pillows that hit the headlines in 2022.

The CBD Pillow


  • Microencapsulated CBD
  • 100% American made
  • The shredded memory foam material
  • Adjustable fill
  • Removable pillowcase
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 30-day trial period
  • 10-year warranty

CBD pillow ranks as the leading cannabidiol-infused pillow that uses patented microencapsulation technology to make the pillows effective. The CBD-filled microcapsules are tightly woven in the fabric to allow slow CBD release when the user sleeps on it. The pillow can release micro-doses that get absorbed through the skin and hair follicles from friction.

CBD pillow is the pioneering brand to manufacture such pillows in the United States fully. This should tell you that whatever you get is of higher quality than the rest.

The pillow is equally firm and available in different sizes that you can choose for your desired support. If you cannot get a new pillowcase, you can buy a CBD pillow spray to keep increasing CBD doses every day.

The pillow offers you a 30-day trial period to return the pillow if you are not satisfied with the results. You also get a 10-year warranty.

You can learn more about The CBD Pillow here.

Malouf Shoulder Zoned Dough


  • Shoulder zoned
  • CBD oil infusions
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Designed for side sleepers

With their Shoulder Zoned Dough pillow, Malouf takes the CBD pillow innovation to a higher level. This pillow is infused with CBD oil and has a cutout for accommodating the shoulders. Malouf Shoulder Zoned pillow targets the side sleepers to align their spine with their backs properly. The pillow provides more comfort with the 100% cotton cover.

The fascinating aspect of this pillow is how the company designed the pillow for side sleepers. This approach is more straightforward than other companies that make one-size pillows, claiming it is for every sleeping position.

Side sleepers who fancy scented pillows with a touch of CBD should not miss out on this product. Malouf Foundation also sets aside part of your purchase to support Child sex trafficking survivors. Buying this pillow is, therefore, for a good cause.

You can learn more about The Malouf Shoulder Zoned Dough Pillow here.

Brookstone CBD Oil-Infused Pillow


  • CBD oil-infused
  • Memory foam material
  • Firm and supportive
  • Non-toxic
  • Cost-friendly
  • Machine washable and dryable

The Brookstone is a medium-sized CBD oil-infused memory foam pillow that retails at a cost-friendly price. Even though it is not microencapsulated, you will still feel some element of the CBD infusion when you sleep. Combined with the benefits of a memory foam pillow, this pillow is an excellent addition to your pillow collection.

The pillow provides medium-level firmness, which supports your head, neck, and shoulders as a back sleeper. The pillow is of good quality, and its hypoallergenic properties prevent any dust mite infestation. The CBD oil infusions will not react with your skin or cause any allergies. In addition to the CBD benefits, you also get a cost-friendly pillow from Bed Bath & beyond.

The pillow cover is machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle to prevent the CBD oil from losing potency. If you are new to CBD pillows, this is what you should be looking for because you get a bang for your buck.

You can learn more about The Brookstone CBD Oil-Infused Pillow here.

Slumberdown CBD Infused White Pillow


  • Medium firmness pillow
  • 100% pillow cover material
  • CBD oil blend infusion
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable and dryable

The Slumberdown CBD Infused pillow is a medium-firm pillow suited for back and side sleepers. This medium support ensures that your head is perfectly raised above your body to align with your spine to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable sleep. The pillowcase is pure cotton and has sleep-inducing properties.

It is filled with a blend of CBD oil, lavender, and aloe Vera which help you sleep better. You also do not have to worry about cleaning and maintaining this pillow.

The cotton cover and the pillow itself are machine washable and dryable. The pillow is also made from safe materials through safe processes that do not expose you to heavy metals and toxic substances that harm your health.

You can learn more about The Slumberdown CBD Infused Pillow here.

What to Look For When Buying a CBD Pillow?

1. CBD content

The CBD dose you will get from your pillow depends on the CBD content on the pillow. For instance, CBD pillow adds 150mg of CBD oil that lasts for around six months. This is facilitated by the microencapsulation technology that releases CBD through friction with the body and hair.

 Other brands infuse their pillows with CBD oils or a blend of essential oils, released all through. Your choice will be determined by the amount of CBD you can tolerate and how frequently you want to enjoy the CBD.

2. Warranty and return period

CBD pillows are still new, and few people have experienced these products. When buying a CBD pillow, ensure you pick one with a favourable return period and warranty. You do not want to stick with a product that will bore you before adapting to it.

A pillow brand that offers a return period for its products allows you to return the pillow if you are not feeling it. The warranty period also allows you to get replacements and repairs if your pillow does not perform as intended.

3. Price

Just because it is a CBD pillow does not mean spending all your money on it. This pillow is only different because of the CBD. Other than that, it is your regular foam or gel pillow. The pillow is also costly, and the cheapest you can get is approximately $80.

 You need to be sure that what you are getting delivers a good amount of CBD as described. You could be buying an expensive pillow only for it to disappoint you. If you are unsure about this venture, get a quality non-CBD infused pillow that meets your sleep needs.

4. CBD tolerance

CBD pillow manufacturers only add a small amount of CBD to their pillows. This CBD also has less than 0.3% THC, which means you will not get high when using it. However, pillows that directly infuse oils add other scents and essential oils that may not sit well with users.

 You must read the product information carefully before swiping your card. Also, if you have a bad history with CBD products, it is wise that you consult your doctor on whether a CBD pillow would work for you or not.

5. Support

Most CBD pillows are made from somehow heavier memory foam. Nonetheless, you should consider the amount of support you expect from a pillow. These pillows are majorly accommodating to back and side sleepers, with a few options for stomach sleepers.

The CBD-infused fabric is tightly woven, which may affect its breathability. However, it provides the best support for the neck, head, shoulders, and back. Other pillow brands combine materials to achieve air circulation properties so that you enjoy full CBD delivery.

These are memory foam pillows with a polyester mesh that supports breathability. Other pillows like the CBD pillow have adjustable loftiness, where you can take out some fill to achieve the perfect size.


The CBD pillow innovation is yet to be fully explored, and only a few brands have managed to make a name for themselves in this niche.

These pillows are pretty delicate and need high-level technology to make quality products. Almost all pillow makers will have at least one CBD pillow for their customers in the coming years.

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