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What’s The Best Lighting Temperature For The Bedroom? – The Bedding Planet

What’s The Best Lighting Temperature For The Bedroom?

Asides from the living room, the next place you’ll be spending most of your time in your house is the bedroom. Interior decoration experts know this and they often take their time in deciding anything relating to the bedroom.

Things like what is the best lighting temperature for the bedroom require special consideration because it contributes to the overall comfortability of the bedroom. So with that said let’s talk more about the best lighting temperature for the bedroom 

The best lighting temperature for the bedroom comes from using 2700 to 3500 kelvin(K) light bulbs. This color temperature provides a warm light that is calming. Kelvin is a unit that measures color temperature and most light bulbs available in stores has this stated on the package.

The bedroom as its name implies is usually a place for rest and unlimited light exposure can hinder that and render it uncomfortable. It might sound minute but having the perfect lightning temperature in your bedroom can have a good effect on your sleep and life in general. 

Before running off to change the lighting in your bedroom, there’s more information to be shared in this article about choosing the correct lightning temperature for the bedroom. So, read on to learn more.

What is Lightning Temperature and Why is it Important? 


Lightning temperatures are sometimes referred to as color temperature and it refers to the effect of the light bulb on the human eyes. When it comes to lightning temperature measurement, light isn’t exactly light and they vary because of their appearance and effect.

A light source radiates a certain level of color which affects everything around it. This is known as Lightning temperature and they are measured in Kelvin which is symbolized by the capital (K). Most commercial bulbs and lights available for sale in stores are set between 2000 to 6500K. 

In general, there are three variants or types of lightning temperature namely; warm white, cool white, and daylight.

Warm white refers to the type of lightning temperature that measures between 2,000 to 3,000 K. These types of light temperatures are perfect if you want to create a cozy or relaxing effect on a room.

The cool white lightning temperature on the other hand is usually much brighter than the warm white lightning temperature. It is perfect for stimulating rooms where tasks are done such as the office space and the kitchen.

The last type of lightning temperature is the daylight lightning temperature which is often so bright and they measure between 4,000 to 6,500 k. 

Selecting the right Lightning temperature for each room Is important because it helps to set the right mood for the room. It also affects the functionality of the room as to whether or not it will serve its purpose. For example, if the lightning structure is too low you might not be able to see clearly in that room. 

Tips on Selecting The Best Lightning Temperature For the Bedroom

If you’re on the verge of selecting a light bulb for your bedroom make sure the lightning temperature is a warm white measuring between 2700 to 3000k . Asides from this here are more tips: 

  1. Think about Energy: Considering the fact, your bedroom light is almost always on until you’re about to sleep, you should choose a light bulb that is energy efficient. These types of light bulbs will save you cost and are also friendly to the environment so you get to save the planet in your little way. 
  2. Set the mood for the room: Decide what you want your bedroom to feel like and let that inspire your light bulb selection. Expert interior decorators think that the light bulb color goes a long way in setting the mood. Generally, most people can’t sleep with a bright light bulb on and it’s sometimes irritating to wake up to one.  A light bulb that leaves your bedroom dimly lit is always a great choice. 
  3. Get Creative: There are a lot of light bulbs designed out there that will beautify your room and give it a face light. Investing your creativity into selecting a great light bulb design isn’t a waste of them but a service to your bedroom and yourself.  Light bulbs contribute much more to the aesthetic value of a bedroom than just lighting it up. You can also have two or more light bulbs in your room to achieve breathtaking looks. 

The bedroom is an underrated part of the whole house, even though it is an important place. It is your home within your home and it is always a good idea to take good care of it.

One of the best ways to do this is by following the advice discussed above and getting yourself a warm white lightning temperature light bulb for your bedroom.  

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