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A Guide to Western Style Bedroom Furniture (Examples Included)

Western style bedroom furniture can look vastly different depending on individual taste. However, what is common to this style of furniture is bringing in the beauty of nature and the outdoors.

Western style bedroom furniture is about comfort and functionality with a specific style of ornamentation that pays homage to the Wild West. In this post take a look at this style of furniture more in depth and how how it would look in a bedroom.

What is Western Style Furniture? 

Western Style Furniture gets its name from the Old West, where many pioneers set out to find their fortune. Sometimes called the Wild West, the Old West covered a large area of land stretching from the Rocky Mountains down to Texas and then to the West Coast. As they were in uncharted territory, most families relied on their cattle and horses for survival and had to make the most of the land in order to survive.

The use of natural materials is, therefore, one of the key indicators of Western-style furniture. One dominant natural material is wood used to build Western-style homes and furniture. Wood was openly displayed rather than camouflaged in Western-style décor, giving the home a rustic feel. Stone was another dominant material used on their floors and was only covered by hides or furs in cold seasons. 

Another key aspect of Western-style furniture is incorporating animal products in the design. Hides and leathers are commonly used as part of the furniture, while bones and antlers can serve as ornamental pieces. Wrought iron and copper, also readily available resources, were also used in making the furniture. In the Old West, pioneers made use of everything available to them, which is evident in their furniture style.

Western-style bedrooms display this maximum utilization of all available resources. While they may not look as rugged as in the Old West, truly Western bedrooms must still display those natural materials. The following are some examples of Western Style bedrooms on the market today.

Western Style Bedroom Examples 

Gardner-White’s Western 5-Piece Queen Bedroom Set

All five pieces of the Western Queen Bedroom Set are wooden, keeping with the Western style. They also feature a two-tone finish featuring a white and natural wood finish, bringing a modern touch to the rustic Western look.

This bedroom set includes a Queen bed with storage, nightstand, chest, dresser and mirror. The chest has five deep drawers, the nightstand has two, and the bed has two more, making this a pretty functional bedroom set, just like Western-style furniture.

Oasis Bedroom Set by Cowhide Western Furniture

The Oasis Bedroom Set includes a King or Queen bed and two nightstands in a distressed turquoise paint with white and chocolate cowhide accents. You can get the same bedroom set in eight other styles, some of which come with additional pieces of furniture.

The Oasis set is one of the most popular styles for Cowhide Western Furniture. It incorporates straight lines with traditional Western accents and detailing for a truly Western-style bedroom set.

Rustic Furniture’s Santa Fe Bedroom Set 

The Santa Fe Bedroom Set consists of a bed, nightstand, chest and dresser. All the pieces use old, heavy ponderosa trees, giving the set an heirloom touch.

The nightstand, chest, and dresser drawers have metal guides, making them easy to open and close despite their weight. They are also quite deep in keeping with the functionality of Western Style furniture.

Winston Porter Athelene Platform 3 Piece Bedroom Set

The Athelene Bedroom set is a modern take on the Western Style. It consists of a steel platform bed and two nightstands. The bed frame has about 6 to 10 support legs and metallic side rails and slats, providing your mattress with optimal support.

The headboard, footboard, and four legs fit in such a way as to protect you from injury while lying on or passing by the bed. Nightstands have a simple design that allows them to fit and merge into any décor style.

Crafters and Weavers Greenview Farmhouse Bedroom Set

The Greenview is also a modern take on the rustic, Western style. The pieces come from solid Pine wood painted in a distressed light gray. They also have a traditional mortise and tenon construction, keeping with the Western style, and cast iron handles on all drawers and doors.

The set consists of a bed, one nightstand, and a chest with 4 drawers and shelving behind a sliding door. It also has a dresser with 6 large drawers, one sliding door and one dresser mirror.

How to Western Style Your Bedroom 

Certain elements must be in your bedroom for it to be a truly Western bedroom. First, all the furniture must either be wooden or metallic. You can find some beautiful wrought iron beds and sturdy wooden beds that pay tribute to the Old West, such as either one of these:

Dressers and nightstands may include some animal products like drawers with cowhide upholstery. Here is an example:

Alternatively, the whole set could be made from distressed solid wood with nail heads hammered into the trim as accents, such as this one:

The original Western Style décor did not include window treatments because they liked to have an unobstructed view of their surroundings. However, you can have some western-style curtains incorporating leather and cowhide or woven fabrics featuring Western designs, here is an example:

For the floor, you could go with Navajo rugs or cowhide rugs for that authentic western feel, here are two examples:

A Western-style bedroom is only complete with the same type of bedding featuring bold Western patterns like horses, cowhide print, or warm Western colors. You can add some Navajo runners to the bed for that extra pop of color while still keeping it Western. Adding Western wildlife art and a pair of antlers or bull horns will complete this style of bedroom, just like in this image:

List of Companies That Offers a Full Western Bedroom Furniture Collection 

Gardner-White Furniture & Mattress

Gardner-White Furniture & Mattress is a family-owned and operated business based in Michigan. Operational since 1912, the business has grown to 12 stores and 900 employees within Michigan. Their stores carry various styles, including full king and queen western bedroom furniture sets. Each set has five pieces of furniture with a dual, natural and white finish for that authentic Western feel.

You can check out their furniture at their store here.

Lone Star Western Décor

Lone Star Western Décor is an online provider of western décor and furniture, owned and operated by Black Forest Décor. Black Forest Decor is a family business specializing in home décor and furnishing. Lone Star offers a variety of options in their Western Bedroom Décor category, using natural materials such as wood and cowhides.

Check them out here.

Cowhide Western Furniture Co.

Cowhide Western Furniture Co.’s mission is to create unique pieces of high-quality rustic furniture. The company’s craftsmen have over 20 years of experience creating custom furniture using solid hardwoods and quality leather. Cowhides and leather imported from among the best in Europe can combine with solid hardwoods to create a unique piece of furniture.

You can find them here.

Related questions:

What Is The Best Wall Color For a Western Style Bedroom?

Western Style is all about warm earth tones like reds, yellows, oranges, browns, greys and beiges. You can choose from among these shades and even add accents of blue or rose if you want a different take on the traditional Western Style bedroom.

What Kind of Bedding Should I Use For my Western Style?

Handmade quilts are the best fit for a Western-style bedroom. They evoke that warm, cosy, homey feel characteristic of the Western style. Woven bedspreads are also a great option. Including designs representing the West, like horses, cattle, or the desert, can bring your bedding up a notch as far as being truly Western.

What Are Western Colors?

Western colors are mostly warm tones, reminiscent of the sunset and desert environment. The most popular Western colors are different shades of red and brown. If you like brighter accents, sunset colors like oranges and yellows are a great option. Dusty rose, and blue are unique Western colors used to add a feminine touch to your bedroom.

Is Western Style Furniture Still in Style?

Yes, Western-style furniture is still in style. Its functional style incorporates natural, lush, and durable materials. Some people may prefer the more traditional rustic options, while others may prefer the contemporary take on Western-style furniture. Even those who don’t want an all-out Western-themed room can still find some Western-style pieces of furniture to incorporate into their décor.

Is Western a Modern Style?

Western style has become modernized over time. Traditional natural materials, in combination with modern design elements, produce a contemporary take on the Western style. 

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