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Why Use a Bamboo Pillow? 7 Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on Bamboo – The Bedding Planet

Why Use a Bamboo Pillow? 7 Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on Bamboo

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We all know how important getting a good night’s sleep is. Besides the obvious effects like feeling rested and boosting productivity, there are plenty of lesser known benefits as well. This post will go into details about one option available for the best night’s sleep: your pillow, and more specifically: a bamboo pillow.

Why Use a Bamboo Pillow? If you need a pillow that is healthy, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, comfortable, and keeps you cool while you sleep, a bamboo pillow may be the right choice for you.

Read on to learn all about bamboo pillows, why they might be a good choice, why they might be a bad choice, and a bunch of benefits to choosing a bamboo pillow. 

Choosing the right pillow for yourself can be a difficult task. Without being able to take a nap in the pillow store to test your new pillow before you buy it, doing your research beforehand is important. Here you will find everything you need to know about bamboo pillows. 

What Exactly Is A Bamboo Pillow?


When you think of a bamboo pillow, images of trying to sleep on a pile of hard bamboo timber might come to mind. While this might be OK for a panda, it probably won’t be too comfortable for a human. And if you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to assume that you’re a human.

So, bamboo pillows are made out of the fibre that comes from processing bamboo timber that has matured for at least 4 years. The process is similar to the one that turns the flax or hemp plant into linen fibre. This results in a yarn that is silky to the touch. 

When people talk about bamboo pillows, they are mostly referring to the fabric that encases the filling of the pillow. The actual filling of the pillow can vary depending on the manufacturer and what they choose to use. This article is all about the bamboo parts of the pillow and all the benefits that this could have for you. 

Who Shouldn’t Use A Bamboo Pillow? 

Let’s get this point out of the way first. While bamboo pillows are a perfect choice for a lot of peoples sleeping needs, it’s not the ultimate choice for every single person.

For those of you who sleep on your stomach, a bamboo pillow might not be the best choice. Sleeping on your stomach isn’t the healthiest option when it comes to spinal alignment because of the way you have to turn your head. If you sleep on your stomach, a thinner pillow will be best for you. And a lot of the bamboo pillows on the market are not thin enough for stomach sleepers.

If you’re a stomach sleeper a memory foam pillow might be a much better option. You can read more about the benefits of a memory foam pillow here.

Who Should Use A Bamboo Pillow?

For everybody else, bamboo pillows can be a fantastic option for getting the best night’s sleep.

That being said, there are a lot of options for bamboo pillows on the market. So make sure you feel them in the shop so that you know that they are right for you.

The 7 Benefits of Sleeping on a Bamboo Pillow


Below we will list 7 benefits of choosing a bamboo pillow:

1. Bamboo Pillows Are Adjustable

While this isn’t true for every single bamboo pillow on the market, most of the ones available are actually adjustable to suit your sleeping needs. They are mostly filled with shredded memory foam which means you can remove some filling or put more filling in depending on your preference.

Some are even more high tech and can be adjusted by changing the orientation of the pillow. Lie the pillow flat for average support, on its side for minimal support or folded in half for maximum support.

So if you’re using the pillow for a much needed sleep or to watch Netflix and chill, a bamboo pillow could be the one to get the job done. 

2. Bamboo Pillows Are Antimicrobial

Antimicrobial is just a fancy way of saying that bacteria can’t thrive on a bamboo pillow. Which sounds like good news for something that you’ll put your face on all night while you sleep.

The thing that makes bamboo fibre antimicrobial is the high content of lignin in bamboo. Lignin makes it hard for bacteria to stick to the surface of your pillow and grow and thrive. Which will give you an overall healthier sleeping experience. 

While not recommended, this means that you don’t have to wash your bamboo pillow as often as other pillows. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Bamboo Pillows Are Easy To Wash


While this depends on the filling of the bamboo pillow that you choose, any of the bamboo components of your pillow are super easy to wash. Just throw them in the washing machine with all the rest of your laundry.

Even though bamboo fibre can definitely be put in the dryer, I recommend hang drying in the sun for a superior, and eco-friendly, alternative. There’s nothing like the smell of a sun dried pillow while you doze off for the night.

Additionally, if you need to plump up and freshen up your pillow, just throw the whole thing, filling and all, into the dryer for a few minutes for a refreshed pillow. 

4. The Hypoallergenic Benefits Of A Bamboo Pillow

Another big word that means something simple. Basically, if you’re a person that suffers from allergies, a bamboo pillow might be just the thing you need. Because the fibres are naturally occuring, they are less likely to irritate those allergies of yours.

The process of turning bamboo timber into bamboo fibre uses a lot less chemicals than most synthetic fibres. What this means for you is that there are less chemicals to stir up those allergy sensitivities, and a restful night’s sleep will be yours. 

5. Bamboo Pillows Are Longer Lasting

Another great benefit about bamboo pillows is that they tend to last longer than most other pillows. Due to mites and bacteria and other nasty organisms that settle into your pillows over time, some people recommend changing your pillows every 12-18 months.

But, because of bamboo’s antimicrobial qualities, bamboo pillows may stay healthy for up to two years. That means more glorious nights of solid sleep and less expenses going to pillows throughout your life. That sounds like a double win for people choosing bamboo pillows. 

6. Bamboo Pillows Can Keep You Cool


Natural fibres are usually more breathable than synthetic fibres. This means that when you sleep on a bamboo pillow there is greater airflow around your head and face. This will keep you cooler during the night.

So if you often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, all hot and bothered, a bamboo pillow might just be what you are looking for. They are also excellent at wicking sweat away from your face and head, which keeps you cool and brings me to my next point. 

7. Bamboo Fibres Are Especially Absorbent

Natural fibres are generally known to be more absorbent than synthetic fibres. However, bamboo is one of the most absorbent natural fibres that humans use.

There are many products that rely on being absorbent that are made out of bamboo. What this means for you and your bamboo pillow is that if you’re a warm sleeper, your bamboo pillow will wick the sweat away from your face and head and keep you cool throughout the night. Resulting in, you guessed it, a superior nights sleep. 


So there you have it. With all the different options for pillows on the market, the choice can be confusing.

Armed with the information in this article, you now know if a bamboo pillow is the right choice for you based on your personal preferences and your sleeping style.

If you suffer from allergies or if you’re a hot sleeper then a bamboo pillow might be the thing you need. The option to adjust the pillow to your preferred height is another great benefit to choosing a bamboo pillow for your sleeping needs.

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