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Why Use a Lumbar Pillow? Here are 8 amazing benefits

Back pains are the worst, don’t you agree? The pain can be excruciating, putting a damper on your day and sleep pattern. But believe it or not, a large part of back pain stems from your sleeping style or posture.

But thankfully, lumbar pillows make everything better when it comes to eliminating back pains and bad posture. These pillows fit perfectly between your lower back and the surface supporting your back. You can use a lumbar pillow in your bed, living room, or work because they’re small and portable.

But why should you invest in a lumbar pillow? Below you will discover what a lumbar pillow is and why it’s an excellent addition to your home or office.

What is a Lumbar Pillow?

A lumbar pillow is a type of support pillow for your back. Typically, lumbar pillows are shaped like a half-moon and made out of memory foam or fiber.  Furthermore, most lumbar pillows are orthopedic pillows; doctors recommend these pillows for people with back problems.

The pillow sits between your lower back and the bed or seat, providing additional support and maintaining your spine’s structure. Overall, lumbar pillows are excellent for your health and posture.

Are you convinced yet? Well, below are a few more reasons why you should use a lumbar pillow.

What Are The Benefits of a Lumbar Pillow?

1. Provides back support

As mentioned above, back pains can cripple your day. However, since you spend hours sleeping or sitting, these pains are inevitable. But if you have enough back support, the chances of you experiencing this pain decrease considerably.

Lumbar pillows provide back support when you’re sleeping or sitting up, allowing you to maintain a healthy back. In addition, the pillow supports most of your weight, allowing the back muscles to relax.

Additionally, these pillows double up as orthopedic pillows, preventing more damage to your back muscles. In fact, regular use can reverse prior damage.

2. Enhances your posture

Maintaining a good posture contributes significantly to your health. For example, you have probably seen health experts advising people to sit upright or maintain a proper posture when lying down.

Good posture reduces tension in your muscles, aligns the bones throughout your body, and elongates the body, making you appear taller. But sitting upright isn’t as easy as it seems, as most people find themselves slouching.

Lumbar pillows work perfectly in breaking bad posture habits by supporting your lower back. Placing the pillow at the curvature of your lower back prompts you to sit upright. In addition, the pillow will relieve the strain on your upper body, releasing the tension knots in your muscles and ligaments.

3. Aligns your spine

The spine is one of the essential parts of your body. It supports your body, allowing you to move around, and it protects the spinal cord. Therefore, when the spine is not at its best, a lot can go wrong within your body.

A lumbar pillow is excellent because it works wonders for the spine. How? You may wonder.

First, the lumbar pillow supports your body weight, alleviating the pressure from your spine. Second, the memory foam material is firm enough to provide spinal support without bending it out of shape. Additionally, the pillow aligns your spine if it is out of shape. Finally, the pillow molds into the shape of your lower back, straightening the spine and releasing pressure knots.

4. Improves circulation

Sitting for hours or lying down through the night can affect blood circulation through your body. When the muscles are dormant for an extended period, they will tighten up, affecting blood circulation. Although exercises can get rid of the stiffness, so can lumbar pillows.

Placing the pillow on your lower back distributes your body weight evenly while you sit or lie down. This helps improve circulation and reduces muscle cramps and fatigue.

5. Improves productivity

It’s hard to concentrate when you’re tired or in pain. The pain leads to stress, which in turn affects your productivity at work or in your day-to-day errands. A lumbar pillow provides support and eliminates back pain or body discomfort. As a result, you can work for hours to run errands all day without straining your back.

6. Facilitates better sleep

Sleep is essential for everybody. It improves your mood, reduces depression or stress, and enables the body to rejuvenate and stay healthy. But what happens when sleeping causes back pain?

Poor sleeping positions can put a strain on your back, leading to excruciating pain and fatigue. In addition, your body weight puts pressure on your spine, causing its curve to flatten, leading to pain around your neck and lower back. However, using a lumbar pillow while you sleep can facilitate better sleep.

Place it between your lower back and the bed, where it will adapt to your body’s curvature. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready to concur the day.

