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Why Are Meditation Pillows Filled With Buckwheat?

Meditation is a set of techniques intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. Simply put, meditation develops well-being, focus, and awareness.

Meditation has shown to have a wide number of benefits on psychological well-being. There are many reasons why people choose to meditate. And there are just as many ways to meditate.

What people do seem more selective about is the type of pillow or cushion they use for meditation.

Buckwheat pillows are popular for meditation, and people want to know, “Why are meditation pillows filled with buckwheat?” Most meditation cushions are stuffed with buckwheat hulls because of the durability and stability it provides. The best thing about buckwheat-filled pillows is that it shifts and follows the movement you are making that can custom-fit you as you meditate.

Reasons to Meditate

There are many reasons why you might want to start meditation:

  • To deal with stress
  • To help relieve headaches
  • To deal with symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • To improve self-awareness
  • To improve immunity
  • To improve mindfulness
  • To help feel more empathy for yourself and others

Why Do We Need Meditation Pillows?

Meditation pillows support your body during meditation. The cushion rolls your hips slightly forward to keep your spine’s natural curve intact, for optimal comfort.

A meditation pillow is often filled with firm, hearty materials. Sitting on a pillow designed specifically for meditation keeps you from putting excess pressure on your joints.

When it comes to picking the right meditation cushion, there are several factors to consider. They include height, flexibility, comfort, position (lotus, half-lotus), kneeling, sitting cross-legged), spinal issues, and any other health issues.

The materials that make up a meditation cushion are also important. The main materials used to make meditation cushions are kapok, wool, cotton, polyester, and buckwheat hulls.

Most meditation cushions are stuffed with buckwheat hulls.

Why Use Buckwheat in Meditation Pillows?


Buckwheat is a seed-like grain native to Asia. Despite the name, it is not wheat or grain.

Farmers used buckwheat to feed their animals, but it has also been stapled as a fruit for human consumption, as it grows within the hull – a shell-like casing that protects the seed as it matures.

The hulls are small and sturdy, and they’re being used more frequently as a natural alternative for pillows.

Buckwheat hulls won’t break down or crack, even after years of repeated use. When used as a fill, their size and odd shape allow the hulls to move around easily, adjusting to your body and giving support right where it’s needed.

The hulls give firm, flexible support, deeply conforming to the head, neck, and shoulders. The contouring properties align your spine and alleviate pressure points. The hulls allow air to pass through the pillow without restraint, maintaining a constant neutral temperature.

Thus, hulls make an ideal fill for meditation pillows. Most meditation cushions are stuffed with buckwheat hulls because of the durability and stability it provides. The best thing about buckwheat-filled pillows is that it shifts and follows the movement you are making that can custom-fit you as you meditate.

Looking for A Buckwheat Meditation Pillow?

Buckwheat hulls are a popular filling for meditation and are used by many. In case you’re considering meditation or need new meditation cushions, here are several on the market filled with buckwheat hulls.

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Buckwheat Bolster Pillow

This pillow offers the perfect balance of firmness and flexibility, as well as excellent support.

It conforms to the specific needs of your body, keeping your spine in proper alignment and ensuring your comfort during long meditation sessions.

The buckwheat hulls-filling is sealed inside a pouch, so you don’t have to worry about them shifting. It also comes in different sizes and colors.

You can check the price of this pillow on Amazon here.

Buckwheat Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

The Zafu is a round buckwheat hull-filled cushion. The Zabuton is an accompanying mat. The hulls in the cushion are easy to adjust, thanks to the zipper opening.

It’s double-stitched for improved strength and durability, and it has a built-in handle for easy traveling. It comes in nine colors, including black, red, clay, brown, red, olive, burgundy, cinnamon, and navy.

Learn more about the Zafu & Zabuton set on Amazon here.

Conscious Life Shop Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

The crescent-shaped Zafu is filled with buckwheat hulls. The crescent shape offers great support.

It has a built-in handle that is made of durable faux leather, which makes it easy to transport. It comes in several different colors.

You can check the price of this pillow set on Amazon here.

Crystal Cove Buckwheat-Filled Meditation Pillow

This pillow is great for people who meditate, regardless of their skill level. It has a removable outer cover for easy washing and comes with a sturdy carry handle for easy transporting.

You can learn more about the Crystal Cove pillow on Amazon here.

Seat Of Your Soul – Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion

This cushion is extremely versatile and great for meditation and other uses like yoga. It promotes correct posture and proper support by providing ease in rising from hard floors.

It’s convenient in that it has a removable machine-washable cover. The zipper gives you the access you need to custom the hulls to your needs.

Read more about this high quality meditation cushion on Amazon here.

Hihealer Meditation Cushion with Extra Free Cover

This convenient buckwheat hull-filled cushion offers one cushion with two covers. You don’t have to miss a day for cleaning. It’s ideal for multiple uses, and promotes relaxation, and reduces anxiety.

You can check out the price of the Hihealer on Amazon here.


When done right, and with the right pillow, meditation can have many benefits.

Meditation cushions filled with buckwheat hulls offer excellent support for the body and hold the spine in proper alignment. This is necessary to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible during those long meditation sessions.

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