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Why Use a V-Shaped Pillow? 7 Amazing Benefits

Nobody imagines waking up with aches and pain after eight hours of sleep, but when this happens, you start to question your sleeping position and mattress.

Although many people don’t think about the pillow, it plays a major role in ensuring you wake up relaxed and rested. Today, we look at the benefits of using a v-shaped pillow and why you should consider one.

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What is a V-Shaped Pillow?

It is a pillow made in the form of a V and is composed of soft polyester fiber for optimum support and comfort. This pillow is excellent and efficient for supporting the body.

It has been designed to provide extra support for your back, neck, spine, and head. Although it’s not referred to as a maternity or pregnancy pillow, it’s beneficial during and after pregnancy. It’s also suitable for individuals with respiratory diseases and the elderly.

Like other pillows, the V-shaped pillow comes in different categories, including the standard, orthopedic, and large v-shaped pillows to suit your individual needs.

The Benefits of a V-Shaped Pillow

  • Prevents rolling over
  • Great for reading
  • Offers support
  • Alleviates neck and back pain
  • Good for breastfeeding
  • Good for elevation
  • Reduces pressure on the airways

Most people are not familiar with the v-shaped support pillow. It’s easy to spot it because of its name and shape, and it comes with tons of benefits to you.

1. Prevents rolling over

We all move while we sleep, but it’s best if we don’t move a lot. When you use a regular pillow, it won’t stop you from rolling over or turning to the side. The v-shaped pillow keeps your head elevated while the sides prevent you from rolling over.

This can be of great help to your bed mate, who is probably tired of your turning and tossing. It also supports your spine and neck better than regular pillows, which also prevents rolling over. If you have a child who is fond of this habit or one who wakes up at night crying because they fell off the bed, try getting them a v-shaped pillow.

The extra support will prevent rolling over while adding comfort. For kids, it will also be a great cuddle buddy.

2. Great for reading

Because it elevates you and prevents you from rolling over, many people like to use the v-shaped cushion for reading, especially in bed or when lying on a sofa. It can easily be propped on the headboard or used on top of a regular pillow.

The elevation makes it easy for you to watch TV or read a book while giving you excellent support. V-shaped support pillows come in many different fillings and covers, so you get a wide range to choose from and find a pillow that fits your needs and favors your budget.

3. Offers support

Support is vital when sleeping, which is why pillows are available in different sizes, shapes, and firmness. Standard pillows are suitable for people who need support on their heads, but the v-shaped ones are suitable to support the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Mostly it’s used when sitting down or reading in bed. You only need to prop one v-shaped cushion to help support your neck and lower back. But to achieve this with a regular pillow, you will have to stack a few to get the shape right. With the v-shaped, you are all set once you prop it up.

4. Alleviates neck and back pain

V-shaped cushions can be used to relieve pain in different parts of the body. You can use it on a chair while sitting to provide support on the lower back and, in turn, relieve back pain.

This pillow is so great at this that pregnant women heavily rely on it for support during their pregnancy. Most prefer to put it between their knees while lying on the side, which gives them the support they need to ease back pain. Side sleepers will also appreciate this pillow because when put between the legs, it helps reduce the pressure on your lumbar spine, keep your body aligned, and, thus, reduces pain.

If you experience a stiff neck, use it on top of a regular pillow to keep your head elevated and keep you from turning. They are the best for support and comfort for your neck and lower back.

5. Good for breastfeeding

Being a mother is a feeling you can’t explain, but you can experience many challenges, and having the right pillow can do wonders. You might have used these pillows between your legs for extra support during your pregnancy, but they come in handy even after you give birth.

The v-shaped pillow can also become your breastfeeding friend. There are two ways you can use it. First, a v-shaped pillow will help you sit up better as you breastfeed your baby.

Proper posture does wonders in reducing neck, shoulder, and back strains, common during breastfeeding. Secondly, you can use a v-shaped pillow to support your arms while breastfeeding. This helps relieve back and arm pain and makes breastfeeding easy and fun.

6. Good for elevation

In most cases, a v-shaped pillow works better if used on top of a regular pillow, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it alone. It can provide elevation and a suitable angle when you need it. It also helps with congestion when you have a cough or cold or if you suffer from asthma and bronchitis.

Individuals ailing from Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) find it easy to breathe while sleeping because the v-shaped pillow elevates their head. These allow free circulation of air, preventing blockage or difficult breathing.

7. Reduces pressure on the airways

When you use standard pillows, the pressure is created on your airways, causing a few complications. For individuals with respiratory issues like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, standard pillows can pose a threat not only to your sleep but also to your health.

V-shape pillows have become a better option. Doctors have been recommending v-shaped pillows to these patients, for they have noted that they make it easier to breathe and have a good night’s sleep. 

Is it Healthy to Sleep on a V-Shaped Pillow?

From the benefits we have The simple answer is; Yes, it’s very beneficial. In fact, sleep experts have proved that there are many physical and health benefits of using this type of pillow. For example, it is helpful to people who have respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

It can also be of great relief to people who snore, are pregnant, athletes, elderly, and young mothers. This pillow is recommended for everyone, whether it’s for comfort or health benefits.

How do You Sleep With a V-Shaped Pillow?

V-shaped pillows are used to relieve different kinds of pain and comfort. It might be a stiff neck, shoulder, or back pain. When you go to sleep, place your pillow on the headboard for support and comfort. If you are using it to relieve back pain, place it under your knees, and keep your spine neutral.

This pillow plays a significant role in keeping that curve in your lower back. You can also set a small towel or cloth under your back for added support. This will help you sleep better and improve comfort throughout the night.

Are V-Shaped Pillows Good For Your Neck And Shoulders?

I know you might be wondering if these pillows are right for your neck and shoulders? The answer is yes, especially when using the orthopedic v-shaped pillow, which is non-allergenic.

It helps with neck stiffness by molding to conform to your neck. It’s suitable for your shoulder and neck because it is firm enough to hold your head and soft enough to alleviate pressure points.

Most people prefer V-shaped cushions made of latex, memory foam, buckwheat, or feather as these materials offer excellent balance for support and pressure relief. This justifies that they are the best for your neck and shoulders

How to Clean a V-Shaped Pillow

Like other pillows, V-shaped pillows should be washed twice a year to remain fresh and hygienic. Cleaning your pillow also keeps it from accumulating dust mites, which are known to cause allergies and make them worse, especially to people suffering from respiratory illnesses like asthma.

The most convenient way to clean your pillow is by throwing it in the washing machine. Most pillows made from cotton, synthetic, and down material are best for machine wash. The only downside you’ll have to endure is time since pillows take what seems like forever to dry.

Memory foam and latex pillows are best when hand-washed. Make sure you dry them quickly to prevent mold, which is a health hazard. If you aren’t sure how to clean them properly, take them to your dry cleaner.

Since you only get to clean it twice a year, ensure your pillow has a removable, washable cover that’s easy to remove and wash. If you have allergies, machine-wash the cover weekly or twice a month, depending on how often you use your pillow. Obviously, you should clean the cover weekly if you are a frequent user of the pillow.

If you find out that you have problems sleeping, it’s time to make a change and try a v-shaped pillow. These pillows come in different covers and fillings and are readily available in the market. If you buy and start using them, they will, for sure, change your sleeping habits and improve your health and lifestyle drastically.

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