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The 15 Best Cars To Sleep In: Sorted by Car Type

Are you looking for the best car to sleep in? We got you covered. 

If you want to sleep in your car while still feeling somewhat comfortable, consider choosing a car with much interior space, such as a large SUV or even a Van. With that said though, even many small cars can serve you well at night.

Continue reading this article to learn about some of the best cars you can choose for sleeping in, as well as factors and tips to consider in order to sleep as comfortably as possible in your car.

What Makes a Car Great to Sleep in? 

When looking for the ideal car for sleeping in, comfort, safety, and privacy are the top considerations.

Up to a point, the size of the car matters because a big car has more space. However, the vehicle and fuel costs will often be higher as a result.

What follows are things that helps make a car great to sleep in:

Removable or Foldable Seats

SUVs provide ample room to lay reasonably flat and lying down when you sleep is much more comfortable. The back of the car is the ideal location for this.

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a car to sleep in is how much room there is to lay down.

The greatest automobiles for sleeping include removable or flat-folding back seats. Some cars, like vans, can be modified to accommodate a full bed in the back—pure luxury!

Tinted Windows or a Private Area

Although most cars lack the van’s opulent private area, tinted windows can significantly boost your level of solitude when you lay down to sleep.

Good Entertainment and Accessories

Finding a car to sleep in requires a focus on entertainment.

An excellent entertainment system is beneficial if you want to spend the night in your car. Just the fact that the car has a good radio can go a long way.

Most of the time, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time and pack entertainment for yourself.

Put the following items on your packing list for a road trip:

  • In-car charger
  • Mobile phone holder
  • iPad holder
  • Bluetooth receiver

Most new cars even come with built in entertainments such as screens both front and back, as well as a good sound system.


If at all feasible, try to find a vehicle with a sunroof. This will enable you to open the sunroof as you sleep to get some fresh air. While windows can be opened for ventilation, a sunroof is more covert and won’t stand out as much as an open window.

After purchasing a good vehicle for sleeping in, the last thing you want is to be awakened in the middle of the night!

I believe an SUV is the greatest choice of car to satisfy all of these things just mentioned. And with that said, let’s take a look at some of the best large sized cars to sleep in:

Best Large Sized Cars to Sleep in (Suvs and Minivans)

The most comfortable vehicles for sleeping in are big ones like SUVs and Minivans. They frequently include detachable seats or the option to lay flat.

This makes it a comfortable place to lay down while sleeping. There are a lot of affordable possibilities as well. Here is a list of the top SUVs for sleeping in:

1. Ford Expedition

In many ways, the Ford Expedition is perfect for extended journeys. Its class-leading towing capacity and vast internal space are only the beginning. With this car you can easily fold the seats and fit a mattress.

Despite its appearance, the Expedition doesn’t consume a lot of fuel. Compared to other V8 engines, it can at least provide you with a higher MPG. Its 3.5L V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost is to thank for this.

Here’s an interesting video demonstrating how comfy you can make a 2011 Ford Expedition:

2. Toyota Sequoia

Toyota’s largest SUV is called the Sequoia. Although it has a sizable interior, other full-size SUVs are more advanced mechanically. And that works in your favor. Although it is simple, the engine is reliable.

It’s also one of the most dependable SUVs on the market. The Sequoia easily surpasses 200,000 miles, according to iSeeCars. 9.2% of all Sequoias on the road will exceed this illustrious threshold.

The Sequoia is the full-size SUV for you if you want something that isn’t as luxurious as some others but still functional, cozy, and dependable. Of course, just as the Ford Expedition, it offers a lot of room for sleeping comfortably in.

3. Ford Econoline van

The Ford Econoline van will be your best option if you’re seeking a good vehicle with enough space to sleep as well as even cook and work in if that’s something you’re interested in.

Because you can stand and walk around, I think this is one of the best vehicles for a camping trip. For those who take long drives frequently and for campers, a Ford Econoline van is ideal.

