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Why do Bamboo Pillows Smell? And How to Get Rid of it

This post is a part of the complete polyester pillow buyers guide

Everyone has a distinctive taste, and at times it could be difficult to satisfy such taste.

When it comes to pillows, having the perfect one never hurts but rather helps satisfy your sleep craving, allowing you to position yourself however you deem fit.

Bamboo pillows are one of the few pillows that have gotten quite the attention of users because of the plushy soft texture and comfortable feeling it brings to the table. 

The pillow consists of a cover that is made from bamboo and the fillings can consist of any material of your choice ranging from cotton to foams, wool, latex or even buckwheat hulls. As a result of being able to make your choice of bamboo pillow fillings, these pillows can be adjustable to fit your particular taste and need. 

The pillows are known to be sweat absorbent, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and also has a cooling feature making the pillow breathable.

With that said however, a lot of people notice an uncomfortable smell when they just ordered their new bamboo pillow.

Why is this?

Why Do Bamboo Pillows Smell?

Are you new to using a bamboo pillow or did you just recently purchase a bamboo pillow and you’re wondering why an uncomfortable smell accompanied opening the package?

Well, it is no new news for brand new products to have a particular kind of smell because it was just produced and still smells of the manufacturing materials.

For bamboo pillows, the reason behind their smell could be for all or any of the following reasons:

Pillow fillings

Some bamboo pillows come with shredded memory foam fillings which are produced using a chemical known as polyurethane and a whole lot of other chemicals.

As a result of the chemicals in these fillings, the pillows release a strong smell when they’re newly purchased. 


Another reason behind the bamboo pillow smell is as a result of the pillow’s packaging. These pillows release a chemical kind of smell known as off-gassing and this occurs due to the fact that the pillows have been encased for long hours, not giving the chemicals a chance to dissipate and fade off into thin air. 

These two are the major reasons why your new bamboo pillow has that strong smell you’re totally uncomfortable with.

Now, it’s important to note that the type of chemicals used in the foam production of your bamboo pillow fillings is a determining factor on how strong the smell may be. 

What is The Duration of This Smell?

No need to panic. You wouldn’t have to endure the smell coming off your bamboo pillows for as long as you use them.

Depending on the quality of the memory foam of your bamboo pillow, the duration for which the smell would fade off varies. Usually, if the quality of your bamboo pillow is original, the smell should evaporate within 24 hours to a few days after opening the package. 

But if the one you purchased turns out to be of low quality, you might have to put up with the smell for weeks or even months.

So, it is advisable that when you decide to purchase your bamboo pillow, you should get it from a trusted brand and look out for reviews by other buyers. 

How do You Get Rid of the Bamboo Pillow Smell?

So, it’s been a few hours or days since you got your bamboo pillow and the smell coming off it is not going away.

How do you get rid of your bamboo pillow smell make it dissipate totally?

Well, the smell isn’t something that just evaporates instantly. A few recommendations on how to get rid of the smell will be provided below.

Ventilate the Bamboo Pillow

Many customers recommend that when you get your bamboo pillow, it should be placed by the window or outside to receive proper ventilation. This would let the off-gas evaporate quickly and also alleviate the odor.

It is a faster method that has been practiced and put into action by a lot of users which has proven to be quite effective. 

Spray Vodka on the pillow

Another recommended method is by spraying pure vodka or if you’re uncomfortable with using 100% vodka, you can make use of diluted vodka on the bamboo pillow.

After this, leave the pillow to dry. As the alcohol evaporates, the strong chemical smell in the pillow also dissipates along with it. 

Shake the Bamboo Pillow

This method doesn’t hurt but might take time to completely get rid of the bamboo pillow smell. The product companies have suggested that you shake the pillow a few times before going to bed every night. Though slow to take effect, it helps enable the smell to evaporate little by little. 

Use Enzyme Spray

If you want to have that pleasant sleep without having to be bothered by the smell of your bamboo pillow, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider making use of enzyme sprays.

These sprays have been produced to work well with other strong smells and so would work well in easing your bamboo pillow smell. 

What About Washing Your Bamboo Pillow?

Some people have always wondered whether washing their bamboo pillows would help reduce the strong smell it emits.

However, it is advisable that you don’t wash your bamboo pillow for the first six months after purchase. You can apply the other methods stated above to get rid of the smell but washing it should be out of the picture. 

The rationale behind this is that if you want your pillow to maintain its firmness and original texture, it would be better to avoid it coming in contact with water for as long as possible. You can however decide to wash the covers to prevent dust mites and insects from accruing in them. 


Bamboo pillows have been said to be environmentally friendly, good for spinal alignment and aid good sleeping posture.

One of the few cons to the pillow is the strong smell it comes along with when newly purchased. But now you know the reason behind your new bamboo pillow having that strong smell and also how to get rid of the smell, there should be no obstacle to you enjoying the usage of your pillow in the long run.

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