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Why Should You Use a Wedge Pillow? 7 Great Benefits

Knowing which type of pillow is right for you is very tasking and time-consuming. First of all, you need to identify your kind of sleeper and an underlying condition requiring a unique pillow. For example, if you use your back to sleep, you should go for a pillow that supports your neck and head, which is a medium thick pillow.

While if you are a side sleeper, you should go for a mid-level firm pillow to provide a balance line and support. It would help if you had a thinner, slightly inclined surface pillow for stomach sleepers, which is about three inches thick to ensure your spine is aligned.

What is a wedge pillow?

The wedge pillow is a unique type of bed accessory. It’s a specific type of cushion with a particular shape in the form of a wedge. One edge is thin, while the other is thicker and bigger and helps you lie down with an outstanding comfort level.

These pillows are famous among athletes, players, and people who know the health benefits or have conditions requiring them to use these pillows. It’s no doubt these pillows are said to be the best in treating some injuries and back pains.

In recent years they have become common among people, especially in America and Europe. If you research these pillows, you will find out that they offer many physical and health benefits.

Ways to use a wedge pillow

There are many ways to use wedge pillows, but four standard setups are commonly used.

  • Side sleepers and back sleepers -commonly use the gentle slope for side and back sleeping. The wedge is placed horizontally on the mattress to provide a gradient that elevates the upper body—making it comfortable for the rest of the body.
  •  Under knees – If you want to get relief for your lower back and circulation in the legs, place a wedge cushion under your knees sloping from your body.
  •  Placing on your lap – This helps people who like using their laptop in bed or streaming videos. The wedge can be put on the lap for a subtle yet comfortable incline.
  • Gentle slope Upright for reclining – This is mostly for people who love to read or watch tv in bed. You can place the pillow vertically against the headboard. It provides good support and an ergonomically correct angle for your spine and back.

You can try different body positions to discover what’s best and works for your body and physical health needs.

Benefits of using a wedge pillow

A goodnight’s sleep is vital for a great morning and there is no doubt wedge pillows would do the magic. Physicians and doctors have proved that these pillows play a significant role in comfort and health development. For instance, a wedge pillow is a remedy for people suffering from back pains and nighttime asthma and sleep apnea. It helps fight back the adverse effect of gravity and prevents blood from in the lungs, causing breathing issues. It is also suitable for snoring and provides many health benefits as you enjoy your goodnight sleep.

1. Improves circulation and reduces pressure on the airway

Placing a wedge cushion under your knees can work to improve blood circulation in your body. This helps treat sore and tired muscles and helps prevent issues like deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins. Because of the increased blood circulation, your veins can easily transport blood from all body parts back to your heart.

Using regular pillows can easily create pressure on your airway. Those who suffer from respiratory issues like sleep apnea and asthma pose a significant danger as you sleep and their health. Making use of a wedge pillow to raise your head at 30 to 45 degrees incline lowers pressure on your airway, helping you breathe more easily, quickly, and efficiently.

These work efficiently for both back and side sleepers, offering you enough support for uninterrupted slumber through the night.

2. Soothes and treats acid reflux

Most individuals often experience heartburn or acid influx at some point in life. You can get acid from stomach to mouth and throat, causing a heart attack. This is risky as heart attacks are usually fatal. Recently, doctors have suggested that people suffering from acid reflux should use wedge pillows to treat it because they keep your head slightly higher than the rest of the body.

This condition is more likely to develop in individuals who are overweight or pregnant. It also affects people with certain underlying conditions, such as diabetes or asthma. Prolonged acid reflux can cause inflammation in the esophagus leading to a condition known as esophagitis.

Esophagitis makes it hard or painful to swallow, and instead of using medication to treat wedge pillows can do the magic.

3. Relieves back pain

When you experience back pain, a goodnight’s sleep is impossible, so it’s vital to get the support you need. People with different back pains can use a wedge cushion to provide the necessary support to the lumbar and cervical vertebrae relieving pain and strain. Also, putting a wedge under your knees while sleeping can reduce and relieve lower back pain. It also enables the correct alignment of the spine.

People suffering from upper back pain benefit more from a wedge pillow than those with lower back pain. Effectively relieve back pain and use a two-piece wedge cushion to prop up your back and elevate your legs, which helps take the nerve root’s pressure in your lower back. This offers you enough relief for you to fall asleep comfortably.

 4. Improves comfort levels

Everyone needs comfort when reading, watching in bed, or sleeping.  You should ensure that your head is a bit higher than the rest of the body for convenience for a goodnight’s sleep.

For this purpose, wedge pillows are heaven-sent, for they can enhance your comfort during slumber or when doing other things, and you need to support your neck or back. Using this type of cushion ensures your blood pressure is in control.

They improve the body shape, supporting all veins and arteries to transport blood and increasing comfort by improving your body posture. Using these cushions, you reduce the pressure you may have put on your back by the uncomfortable or low-quality mattress.

5. Prevents snoring

Snoring occurs when tissues vibrate within the airways of the nose and throat, producing a disturbing sound. Many different reasons and factors cause snoring, such as sleeping position, sleep stages, medication and alcohol use, or an underlying condition.

When you use a wedge pillow, the inclined body position discourages airway blockage, and there will be no pressure acting downwards of them. This allows air to pass freely, allowing you to give yourself and people close to you a comfortable and quiet night. Sleep researchers have tested and verified that wedge pillows play a significant role in preventing and reducing snoring.

This was done by observing most people with this condition; they noticed a considerable reduction in snoring hence concluding wedge pillows significantly contribute to this.

6. Treats indigestion

Indigestion is an abdominal discomfort described as bloating, gassiness, or feeling full quickly after starting to eat. If you overeat or have dinner too close to bedtime, you are most likely to experience this.

When you use a wedge pillow, it keeps you more upright and elevated, proving to be very helpful in treating indigestion. Interestingly research shows that it’s easier for you to digest when lying on your left side and helps in acid reflux.

Many columnists and doctors recommend wedge pillows and lying on your left side for comfort and treat both indigestion and acid reflux. So, whenever you have indigestion, this is one of the remedies, and you can easily access these pillows.

7. Reduces Glaucoma and intraocular pressure

Individuals who suffer from Glaucoma and even those who don’t can experience ocular hypertension or abnormal high intraocular pressure. Nevertheless, people who use wedge cushions may experience less discomfort in the eyes (intraocular pressure) while sleeping propped up.

A study conducted in Korea in 2014 showed that when you elevate the head at 30 degrees compared to lying flat, the average intraocular pressure (IOP) was reduced when the head was raised than lying flat.

Using multiple pillows can cause misalignment of the neck, shoulders, and back, causing more problems instead of solving existing ones. Therefore, a wedge pillow can be of great help to people with Glaucoma and ocular hypertension. It can also help prevent this kind of condition.

In case you realize that you have problems sleeping even though you have the right mattress, it’s about time that you try the wedge pillow. These pillows are readily available in stores near you, and for sure, they will change your sleeping habits and improve your health. In any case, a wedge pillow will prove useful. That’s why you’ll have to be more confident when selecting one that makes you comfortable.

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