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Are Gel Filled Pillows Safe to Use?

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Pillows are like fortresses, you run to them at the end of each day for comfort and sound peace. This is a major purpose that pillows are designed to serve and a failure at this translates to the uselessness of the pillow.

A pillow is supposed to be your happy place and you should not settle for less. Despite the fact that this aspect of our life seems very inconsequential and minor enough for us to pay attention to it, it is still very important and more attention should be paid to it. 

One important aspect of picking a good and healthy pillow is that it’s safe. With gel pillows gaining popularity for their excellent benefits, a lot of people wonder if they are safe.

As long as gel pillows are used safely and their quality is maintained, they do not come with any health risks. As a matter of fact, gel pillows have inherent advantages that give them an edge over other types of pillows.

Read on to learn more about the safety and benefits of gel pillows.

What Are Gel Pillows?

A gel pillow is a type of pillow that is filled with layers of gel. Gel-infused pillows, as the name implies, are pillows that have been injected with gel particles or beads. This implies the gel is equally distributed throughout the memory foam, from its core to its surface.

Gel, whether infused or coated, gives pillows an extra-cool sensation. This is due in part to the gel’s liquid qualities. Gel-infused pillows help to dissipate heat and keep you cooler for longer periods of time since gel is part-liquid and liquid is a proven cooling agent.

The second method via which gel pillows keep you cool is by allowing more air to circulate through it. The act of injecting gel pillow during the manufacturing process helps to produce more open-air passages, boosting breathability – and allowing heat to disperse and escape more quickly.

Are Gel Pillows Safe?

As mentioned above, the answer to the question of whether gel pillows are safe is simply, yes. As long as they are used safely and their quality is maintained, gel pillows do not come with any health risks.

Actually, gel pillows have inherent advantages that give them an edge over other types of pillows. The following are some of the pros of using a gel pillow. 

5 Great Health Benefits of a Gel Pillow

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1. It Gives You Comfort

The Infused Gel Pillow is soft and comfy. As you vary your sleeping position, this takes on the contour of your head.

It’s made up of a blend of cooling gel technology and heat-resistant viscoelastic memory foam. There will be no more tossing and turning in your bed when you have this cushion at home. 

2. Balanced Support 

The gel pillow cushion is ideal for people who have back difficulties. It gives a comfortable night’s sleep without interfering with the spine’s posture.

It conforms to the shape of the body and evenly distributes the pillow. This cushion has a well-distributed amount of support.

3. Relief Back Aches 

Side sleepers may feel pressure on their shoulder, neck, and hips, resulting in pain and inability to sleep deeply or comfortably.

Infused Gel pillow adapts easily to the weight of the body and relieves pressure areas. Infused gel pillows assist to keep the spine positioned properly when sleeping, reducing back pains and suffering.

4. Enhances Airflow

The inclusion of the infused gel improves airflow, which means heat is pulled away from your body more efficiently or it adapts to your body temperature.

As a result, the sleeping surface is kept cooler. One of the most significant advantages of gel pillows is this.

5. Cooler Temperature

Gel-topped pillows offer maximum temperature flexibility, allowing you to sleep comfortably in any season. Gel pillows absorb pressure and provide a cool sensation.

How an Unsafe Pillow Can Affect Your Health

More than we know, a lot of items we put on, in, and around our bodies can have an influence on our health. A pillow is an item that is inevitable for most of us, we use it for almost everyday of our lives.

You may not know it, but the type of pillow you select and how you take care of it have an impact on the longevity, and quality of your sleep as well as your general health. The reason why you haven’t been able to get rid of that obstinate acne, for example, might be hidden in your pillowcase.

1. You might Have Neck Pain

Aside from your sleeping position, a key contributing factor to whether or not you will suffer neck ache is the firmness or softness of your pillow.

Your sleeping position should be put into consideration at all points before you buy your pillow. This is because the combined effect of the both of them can cause neck pain. Hence, for people that sleep on their stomach, a softer pillow is preferable since a firmer cushion will force your head back and cause a curve in your neck.

Also, If you sleep on your back, a firm pillow is not a smart choice since it may cause dislocation by pulling your neck forward too much. 

2. Your Choice of Pillow Might Cause Back Ache

If you find yourself frequently complaining of back aches you might want to take a second look at your type of pillow you are using.

When your pillow does not align your back properly you might end up suffering from persistent back aches. To prevent this, all you have to do is to choose the right pillow.

If you sleep on your stomach, for instance, a flat cushion is preferable; alternatively, you risk causing soreness in your lower back.

It’s critical for people that sleep on their side to have a high enough cushion to maintain their neck and spine in a line. Those who sleep on their backs should choose a cushion that supports their neck’s natural curvature.

3. Pillows Can Trigger Your Allergy

If you seldomly get allergic attacks you should put them into consideration before purchasing a pillow. Feather and down pillows for instance, are more likely to trigger your allergy.

Your pillow may acquire dust, molds, filth, oils, and dead skin cells as you sleep on it every night. When exposed to microscopic particles for lengthy periods of time, they may cause allergies such as itchy eyes, runny nose or even asthma episodes. This allergic reaction might also include pimples and acne.

4. Loss of sleep Time

Overall, an unsafe pillow regardless of its type can cause you to lose your sleep. 

Having explained the general effect of sleeping with an unsafe pillow, it is pertinent to now take a look at whether gel pillows are particularly safe for use. 

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