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Why Are Hotel Mattresses so Comfortable?

There is no place like home – unless you’re sleeping in a hotel room. It’s no secret that hotels have some of the most comfortable beds.

Picture this, you’ve just spent hours traveling and are tired and hungry. But once you step into that hotel and see that bed, it’s like “what hunger”? Nothing else matters once you lay across that hotel bed. This speaks that a hotel is only as good as its beds.

So why are hotel mattresses so comfortable? Sleep is a hotel’s key product. The hotels with the most comfortable beds spend a lot of time studying mattresses, and studying what works and what doesn’t work for their guests. With that said, they also put a lot of money into ensuring the sleep experience is as close as possible to sleeping on a cloud.

What Type of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

With all their studying, hotels have gotten it right. They understand what guests need and have spared no expense in ensuring the best night’s sleep experience. Here are the mattresses hotels use:

Memory Foam

These mattresses conform to the shape of your body, essentially “remembering” the position in which you enjoy sleeping. Guests who sleep on these will feel less pain and pressure. They also absolve movement so someone else’s movement won’t wake you and vice versa. Here are some popular hotel chains that mainly use memory foam for their mattresses.

Air Mattress

These are not the beds you take with you on camping trips or put in an open space in your home for guests. These mattresses use air-filled chambers instead of coils. They can be adjusted so that they don’t always put pressure on the same areas of your body. These are great for sleeping partners who have different sleep preferences.

Innerspring, Including Hybrids

These mattresses give sleepers support using a series of coils beneath a pillow, foam pad, or latex. The mattresses range in firmness and price, making it likely that hotels will find something that fits both their budget and the needs of their guests.


These mattresses are made from natural or synthetic rubber. They are known for providing firm support, at a similar level of comfort, for what you’d get from a memory foam bed. They are perfect for fans of firmer mattresses.

Hotel Brands Specifically Famous For Their Comfortable Mattresses

Many reputable hotels have put so much study into their guests’ needs that they have created their own brand of beds, these include:

  • Fairmont Hotels & Resorts – The Fairmont Bed and The Fairmont Gold Bed
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts – The Four Seasons Bed
  • The Ritz Carlton – signature Ritz Carlton bed
  • Marriott Hotels and Resorts – The Marriott Bed
  • Hilton Hotels and Resorts – The Serenity Bed
  • Westin Hotels & Resorts – Heavenly Bed

While the mattress is the number one contributor to the overall sleep experience, it does not stand alone. Once the mattress has been determined, it’s important to dress it up with equally comforting materials.

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Hotel Mattress Toppers

This is where the magic of hotel beds really occurs. Mattress toppers are relatively thinner layers placed on top of the underlying mattress to modify its feel. They’re usually only two to three inches in thickness, but make the world of difference.

Hotel Sheets

Trust and believe that the best hotels that spare nothing when it comes to ensuring the best night’s sleep for their guests will top off their mattresses with only the best starting with the sheets.

Most hotels opt for cotton sheets with a thread count of at least 250. It’s also good to make the assumption that they are made with a percale weave and long-staple cotton.

Hotel Comforters

Only the best for the best hotels; and they opt for comforters rich with down fill, or down alternative. That’s because they are super-puffy and feel extremely comfortable.

The best hotels also buy comforters that are a bit wider and longer compared to what you use at home.

Hotel Pillows

Understanding that comfort is different for everyone, fancy hotels now offer pillow menus where options are on the bed and you take your best pick for your level of comfort. You can select a pillow based on your individual needs.

Pillows come in different firmness levels – you can choose thick or thin, medium, or firm. You can even select the material from feathers, synthetic or natural.

Creating Hotel Comfort in Your Own Bedroom

Hotel mattress comfort in your own home

What do you do if you want the same comfort you feel in a hotel room, in your own bedroom. Here are some suggestions:

  • Buy a high-quality mattress – Don’t be afraid to invest in a high-quality mattress. A good mattress should last at least 10 years. If your mattress has aged to the point that it is sinking in the middle, it’s time to invest in a new mattress.
  • The right mattress topper – If you’ve never invested in a mattress topper, you may want to start. They not only help you optimize the feel of your bed, they also absorb most of the wear and tear to protect the mattress underneath. It’s also a good solution if you can’t afford to invest in that new mattress.
  • Sheets – Sheets are a great part of the comfort deal. Look for quality cotton sheets, with long-staple thread, and a thread count of at least 250.
  • Pile on the pillows – If you have a king or queen-sized bed, we recommend having four to five pillows, with firmness options.

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