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What Does a Buckwheat Pillow Feel Like? (Comfortable, Weird?) – The Bedding Planet

What Does a Buckwheat Pillow Feel Like? (Comfortable, Weird?)

This post is a part of the complete buckwheat pillow buyers guide

In your search for pieces to create that sleeping sanctuary you’re after, you might have come across buckwheat pillows.

With all the impressive benefits and promises of a buckwheat pillow front and center, you’re probably wondering what these pillows feel like.

This blog post is here to answer your question about what a buckwheat pillow feels like. 

In short, buckwheat pillows feel similar to a dense bean bag. Because buckwheat pillows are filled with the hard outer casing (hull) of the buckwheat seeds, you can feel these individual hulls. This does not make them uncomfortable at all, but it definitely takes some getting used to. Think firm, not fluffy. Especially if you normally use a soft down pillow.

Although, taking the time to get used to a buckwheat pillow can have huge advantages. Buckwheat pillows have remained popular for all these years because of the advantages that we are going to explore below. 

Buckwheat Pillows go From Weird to Comfortable

When you first try a buckwheat pillow, you will probably think it feels pretty weird. They don’t have the same soft feel like most of the down pillows on the market. They are a bit more solid and have more texture thanks to the individual hulls that the pillow is filled with. 

It almost feels like a pillow filled with sand. So you can mould the pillow quite easily into the shape that you want before you go to sleep. The hulls will also mould to your head and face throughout the night to continue to support you while you move around in your sleep. 

It’s these individual hulls that create the magic that buckwheat pillow users love so much. And after a few nights on a buckwheat pillow, you might have a hard time going back to the super soft down pillows you used before. This is all due to the unique structure and qualities of the buckwheat hulls that you rest your head on. 

To get around this texture issue, you might consider getting an extra soft or fluffy pillow case to cover your buckwheat pillow with. This will allow you to capitalise on the superior support and cooling qualities of a buckwheat pillow while also addressing the comfort issue where it is most important: right next to your face. 

The Buckwheat Hulls Interlock With One Another


Buckwheat pillows provide a lot more support than some of the most popular pillow options on the market. This is due to the fact that these hulls interlock with one another. 

So you can adjust your pillow and move around until you’re comfortable. Then the hulls will lock together and maintain that shape for an extended period of time. This means that your head and neck will get superior support compared to the soft, and often flat, pillows on the market. 

A correctly aligned spine has a big impact on back health and the quality of your sleep, so a buckwheat pillow is a good option if you suffer from any of the above. 

Another important and popular quality of the buckwheat pillow is the cooling factor. This doesn’t mean that your pillow will cool down the whole room. Buckwheat pillows work in a more subtle way. 

Remember the interlocking nature of those buckwheat hulls that we discussed earlier? This is truly the magic quality of buckwheat hulls as a filler for pillows. 

When these hulls lock together in their unique way, they trap little pockets of air throughout the pillow. This works wonders in keeping you cool while you sleep. As the pillow warms up while your head is resting on it, the air is allowed to move through these little pockets that are trapped within the buckwheat hulls. 

This means that the heat can easily get carried away from your head and face while you sleep, allowing for a more comfortable night’s rest. This is a vital quality in sleep materials because uncomfortable temperatures will quickly disrupt your rest and lead to poor quality sleep. 

It Takes Time Getting Used to a Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows are not for everyone. It will take time to get used to a buckwheat pillow if you have never used one before. Some people call them ‘crunchy’. Others don’t like the firmness and prefer some fluff in their pillows. And some people report that the tiny individual hulls feel like tiny pebbles and are distracting when you’re trying to fall asleep. 

However, there are those that are die hard buckwheat pillow fanatics. They will tell you that the support is superior, the cooling qualities are indestructible, and that there is no better filling for a pillow. 

If you take the time to get used to this unique pillow filling, your sleeping experience may get the upgrade you didn’t know it needed. And the better the quality of your sleep, the better equipped you are to conquer all the challenges you face during the day. 

In Conclusion

Buckwheat pillows are not for everyone. They are firm. Not fluffy. They offer superior support for your head, neck, and spine. The cooling effect is second to none. 

If you have the patience and the determination to get used to how a buckwheat pillow works, your sleeping experience might just get the upgrade it needs. Happy sleeping!

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