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Do You Need a Window In a Bedroom?

Sleep is an important health aspect that most people struggle with. According to research, at least 27% of American adults have problems falling and staying asleep while 68% struggle with sleep at least once a week.

Research further suggests that the state of your bedroom and your cuddling patterns impact how well you sleep. But, does this have anything to do with whether you have a window in your bedroom?

And, do you need a window in a bedroom? Legally, a room can only be classified as a bedroom if it has at least one window. However, most states still allow you to create a peaceful bedroom even if it doesn’t have a window.

Having said that, we stand with the law and agree that you do need a window in your bedroom. First, windows let in fresh air and natural lighting, which alone are enough to keep any room mold and mildew free.

But, let’s dive a little deeper and look at why windows are essential for your bedroom.

To let in natural lighting

Natural lighting increases the aesthetics of a space and makes it look larger. It also significantly reduces the amount of mildew and mold growth, which keeps your bedroom healthier for you and your family. Mold and mildew are known to cause respiratory illnesses.

Think back to a time when you were feeling a little under the weather. If you preferred to stay in your bedroom, you probably had the curtains drawn because the darkness matched your mood.

Natural lighting, however, is said to reduce stress and anxiety. According to doctors, being exposed to natural light in the morning makes you better at coping with anxiety-provoking experiences.

You may not know this, but natural light also helps you sleep better. Your sleep cycle is naturally triggered by darkness and light, and too much of one of these elements can throw your pattern off balance.

Having a window will ensure your bedroom isn’t too dark and let in enough light in the morning, so you naturally know it’s time to get up.

A perfect ambience

Nothing sets the mood for a room than lighting. Natural lighting makes your bedroom feel open and airy during the day while making it feel romantic at night. You can place a mirror opposite the window to bounce light around and make the room feel bigger than it is.

Also, a window will bring in adequate ventilation and air circulation, which goes a long way in creating a relaxing ambience. A breeze helps clear your mind and invigorates your sense, so you start unwinding after a long days’ work.

Brings the outdoors inside

You may not spend a lot of time in your bedroom during the day, but you have to admit -nothing beats the feeling of opening up your curtains and being greeted by a panoramic view of your landscape and breathing in the fresh air you bring in.

A window helps you connect with nature by bridging the gap between your outdoor and indoor space, which emphasizes the beauty of both.

For safety reasons

If there was a fire in the house, what’s the quickest way to get outside? According to the law, you must have a way to exit the room in case of danger, especially fire.

In fact, the law says you need at least two exit strategies, one being a door and the other a window. For most people, a second door in a bedroom seems impractical, which make windows the best option.

As an escape route during a fire, your window needs to be at least 5.7 sq. feet, and have a minimum opening height of 24 inches with a width of 20 inches.

The distance between the finished floor and the window should be 44 inches, but the International Residential Code (IRC) recommends having it at 24 inches, especially in a kid’s room. This height is also perfect because it prevents kids from falling out of a window.

Can you have a bedroom with no window?

Occasionally, you may have to buy or rent a property that has a bedroom without windows. While this isn’t entirely a bad thing, there aren’t many benefits of having a windowless bedroom.

While it’s a matter of personal preference, having a window in your bedroom will always win over a windowless bedroom.

Windowless bedrooms, however, have a few benefits.

  • You will receive a discount on the property rate. Since the bedroom has no window, it’s not considered a habitable space since there are no windows and can thus not be marketed as a bedroom.
  • Although it has no windows, having a ‘dead room’ or a room function as storage doesn’t make as much sense as turning it into a bedroom. For instance, turning it into a guest room is more advantageous since it won’t be used as often.
  • Sometimes, windows make the house less energy efficient, especially if the windows are at least five years or older. This is because warm and cold air escapes during the hot and cold months, while which isn’t a problem in a windowless bedroom. Since you never have to worry about replacing the windows, you also save money.

Drawbacks of a windowless bedroom

  • It’s a drawback when selling, especially if this is the only bedroom in the house or the master bedroom. As the law states, such a room can’t be considered a bedroom which means you’ll face a price cut when selling.
  • Being exposed to natural light has its advantages, including helping your mental health. You have to think of ways to bring the light in when designing a windowless room by working around lights. If you have the money, you can add a skylight or ceiling window to the room.
  • Windowless rooms have no egress, and while we don’t want to think bad things will happen to us, this is a safety hazard to keep in mind. If you must have a windowless bedroom, make sure you have proper smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors just in case. Remember to test them often.

Having a window in a bedroom is definitely an advantage, but if you must work with a windowless room, you can still turn it into a functional bedroom. If you have the option of choosing between the two, always go for the one with a window.

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