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Which Sleeping Positions Are Down Pillows Good For?

It’s no news that everyone doesn’t sleep in the same position and in the same way.

This makes it essential to be conversant with your preferred sleeping position and choose a pillow that works best for your sleeping position.

Popular sleeping positions include back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and all sorts of combinations of these three. 

A pillows components heavily influences the sleeping positions that are most suitable for it. Hence, different designs of down pillows work differently for different sleeping positions.

In general, down pillows are best for back and side sleepers. This is because most down pillows are made with a medium or high loft which is suitable for back and side sleeping. Stomach sleepers do better with a low loft pillow leaving them with very few down pillows to choose from.

Keep reading to learn more about the sleeping positions that down pillows are good for as well as various great options to pick from.

Component of The Down Pillow

Down feathers, or simply down, are the soft inner plumage found beneath the coarser outer feathers of ducks and geese. Ducklings and goslings are entirely covered in down while they are young; as they grow older, their outer feathers develop.

Understanding the components of down pillows is crucial for determining which sleeping positions they are appropriate for. 

Because of their fluffy nature, down pillows sink deeply beneath your head and neck while you sleep. Memory foam, latex, and buckwheat pillows feel firmer and provide more support than down pillows.

Goose-down pillows are known to be plusher and warmer than duck down pillows.

Sleeping Positions That Down Pillows Are Good For

Down pillows are recommended for anyone who prefers to sleep on a soft surface that dips well beneath the head and neck. While resting on a down pillow may be comfortable for some people, it may be uncomfortable for others. This may be due to sleep posture, body type, head size, etc.

The following people are our top picks:

Side Sleepers 

The best down pillows for side sleepers have a high loft and a dense fill, making them ideal for the position.

Side sleepers are more likely than back sleepers to develop pressure points because their head, neck, and shoulders are not aligned with the spine as they sleep.

Using a thicker down pillow will help keep their body on an even plane while sleeping. Down pillows with less loft may result in more aches and pains in the morning.

Back Sleepers 

Because the back sleeping position helps maintain spinal alignment, back sleepers must have consistent support from head to toe.

Many back sleepers can benefit from a mid-loft down pillow that dips a little while supporting the head and neck. However, too much loft can cause pain in the neck and shoulders if used too frequently.

Getting a down pillow that suits all these requirements for back sleepers might not be as easy. Hence, a great option to look out for is this one:

Pacific Coast Hotel Touch of Down Pillow

The Pacific Coast Hotel Touch of Down Pillow has a unique pillow-in-pillow construction that provides a luxuriously soft feel without losing support.

The core feather cushion is surrounded by 550-fill power Hyper clean down, which conforms to relieve pressure on the head and neck.

The pillow is ideal for back sleepers because of its medium firm texture and low fill power. Down is also a malleable material, making it suitable for sleepers who want to hug their pillows at night.

The shell is made entirely of cotton and has a tight weave to prevent feathers from poking through and escaping.

You can learn more about the Pacific Coast Hotel Touch of Down Pillow by pressing the button below

Best Down Pillows For Both Side Sleepers and Back Sleepers

While some people sleep in one position, some switch positions overnight. It’s common to see persons who are both stomach and side sleepers. There are down pillows that are great for both sleeping positions.

Helix Down And Feather Pillow

The Helix Down & Feather Pillow’s three-chamber design provides excellent pressure relief and support. The soft, moldable material is great for sleepers who want a lot of pressure relief to relieve neck stiffness or discomfort.

The internal chamber of the Down & Feather Pillow is filled with a 95/5 down and feather blend. The feathers help keep the down from clumping and produce a slightly stiffer covering that keeps the down from sinking.

On the other hand, the outer chamber features a soft and durable 500-fill power down. The fill has been certified by the Responsible Down Standard, proving that the birds were treated humanely throughout the plumage extraction process.

You can learn more about the Helix Down And Feather Pillow by pressing the button below

The fill level of the Down & Feather Pillow may be altered to create a personalized loft and feel. The cover is entirely made of cotton, which contributes to its breathability. A robust and resilient seam is created by double-stitched piping around the circle of the pillow.

Casper Down Pillow

The Casper Down Pillow is a terrific option for animal-loving customers seeking a way to relieve neck discomfort. The Casper Down Pillow comprises five chambers of sustainably sourced white duck down and feathers.

This pillow has been certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). It meets high ethical requirements such as banning live animal harvesting, no forced feeding, and third-party audits at every stage of the supply chain cycle.

Your head will sink slightly because of the high down content, but the chambers will support your head and neck, alleviating pressure and pain.

The sophisticated inner construction of the pillow consists of five different chambers. The inner chambers contain a 60/40 mix of down and feathers, while the outer compartments are an 80/20 combination of down and feathers.

You can learn more about the Casper Down Pillow by pressing the button below

The outside shell is made entirely of cotton, while the internal parts are made entirely of polyester; this design achieves a good blend of softness and support. The 6-inch loft and silky texture were particularly appealing to our team of side and back sleepers, who weighed up to 230 pounds.

This cushion may be cleaned and dried in any standard washing machine. After washing, place it in the dryer on a low tumble setting to help it retain its shape. Down pillows are infamous for causing damage to agitator-equipped washers, so ensure your washer is large enough to accommodate the cushion.

Stomach Sleepers

Pillows with a low loft are the best and most comfortable ones for stomach sleepers. For that reason, down pillows are rarely marketed towards stomach sleepers since most down pillows have a medium to firm loft.

With that said though, a good down pillow for stomach sleepers do exists, and it is:

The Legends Hotel Best Down Pillow

This down pillow comes in a variety of firmness and size options. This down variant gives the soft, opulent feel of a high-end hotel cushion.

The cushion is filled with 600 fill power down and coated in a 235 thread count cotton cover. The down provides a luxurious texture that deeply cushions the head and neck regardless of stiffness.

This can aid in the relief of pain caused by pillows that are overly high or stiff. It comes in three different sizes (standard, queen, and king) and four different firmness levels (soft, medium, firm, and extra firm).

The Legends Hotel Best Down Pillow is excellent for all sleep positions due to its soft texture and different firmness options. This pillow should be comfortable for stomach sleepers, who often require pillow lofts that are thinner than many other pillows on the market.

You can learn more about the The Legends Hotel Best Down Pillow by pressing the button below

Best Down Pillow For Sleepers Who Take Pleasure in Moldability

Down pillows are highly moldable, allowing you to compress them into various shapes to increase or decrease support. Moreover, they are reasonably snugly and give adequate padding if you prefer to sleep with a pillow between your knees when sleeping.

While there are many arguments about the natural moldability of the down pillow, the performance isn’t equal. Some down pillows have better moldability than others.

An excellent example of a down pillow with exceptional moldability is:

Boll & Branch Down Pillow

Because many down pillows are designed to be highly plush, a common complaint is that they are too soft.

The Boll & Branch Down Pillow comes out in three different density settings:

The soft option has a little fill, with a fill power of approximately 600. The hard option has a fill power of 700 and provides excellent head and neck support. The medium density option has more fill, resulting in a mid-level comfort.

You can learn more about the Boll & Branch Down Pillow by pressing the button below


After carefully examining the down pillow and the appropriate sleeping positions, it’s clear that the down pillow is multipurpose.

All you need to do is pick a down pillow that best suits your sleeping position, and you’ll sleep more comfortably.

Moreover, if you have more than one sleeping position, the down pillow still gets you covered.

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