Just take a look at this video to see how many ways you can design a bed in this spacious van:

4. Jeep Cherokee

Although not the most fuel-efficient, the Jeep Cherokee provides enough space for you to construct a hot, comfortable bed for the night.

Also, the windows’ design is excellent for seclusion. It’s not as discreet as a smaller car, but it’s still a fantastic choice.

5. 2020 Honda Odyssey

For everyday commuting or weekend excursions, a minivan that provides good driving dynamics, a stylish and comfortable cabin, and good durability is difficult to better. All of these amenities are included with the 2020 Honda Odyssey.

The 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine in the well-liked minivan provides smooth acceleration and enough power to transport the family and camping gear. Inside is a luxurious cabin with seats for seven or eight people and a second row that can slide forward, back, and sides for convenience.

You can store enough goods for a longer trip thanks to the spacious cargo area, which measures 92 cubic feet with the third row folded and 158 cubic feet with all rear seats down.

6. 2020 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

The Ford Transit Connect Wagon is a small passenger van that will fit nicely into the adventurous lifestyle of your family. Most people equate the Ford Transit line with freight or commercial vans.

The 2020 Transit Connect Wagon has a maximum load capacity of 106 cubic feet and can accommodate up to 7 passengers with the option to fold the second and third rows.

A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 150 horsepower and 144 lb-ft of torque and a 2,000-pound towing capacity serves as the only power source. It’s simple to operate this van in a city or a campsite thanks to its tiny size and mobility, and its beginning price of $27,020 makes it affordable.

7. Volvo XC90

One of the more costly SUVs on this list is the Volvo XC90. But there’s a valid explanation behind the price. This Swedish car has a wonderful cabin and lots of space. Additionally, it’s safe to drive and it’s comfy.

It has third-row seating, which is advantageous in this situation. To make a lot of space, you can choose to fold all the seats flat. Even a mattress can fit within. You, therefore, possess a fantastic automobile with a vast cabin.

Best Medium-Sized Cars to Sleep in (Wagons and CUVs)

8. Subaru Forester

Consider adding a Subaru Forester to your collection if you need extra room for long road trips. Classified as a Compact Crossover SUV, it’s a bit smaller than the previously mentioned vehicles, but it’s still very spacious.

This vehicle is cheaper than the full blown SUVs and Minivans making it a great choice if you’re looking for a spacious vehicle for a lower price.

9. Volkswagen Golf Wagon

If you’re looking for a more mid-sized vehicle that still packs a lot of space, you might want to consider a Volkswagen Golf wagon. There is plenty of room to spread out and lay comfortably in this vehicles.

You will gain excellent nighttime ventilation from the VW Golf’s sunroof as well, which is a bonus if your goal is to sleep in the car.

10. Chevrolet Equinox

If you’re looking for a spacious small SUV crossover to sleep soundly in, take a look at the Chevrolet Equinox. They may be found in decent condition on Auto Trader for under $4000.

It is spacious and fuel-efficient, getting 24 MPG on the interstate. Additionally, the windows have been somewhat shrunk to increase privacy. Furthermore, it is elevated above the ground in case you go on unpaved ground.

11. Honda CR-V

With 28 MPG on the highway, this vehicle offers one of the finest fuel economy ratings I could find for a crossover SUV.

A Honda CR-V is a little more expensive, but you get an excellent vehicle. With foldable seats it’s easy to fit a shorter mattress to sleep on. The back windows can also be tinted, which is great for privacy.

12. Mazda CX-5

On the exterior, the Mazda CX-5 can appear to be small. However, it’s a spacious compact crossover SUV with foldable seats and unexpectedly large luggage space. Additionally, Mazda is dependable, so you know it won’t break down unexpectedly on those long journeys.

The CX-5 offers outstanding fuel efficiency at highway speeds. This, combined with excellent handling, makes this car a terrific option for less expensive long-distance driving and sleeping. However, it costs more than many of the other cars on this list.