7. It’s portable

The Best Lumbar Pillow for Your Chronic Back Problems

The best part of investing in lumbar pillows is the freedom to carry them everywhere. You can use the same pillow at home, at work, or when you’re traveling.

This pillow is small and portable, which means you can pack it up and carry it anywhere. Heck, you can even bring it to your lunch or dinner date if you have severe back problems.

8. They’re affordable

Generally, most pillows aren’t expensive. But the price can shoot up, depending on the material and manufacturer. However, lumbar pillows are affordable and readily available to everyone. Average lumbar pillow prices range between $20 and $30, which is very affordable. You can buy one for your bed, living room seat, and even your office space.

Furthermore, they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. But always select a firm and comfortable pillow.

Here are a few more things to look out for when purchasing a lumbar pillow.

How to Select The Best Lumbar Pillow

1. Material

The material you choose should be firm and comfortable. That ensures your back receives proper support, hence improving your posture. Typically, lumbar pillows feature memory foam or fiber material, but the best lumbar pillows are made of memory foam material.

Memory foam consists of polymer, which softens when in contact with heat. Therefore, when you lie on the pillow, your body heat will soften the pillow, allowing it to mold into the curvature of your lower back.

Moreover, memory foam is firm. Therefore, although the pillow might soften, it will not lose its firmness. It will still support your muscles, spine and distribute your body weight evenly.

2. Durability

You need a firm and long-lasting lumbar pillow to avoid replacing it every few months. A good pillow should last you about one to two years, depending on the material. Therefore, do your research and go through customer reviews to determine whether the pillows are reliable and durable.

Thankfully, social media makes research easier for everyone. All you have to do is click on the manufacturer’s page and go through the comments.

3. Size

Like all other pillows, lumbar pillows come in different sizes. Brands design pillows that can fit all body sizes, providing comfort and back support. So, you need to find a size that suits you and fits perfectly on your lower back.

You want a pillow that will fit naturally into the curve of your lower back and support the length of your back.

Additionally, it needs to be lightweight and easy to carry around. You might want to bring it to the office, to a friend’s house for a sleepover, or your vacation destination.

4. Comfort

The primary purpose of purchasing a lumbar pillow is to support your back and sit comfortably. Therefore, you must ensure the pillow is comfortable and smooth on your muscles. Select a pillow with a solid resistance level; it should be a soft but firm pillow to avoid further injuring your back.

Here’s a tip, if your mattress or seat is softer, you’ll need a firmer lumbar pillow, and vice versa. That helps to keep your body and muscles aligned, leading to a better posture.

5. Adjustable straps

Not all lumbar pillows have straps. However, if you bring your pillow everywhere, you probably use a strapped lumbar pillow. Ensure the straps are adjustable to fit in different areas, such as your office chair, car seat, restaurants, and so much more.

If the straps are adjustable, you don’t need to invest in several pillows because one is enough for all settings.

6. Type of support

Lumbar pillows come in different styles. Some are designed to support only your lower back, while others support your back, neck, knees, and other parts of your body. Therefore, before settling on a pillow, pinpoint the areas prone to pain and the kind of support you need.

Furthermore, lumbar also come in different forms. You can select between self-inflating pillows, orthopedic memory foam pillows, premium support pillows, and memory foam back pillows. Each of these pillows works differently to provide comfort and eliminate lumbar pain.

Are Lumbar Pillows Worth it?

Most people assume that lumbar pillows work for people with back pains only. But that isn’t the case; these pillows are perfect for anyone who spends hours sitting, which is among the leading causes of back problems.

Lumbar pillows are worth it because they help you maintain an upright posture, protecting your spine, and aligning your muscles.

The pillows take up most of your body weight, relieving pressure off your spinal cord. One more thing, you don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to purchase a lumbar pillow. These pillows are available to anyone keen on improving their health and getting better sleep. However, you can always ask a qualified physician for advice on selecting the best pillow.

Hopefully, this article helps you gain more insight into lumbar pillows and why they’re essential. Until next time, protect your back.

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