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How Much Do Pillows Cost? Average Price of All Pillow Types

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Pillows are one of the most popular properties that you can easily find in each home. They are a source of comfort for most people and are essential because of their singular purpose. Pillows have been around for centuries, and they will be for a long time. 

It is no news that pillows come in different sizes and shapes. This variation also extends to their prices as some pillows can be more expensive than others. There is no general price tag for pillows, and the type and brand of each pillow you intend to buy determines the price. 

Although pillows, at least the regular ones, are not very expensive, in order to achieve good and comfortable sleep, you should be willing to spend some amount of money.

And with that said, here’s a list of pillows and their average prices:

Down Pillows

Average Price Range: $80-$260

Arguably one of the most popular pillows in existence, down pillows are made of undercoating that is very fluffy and great as fillers for pillows.

They are soft in a very distinctive way giving the sleeper a breathable and comfortable pillow. A downside to these types of pillows is that they get compressed easily, and it will take a lot of stuffing to get them filled. 

They are also not suitable for sweaty people as they cannot hold any form of moisture in. It renders them uncomfortable for the user, and that defeats the entire purpose of buying pillows.

Also, owing to the type I materials used in making down pillows, they might turn out unsuitable for people who suffer from allergies. Overall, the pillow is great, and the price range is between $15 – $260, depending on the type and quality you want. 

You can read more about the cost of down pillows here.

Polyfill Pillows

Average Price Range: $10-$85

It is a fact that most pillows are named after the stuff or fills in them. Hence a polyfill pillow is a pillow that contains polyester as its pillow fill.

These types of pillows are also called microfiber or down-alternative fill sometimes. They are a preferred choice for most people because they are hypoallergenic and don’t trigger any of your allergies. 

Unlike other pillow types, the polyfill pillow is quite easy to clean or wash. The polyfill pillow can rub shoulders with cotton pillows in terms of quality.

Polyfill pillows can go for as low as $10, and they can be as expensive as $85. It all depends on your taste and choice. 

Latex Pillows

latex pillow

Average Price Range: $100-$150

As its name implies, latex pillows are made from latex. There are generally two types of latexes, so your latex pillow can either be made of synthetic latex or natural latex.

Natural latex is gotten from a natural source which is a rubber tree while synthetic latex is gotten from a combination of various chemicals. 

Some latex pillows manufacturers sometimes combine natural latex and synthetic latex as fillers into one pillow. Amongst other types of pillows, latex pillows are the softest.

Latex pillows are however heavier than other types of the pillow but are more expensive. Their high prices made a less popular choice for people, they cost around $130. 

Feather pillows

Feather pillow

Average Price Range: $25-$50

Feather pillows are the close cousins of down pillows because their fillers or stuff are alike. Both the down and the feathers are gotten from birds even though they make different pillows.

Feather pillows have the same problem as down pillows, after being in use for a while they tend to lose their loft and become flat. 

To slow down this degeneration, feather pillows manufacturers mix feathers and downs for their feather pillows. Generally, feather pillows are moldable and are cuddly.

Like down pillows, they also absorb sweat and moisture, making the pillow uncomfortable and giving it a lingering odor in some cases. The average cost of a feather pillow is between $25-$50. 

Cotton Pillows

Average Price Range: $50-$100

Cotton pillows are the most versatile type of pillow. They are suitable for different types of sleepers but they are not as flexible and as moldable as the feather pillow or memory foam.

Cotton pillows are made from cotton which is gotten naturally from plants. Cotton shares strong similarities with wool but they are much thicker and firmer, this makes it possible for them to hold together and make great fillers for pillows. 

Cotton pillows are light and breathable and cleaning them is usually easy. They cost around $70. 

Memory Foam Pillows


Average Price Range: $50-$150

The same type of material that you can find in sofas and mattresses is the same one used for memory foam pillows. They are called polyurethane and when pressure is applied to them, they change shape and form per the pressure applied. This type of pillow is perfect for irregular sleepers, you can easily twist and turn them to suit you. 

Experts recommend that they can be used in dealing with back pain and correcting the spine. However, the type of materials that are used in making memory foam can get hot when in use.

A lot of users complain about it making them sweaty, memory foam pillows also carry volatile organic compounds which give off a weird smell.

There are different types of memory foam pillows some of which include; shredded memory foam pillows, multi-form memory foam, etc. This variation affects the price but usually, memory foam pillows are sold between $50 – $150 

Bamboo pillows


Average Price Range: $50-$150

Bamboo pillows are called that because their casings are made from bamboo fibers. This is unusual because most pillows are named after their fillings instead of casings.

Bamboo pillows as a result of the combination of their casing and different filling, create a great sleeping surface for your head and neck. 

Since they are made from a unique material which is bamboo, bamboo pillows are naturally antimicrobial, such that bacteria cannot stay on them. They are also hypoallergenic like other types of pillows discussed above.

For all these benefits and uniqueness, bamboo pillows are sold between $50-$150. 

Wrapping Up

It’s important to keep in mind that comfort should be considered first. Price should come after comfort. The main aim of pillows is to keep you comfortable all through the night and ensure you don’t wake up with pain. 

A pillow that suits your sleeping position is always a plus. With more adjustable pillows in recent times, you’re assured great value for your money.

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