13. Ford Escape

The Escape, which was first developed in collaboration with Mazda, is a great choice for long-distance driving and sleeping. It has a spacious interior, a compact but potent engine, and superb handling.

It is also more affordable and trustworthy than other Japanese solutions on our list. It now has more powerful engines that also get great fuel economy. The cargo space is adequate but not exceptional. Therefore, it might not be the best for you to sleep in if you are a tall person.

Best Small-Sized Cars to Sleep in (Sedans, Coupes and Hatchbacks)

The greatest compact automobile to sleep in might be on your list of priorities if you’re particularly tight on cash. Of course, a smaller car will cost less and have higher fuel efficiency.

The trade-off is that you’ll probably feel less comfortable and have a harder time lying down. However, if you are a petite person, it can be a terrific economical choice.

14. Nissan Note

One of the largest trunk areas for a small car belongs to the Nissan Note. The back seats may also be folded to give more room and comfort.

When looking for the greatest tiny automobiles to sleep in, this is one of your best choices, in my opinion.

15. Honda Jazz

One of the best tiny cars for sleeping in is the Honda Jazz, thanks to its design. If you aren’t too tall, you should be able to get quite comfortable because the car’s design is ideal for optimizing boot capacity.

Best Rental Cars to Sleep in

Just as with the list of cars above, you may need to rent a larger vehicle if you decide to sleep in your rental car and want a somewhat comfortable experience.

It won’t be comfy to rent a sedan, so don’t even bother. Of course, it is feasible, but it is not advised!

Generally speaking, an estate or wagon will be less expensive than a huge SUV or 4X4, yet it should still be long enough for you to lie down after the seats are folded flat. If you have the money, a huge SUV will frequently be the most comfortable because it has enough space for all your possessions and even for a mattress to make you sleep very well.

At the very least, if your goal is to sleep in your rental car, make sure the seats in any car can fold flat before you decide to rent it.

  • Best Option: A big SUV
  • Alternative Option: A cheap wagon or crossover
  • Budget Choice: Examine the trunk space and foldable seat options of any tiny automobiles you consider.

How to Sleep in a Car Safely and Comfortably

You need to spend the night in your car because it has been a long drive, but you don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck and back. You also want to make sure you can sleep in a safe and secure way.

What should you do?

You’ll be happy to learn that only a few easy steps is required to establish a cozy, quiet, and secure sleeping area in and outside your automobile.

1. Park somewhere safe and legal

Make sure you are parked away from major roads and the entrance/exit to the parking lot if you intend to spend the night in your car. Churches and large retailers sometimes have parking lots that allow overnight parking.

2. Be aware of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

It may be tempting to leave the air conditioning on while sleeping. Afterall, during hot nights, the air conditioning can keep you cool, while the car heaters can feel like your only hope during chilly nights. Unfortunately, you cannot drive while asleep with the motor running.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can result from leaving the AC on while the automobile is still moving. There is a chance that poisonous Carbon Monoxide will escape into the vehicle if leaks in your AC system or exhaust exists.

3. Open a window

It could seem like a bad idea to crack a window, especially during the cold. However, you should leave at least one window slightly open.

Condensation may form in your automobile if all the windows are shut, and getting wet while you sleep is not the best sleeping environment! A little window crack will improve airflow and stop condensation.

4. Cover the windows

You can keep onlookers out of your automobile by covering the windows with your garments or blankets. You’ll be able to sleep better and avoid being awakened by the sun’s strong rays in the morning by making a private place for yourself.

5. Create a sleeping space

Create a comfortable sleeping area in the backseat of your automobile if you desire a good night’s rest there. For usage on larger cars’ back seats, air mattresses and sleeping pads are available. If your automobile has limited space, you can spread out across the back seats or, if it does, recline the seat.

Packlist For Sleeping Comfortably in The Car

Sleeping Bag

Most people use blankets rather than sleeping bags when they sleep in their cars. But I’ve discovered that a sleeping bag is a must-have!

