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How to Keep Your Mattress From Staining: So You Don’t Have to Clean it

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Did you know that every person spends a third of their life sleeping? Research reveals you shed a layer of dead skin cells every night while sleeping (averagely 454g yearly).

In addition to that, you sweat too, losing 254ml of fluids annually. Even if you bath every day before you catch some Z’s, you will still find dirt in your mattress and bed sheets.

This is because the sweat and dead cells encourage mold and mites from growing on your mattress. This, therefore, means you must clean your mattress and beddings regularly.

If you have allergies, you need to keep cleaning more often. But, cleaning a mattress is no easy fit. In fact, it could get cumbersome, especially if you are a busy person. So, is there a way to keep your mattress from staining and in doing so avoid cleaning it? Here are few suggestions on how you can do that.

1. Use a Mattress Protector


This should be your first consideration immediately after buying a mattress. When it’s right from the store, it’s the perfect time to protect it from dust mite specs, tea, and wine spills, vomits, pee (maybe from your toddlers), and bloodstains.

The mattress protector should be waterproof, but you must clean it regularly, say once a month. This gets rid of dust particles and spill stains. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes to clean a mattress protector compared to a mattress.

2. Fix a Well- Fitting Sheet

Secondly, find a well-fitting sheet for your mattress as this will ensure the whole mattress is covered. Well-fitted sheets mean that no dirt can reach your mattress, which protects it from dirt and stains that cause regular cleaning. However, you ought to change your sheets regularly, say every 2 to 3 days.

3. Air Your Mattress Regularly

Once in a while, in about four months, consider airing your mattress out to increase free fresh air circulation. Some mattresses need airing before using, but that depends on the type of mattress and manufacturer.

While having that coveted sit-at-home day, strip your beddings off and open your bedroom windows. This allows light to penetrate through. UV light from the sun will act on or rather kill any mold that might have formed on the surface of your mattress and remove any moisture tucked in. Taking your mattress out on a sunny day for about 6 hours is also advisable.

4. Wash Your Bedding Often

Keeping your beddings clean helps to ensure your mattress is clean too. Change your bed sheets every 2 to 3 days using clean hot water. Hot water kills bacteria and germs that cause infections.

You can soak them in your washing machine before the actual cleaning to remove stains. If you have allergies, it’s best to change your sheets daily. Typically, most people love using white bed sheets as it’s easy to spot any dirt on them. However, if white isn’t your color choice, pick what you fancy but remember to wash them regularly.

5. Spray a Layer of Baking Soda

Do you have baking soda in your kitchen, but you don’t know how to use it, let alone spot where you kept it? Well, where mattress cleaning is a concern, baking soda works like magic. This is because it helps kill the dust mites that might be tucked in your mattress and remove any foul smell from it. Moreover, it sucks any moisture, so grab that baking soda and sprinkle some on your mattress. 

Using your hands, spread it evenly and leave it overnight (don’t sleep on it) or at least for about 30 minutes.  You can also use a sprinkler or floor sifter to spread the baking powder on the surface of the mattress.

You will be shocked at how clean your mattress will be after doing this. Any foul smell on it will be gone, which is what we want. This is an easy way to clean, and it doesn’t take much time or effort.

6. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

After spraying your bed with baking soda, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any particles remaining on the mattress. Also, a vacuum cleaner helps remove dirt and dust mites on the mattress seams, edges, and services.

These areas are notorious for collecting dirt. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you should consider purchasing one soon. Buy one with a UV light disinfection tool as it’s effective for cleaning flat surfaces.

7. Flipping the Mattress

Over time, flipping your mattress ought to be a routine. If you have a one-sided mattress, rotate it from head to toe. Flipping your mattress is ideal for a spring mattress since it compresses over time.

Regular flipping of the mattress ensures even leveling or prevents sagging of the mattress on one side. Flip it every 3 to 6 months to make it last longer.

8. Beating Your Mattress

This method may remind you of your grandmother back in your village. This is so traditional, but it works perfectly. Remove your mattress outside and stand it against a wall or a tree.

You can use a clean broom, stick, or hand to hit it severally. You will be shocked at how much dust comes from the mattress. It’s advisable to leave it outside for about an hour to allow all the dust to come out. But, don’t do this on a windy, dusty day, as you will end up adding dust to it.


Finally, take good care of your mattress, so it lasts longer. After all, this is where you will spend a third of your life, so it should be as clean as possible. With the tips outlined here, you know what to do to ensure your mattress remains clean without using a lot of time and effort.

It’s important to have a deep cleaning session at least once a year, so plan for this. Luckily, professionals can easily do it, so you don’t have to lift a finger, just a few bucks, which is totally worth it.

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