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How Long Do Gel Pillows Last? This is The Replacement Time

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Pillows are that unsuspecting companion of our everyday life. They are there at the close and beginning of each day and sometimes during the day.

This frequent use makes them susceptible to wear and tear which is why durability is a key factor for all types of pillows including the gel pillow. 

As a general rule, you should replace your pillow every one to two years. Experts seems to agree that gel pillows last for as long as 18-36 months if they are properly maintained and cleaned.

Read on to learn more about gel pillows, how long they last and how you can make them last longer.

What Are Gel Pillows?

Cooling gel is used in gel pillows to control temperature and decrease heat build-up on the pillow’s surface. Different designs, such as gel pods, laminated gel layers, and gel infusions in the pillow material, may be used to achieve this.

Memory foam pillows, which are recognized for their heat retention, frequently employ gel. A gel pillow might be the answer if you’re having trouble sleeping at a comfortable temperature. Solid memory foam, shredded memory foam, and microfibre are all options for gel pillows.

Gel pillows are soft and velvety in the same way as down pillows are, but they provide a little more support. The pillows may be shaped or crumpled to offer support where it is needed.

They aren’t difficult to work with since, unlike down pads, they don’t need to be shaken or cushioned to maintain their spacing. They may also be washed and dried in the machine. Gel pads are also hypoallergenic and low in weight.

Finally, they are most certainly a good value because they are very inexpensive but will most likely last a couple of years.

This takes us to the important discussion of how long gel pillows last. 

How Long Gel Pillows Last?

There are no hard and fast rules or statistics as to how long gel pillows last, however, some facts that contribute to the longevity of a pillow include; the type of brand that produced the pillow, the frequency and intensity of the use of the pillow, and the way it is cleaned. 

However, regardless of the above, experts have stated that gel pillows last for as long as 18-36 months if they are properly maintained and cleaned.

The following are the ways you can maintain your gel Pillow;

How To Maintain Your Gel Pillow

1. Washing Your Pillow

 While you certainly wash your bedding and pillowcases regularly, you may not give attention to whatever is underneath them: your pillows and mattress, however, require a thorough cleaning as frequently as possible. The first way to wash your pillow properly is by checking the label to see how and if it can be washed. 

In the instance that your pillow can be washed, it is advisable to do it every six months in a heated water setting. Use a light liquid laundry detergent and wash two gel pillows at the same time to ensure that they are cleaned uniformly in the washing machine. Run your washing on the rinse cycle a second time without detergent.

Then, using an air-only or low-heat option, dry your gel pillow until it is completely dry, with no moist or damp clumps within (which leave room for mold to grow). If you’re trying to remove a wet stain from your pillow, treat the pillowcase and pillow with a stain remover designed for that sort of stain before throwing it in the wash. (The same method may be used to remove stains from a mattress.)

2. Use Pillow Case

In addition to your pillowcase, always use a pillow cover. Before you put on the pillowcase, use a pillow protector with a zipper to enclose your gel pillow. The additional buffer helps keep excess skin and body oil from being absorbed by the cushion and attracting dust mites.

A protective case is so effective that it might double the life of your pillow. Every 3 to 4 weeks, wash the cover.

3. Re-fluffing

One way you can expand the lifespan of your pillow is by re-fluffing it. This process of pillow maintenance is advisable when you notice that your pillow has become flaccid or smelly.

You can fluff your pillows in two ways which are either through hand or the dryer. You must try fluffing your pillow by hand before you try any crazy procedures. Place the pillow on the floor and grip both the left and right edges. Quickly compress and deflate the cushion by lifting it.

Repeat the described process for another 30 seconds, then rotate the pillow and grip it on the longer sides. After that, give your pillow a few jabs, kneads, and slaps.

On the other hand,  you can also follow the instructions attached to your gel pillow to know how you can wash it with a dryer. This helps to break up the materials and improves ventilation and fluffiness overall.

When To Replace Your Pillow

Despite all that has been said above, replacing your pillow remains an inevitable stage of the pillow’s lifecycle.

Your pillow will always leave signs when it needs a replacement but if you are unsure, here are some of the things experts said one can look out for to decide when to change your pillow. 

1. When it is super flat

The major red flag to look out for when checking whether your pillow is due for a change is the size and weight of your pillow.

If your pillow is pressed with zero fluffiness left, then it is high time you changed it. A compressed pillow with no fluffiness can not serve any of the usual purposes pillows are meant to serve. It cannot provide adequate support for your neck, head, and shoulder, it cannot make you comfortable as using a compressed pillow is synonymous with laying on just the hard bed.

If you are wondering whether your pillow is flat enough for change, try folding it into halves, if you were able to do this then you should change the pillow. 

2. When it is physically stained

This is the most obvious sign that shows that your pillow needs to be changed or washed.

The materials with which pillows are made collect dust, drools, sweats, etc and this makes them smelly and dirty. If you have washed your pillow repeatedly and the stain persists you should change it. 

3. When you feel pain from using it

If you wake up with unexplainable neck, shoulder, and head pain, the reason might be your pillow which is due for a change.

Just like a bad mattress can cause body pains, using a worn-out pillow can also affect you negatively. 

4. When it gives you acne

Pillows by their very nature, are notorious for storage for dirt, dust, bacteria, etc. if you have been using your pillow for a very long time, the prolonged presence of these substances can be harmful to your face, causing you to have acne, pimples and other allergic reactions. 

5. When there are lumps in your pillow

Lumps indicate that the pillow’s supporting material is beginning to wear out. A lumpy cushion is not only unpleasant, but it also provides insufficient support. If you’re sleeping on bumps every night, it’s time for a new pillow.

6. When it is past the pillow’s expiration date

Like every other factory-manufactured product, a pillow has its expiration date when the manufacturer expects that it should be disposed of. It is advisable to consider this data and replace your pillow once it is past.

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