Even if it is shielded from the weather, your car can still get rather chilly, so investing in a decent sleeping bag can prevent a chilly wake-up. I use a comparable product called the Marmot Trestles Elite. I adore it because it’s incredibly light, cozy, and toasty.


If you’re one of the fortunate few who owns a truck or a big SUV, I’d strongly suggest converting the back of your vehicle into a portable sleeping space. The best thing about a big car is that it can be converted into a sleeping arrangement that is more abundant than your bed at home!


I use standard bed pillows as pillows. I have unique “camp pillows” that are unlike my home pillows.

As a camper gains experience, you understand that most fabrics will start to permanently absorb the smell of a campfire. To keep your home linens fresh, it is best to have a designated camp bedding bin.


Yes, by camping standards, my sleeping arrangements are quite upscale. This is why I finish off my camping bed with an excellent synthetic down comforter.

The cherry on top of my bed would be a comforter. I adore curling up under a comforter during the winter to add an extra layer of warmth. I use this basic comforter that I purchased from Amazon. It’s a reasonable choice that gives me the warmth and comfort I require.

Roadtrip Benefits And Drawbacks of Sleeping in Your Car


Sleeping in a car is warme r– Insulation already present in vehicles retains some heat. Your car’s interior won’t cool off quickly after sunset as a tent would.

Cheaper – A sleeping pad and a sleeping bag are all you need to set up camp inside your car. If money is tight, you could bring a pillow and blanket and put an old mattress or foam pad in the back. You probably already have these items lying around your home. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to spend money on camping supplies. It’s also way cheaper to sleep in your car than in a hotel room.

Safer than a tent –You can sleep at night by locking yourself inside your car. This makes it  hard for malicious people to approach you as you sleep.

Faster and easier to set up – The only preparation required is to spread out your sleeping pad and bag in the rear of your car. Because you can leave your bed set up while you move from one camp to the next, you only need to do this once.

Easier to find a campsite –Camping is permitted anywhere you can park. All you require is a level area of land. It doesn’t matter if the ground is uneven, rough, wet, lumpy, snow, plant-covered, or muddy. You don’t have to be concerned about puddles developing or water coming into camp if it rains because you’re elevated off the ground.

More comfortable – You may put a comfortable foam, spring, or air mattress in the rear of your car to sleep on while driving. Because you don’t need to move or pack your mattress daily, its weight is immaterial.

Quieter – We have some soundproofing in our automobile. This is convenient if you’re camping in a busy campground or an area that tends to be noisy. As you try to fall asleep, you won’t have to deal with obnoxious campers or traffic noise. Some forest sounds may also be muffled by the vehicle. There won’t be any raucous bird noises to wake you up in the morning.

Weatherproof – A car is windproof and watertight. Even during the fiercest downpour, the interior remains dry. You don’t need to be concerned that a lot of snow will cause your roof to collapse.


Comfort -The comforts of a hotel bed are not available in a car’s back seat.

Hygiene – You may easily use the restrooms and showers at all hotels and campgrounds to maintain your hygiene. Strangely enough, most cars don’t have these features. The worst part about sleeping in the car is that you usually wake up needing to urinate a lot. Due to this bothersome reality, you have to pick a spot to sleep that is close to a bathroom.

Not Very Family Friendly – If you’re traveling by automobile with children, you might want to reconsider sleeping in the car. Without sleeping on top of one another in the car, it will be difficult enough to survive a road trip with children!

However, sleeping in the car is a terrific option for single travelers or even couples. You can evaluate whether sleeping in the car is smart by considering how many other passengers you’ll have.

Final Thoughts

Larger vehicles with ample space for you to lie down flat are certainly the finest cars to sleep in. Therefore, whether the seats fold down completely should be your top priority.

Once you’ve established this, the setup is everything. To ensure safety and comfort, you must properly plan, obtain the necessary equipment, and abide by our top recommendations.

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