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My Mattress Moves When I Sleep: How Do I Stop It From Sliding? – The Bedding Planet

My Mattress Moves When I Sleep: How Do I Stop It From Sliding?

How do you start your day after waking up? Hopefully putting your mattress back in place is not one of them.

When you wake up in the morning, the last thing you want to do is put your mattress back in place. When you sleep your mattress shouldn’t be moving all over the place.

But sometimes your mattress will slide. It can be annoying and downright degrading on the entire start of the day.

How do you stop your mattress from sliding? Here are 9 ways to stop your mattress from moving:

  1. Get some velcro strips
  2. Get a non-slip mattress pad
  3. Vacuum clean the bottom of your mattress
  4. Get a mattress encasement
  5. Get a rubber sheet or yoga pad
  6. Get some foam rubber
  7. Choose the right bed frame
  8. Wedge something
  9. Buy a new mattress

Read on to get a more detailed answer for how to stop your mattress from sliding. I will also cover why your mattress moves in the first place. Let’s get to it.

Drawbacks of Sliding Mattresses


Your bed is meant to be an item that should provide you much relaxation, and it should be used to help the body recover, whether that’s from injury or from much needed rest.

There are so many things in the bedroom that need special attention when it comes to trying to ensure the body gets the proper rest it needs.

You probably never thought, having to plan out how to keep your mattress from sliding off the bed so you won’t have to end up in the middle of the floor in the middle of the night, would be one of them.

A sliding mattress can have negative effects in the long run. It can cause:

  • Restless Nights – Days are stressful which is why we look forward to bedtime. But a mattress that slides throughout the night can lead to more restlessness, and less sleeping. After stressful days, we all deserve restful nights to recharge and be able to forge ahead in the mornings.
  • Intimacy Problems – Most couples wait until they’re in their bedroom at night to get intimate. It can be a little challenging when your mattress is not stable.

Why Does My Mattress Move When I Sleep?

When your mattress is sliding this is due to a lack of traction and a poor base foundation There are many things that contribute to this. Some of the most commons reasons are below:

1. Old Mattress

It’s a good idea to replace your mattress every ten years. Over a period of time, a mattress can accumulate a layer of body oil and dirt. This build up can cause the mattress to slip and slide.

2. Two-Sided Mattress

Two-sided mattresses are great for longevity, as they allow you the opportunity to periodically flip the mattress over.

This in turn helps to prevent one side of the mattress from wearing out. But this can become an issue since both sides of the mattress are designed to be slept on. There isn’t enough friction to keep the mattress in place.

3. Large Bed Frame

If your bed frame is bigger than the mattress, a gap exists. It’s natural that the mattress will slide around a bit due to this gap.

How To Keep Your Mattress From Sliding

Mattress slipping is real. But there’s no reason for you to have live with it. Here are 9 solutions that can help keep your mattress from slipping:

1. Velcro Strips

Strategically place velcro strips on each corner of the mattress and one or two in the center, and add as needed. The larger your bed, the more strips you will likely need to use.

Double-sided carpet tape is also recommended to keep a mattress in place. Carpet tape has strong adhesives that may damage your mattress by pulling threads from the fabric cover. You may want to try them only if velcro strips are not yielding the result you want.

2. Non-Slip Mattress Pad

A non-slip mattress pad is made just for this purpose – to keep your mattress from slipping. Simply lift your mattress and place the pad onto your bed frame or box spring.

Then put the mattress on top of the pad. Non-slip mattress pads come in every mattress size, and they’re washable.

3. Vacuuming

Over time, dust, dirt, and other debris build up on the bottom of your mattress. This can cause your mattress to slip around on the bed.

Doing a thorough vacuuming job on the underside of your mattress by removing as much debris as possible, will help stop or reduce the sliding.

4. Mattress Encasement

A mattress encasement will cover your entire mattress. A full cover contributes a friction layer to keep your mattress from slipping.

5. Rubber Sheet or Yoga Pad

This is a less expensive option than the non-slip mattress pad. You may also use the pad underneath the rug in your living room.

The pad can be cut to match the dimensions of your mattress. Or you can use a yoga mat as a non-slip pad.

6. Foam Rubber

Foam rubber is another good option. Usually, foam rubber is sold in long strips online. One side has a paper adhesive, and the other side is made with slip-resistant foam.

After measuring the width and length of your mattress to make sure you get enough, place the rubber strips over the inner edge of your box spring bed frame.

7. Choose the Right Bed Frame

When your bed frame is larger than the mattress, a gap will exist. This will create an opportunity for the mattress to slip and slide. This can be fixed by buying the bed frame that fits the mattress.

8. Wedge Something

Should you decide not to buy a new bed frame, it would be worth trying to wedge something between the sides of the frame and the mattress for a quick fix.

This item can be a towel or some other soft material like denim, spare comforters, and t-shirts. You will have to keep a continuous eye on the wedge material to make changes when necessary.

This is more of a temporary solution, rather than a permanent one.

9. Buy a New Mattress

If it’s been over ten years, it’s most likely time to buy a new mattress. While the double-sided mattress may help with longevity, it may be a good idea to consider a one-sided mattress with non-slip fabric at the base.

This will help to ensure that yours stays on the foundation.

If you are looking for a new mattress, here are a few articles that can help you sort out which kind of mattress you should get according to your own needs:

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