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Why Use a Husband Pillow? Here are 5 amazing benefits

Aren’t you tired of having back and neck aches while reading or binge-watching movies? You don’t have to stop these pleasurable activities, we have the perfect solution for you in the husband pillow.

The husband pillow is perfect for all families and useful for all classes or ages, follow us as we explore what a husband pillow is and why you should use one.

What is a Husband Pillow?

The husband pillow is a useful accessory that is perfect for neck and lower back support. This pillow can be used to ease back pains and increase comfort while reading, watching movies, playing games, and also make nursing easy.

The husband pillow derives its name from the lumbar support, long arms, and head support that gives comfort and makes it seem like you are resting on your husband’s chest. Contrary to how it might sound, the husband pillow is not sexist and can be used by all genders. It can also be called by another name, Reading pillow.

Source: Linenspa

What are the Benefits of using a Husband Pillow?

The husband pillow looks like a big sitting doll with long arms and a broad chest, there are a lot of benefits you can derive from this multipurpose family accessory.

1. Useful for nursing mothers

Nursing is an incredible experience and can also be very uncomfortable sometimes. The husband pillow offers back support for nursing mothers to prevent and soothe backaches.

It also makes nursing easy and ensures that both the baby and mother are comfortable. Buy the husband pillow and get rid of the #1 problem for pregnant and nursing mothers.

The husband pillow can also help improve and remove little stress from parenting. If your kids love playing video games or binge-watching TV like mine does, a husband pillow can go a long way in making sure they are in optimal comfort and don’t develop backaches.

It is also useful during feeding as it makes sure that kids are perfectly poised for feeding and less likely to make a mess.

2. Offers relief from neck and backaches

Do you notice how often you have backache or stiff neck after waking up or after watching TV? This is a result of tension in your neck and back that might result from spending too much time in an uncomfortable position.

The lumbar support and headrest of the husband pillow offer great reclining support for whatever activity you want to engage in, be it watching TV, playing games, reading in bed, working on your laptop among many others.

The husband pillow can also be used on the floor, it does not matter where you choose to sit, read or play games, the husband pillow can offer premium support and comfort as long as you have a spine and a neck.

3. Helps develop proper posture

As a mother, you might want to prevent your kids from slouching but you can’t be around all the time. The husband pillow, on the other hand, is always available.

Slouching from an early age can cause bad posture which can potentially lead to backaches and neck pains when you’re old, use the husband pillow to prevent a bad posture and an old age of joint pains and muscle aches.

4. Useful for elderly people on bed rest

When you are on bed rest, you discover very fast how much of a chore lying on your back is. It can get very frustrating and incredibly uncomfortable, but that need not be your problem.

With the husband pillow, you don’t need to constantly lie on the bed to observe your bed rest, you don’t even need to be on the bed. The pillow offers great comfort while reclining or sitting, indeed the purpose of bed rest is to relieve tension and improve comfort, which is better provided with the husband pillow.

The husband pillow also offers comfort for post-surgery recovery. Usually, after surgery you are required to stay in bed for optimal recovery, the husband pillow makes you comfortable while observing this bed rest.

5. Perfect for playing video games and watching TV

Video games and movies can be very addictive and are pleasurable activities, but watching movies or playing games for long hours can be uncomfortable.

You can have a more enjoyable time with a husband’s pillow. Watch movies or play games for as much time as you like and in a very comfortable position. 

However this does not only apply to watching TV or playing video games, you can also get comfortable with the husband’s pillow while using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

How Does a Husband’s Pillow Work?

Source: Linenspa

You don’t have to be pregnant or a nursing mother before you can enjoy the comforts of the husband pillow, the cozy and comfortable feel of the husband pillow can be used for while also reading, watching movies, using your smartphone or laptop, playing video games and a host of other activities. 

The arms of the husband’s pillow allow it to remain propped up just like the back of a chair. This makes the husband pillow a very good alternative for use in your bedroom and on the floor. Little kids can also use the versatile husband pillow as a makeshift comfy bed for a short nap and also for learning to sit up.

It is also great support for people that spend most of their time in bed either because of old age or sickness. The husband pillow allows these people to sit up in comfort even without an adjustable base as a bed frame.

Is it Healthy to Use a Husband Pillow?

So what makes the husband pillow different from the other types of pillow you already have in your home? Every pillow has its unique quality that sets them apart from the others, and it just happens that there’s a perfectly good medical reason for you to use a husband pillow.

According to the National Institute of Health, about 80% of Americans suffer from back problems that are caused by bad posture. It gets worse as the average American spends a lot of time sitting down, either in the car, at the office, at home, and in school.

The entire time spent sitting down puts a lot of strain on the spine, (ever notice how tired and stiff you seem to be after sitting down all day?) which in turn leads to slouching and bad posture. 

The husband pillow takes care of all this for you, after spending the whole time chained to your desk, you can return home to some hours of heavenly comfort and relaxation. Doing this will help reduce the undesirable effects of bad posture and give much-needed relief to your spine.

When next you are watching movies or at the office, take note of your posture, are you sitting with a straight back? Do you have lower back support? If not, it’s time to get a husband’s pillow.

How to Wash a Husband’s Pillow

After resting on your husband’s pillow for hours on hours it is safe to say it would have gotten dirty and would be due for some cleaning. So how do you wash a husband’s pillow?

First, you have to understand that washing the husband’s pillow depends on what type of pillow you have. You need to read the label on your bedrest pillow and follow the instructions.

If your bed rest pillow can be unzipped, then you have it easy, you only need to unzip the cover and put it in the washing machine, following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

However, if your bed rest doesn’t come with a removable cover, you need to get to work wiping the pillow with a cloth soaked in warm water and some detergent. It is important that you strain the soaked cloth before wiping the pillow with it. After this, leave the husband’s pillow to dry in a cool and airy room.

4 Ways a Husband Pillow Can Help Nursing Mothers

Pregnant women and nursing mothers go through a lot of stress while taking care of their kids.

A husband pillow can give more comfort to mothers and make nursing a less stressful experience. There are more ways than nursing mothers can benefit from using husband pillows.

1. Provides back and neck support to mothers while nursing

Nursing is a wonderful experience but it can also be very stressful, a nursing mother is on her feet on most days, always one cry away from stress and anxiety. This experience can be made enjoyable, a husband’s pillow while nursing will help provide comfort to both mother and child.

An extra-large husband pillow can also allow partners to switch nursing duties while still remaining in the comfy embrace of the pillow. 

2. Use while reading to your child

If reading to your child is a nightly ritual, we have a way to make that ritual more convenient and enjoyable. The key is to not add unnecessary strain to your spine. The arms and necks of the pillow will protect your body to prevent aches.

With a large husband pillow, you can also cuddle up to your kids during nightly reading.

3. Help develop proper posture

Proper posture is learned, not instinctive. Help your kids develop proper posture from an early stage. The husband pillow can provide a good way of learning how to sit upright, prevent slouching and bad posture which may lead to back and neck aches in the future.

4. Helps prevent backaches

Nursing mothers have it worse with backaches, while taking care of the kids mothers are prone to doing a lot of bending, kneeling, and sitting. These activities put a lot of strain on the spine and can cause back and neck aches. 

The Husband Pillow helps reduce the strains and provides much-needed comfort during relaxation.


Lastly, the most compelling argument for using the husband pillow is to relieve the strain on the spine and also offer comfort during all activities.

Furthermore, the husband pillow is not only useful for nursing mothers, it can also be used by the elderly, children, office workers, and all classes of people, as long as you can sit and have a spine.

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