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How Long Do Buckwheat Pillows Last? (How to Make Them Last Longer)

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Buckwheat pillows are popularly used in east asian countries and they originally originated from Japan. Buckwheat pillows are popularly used in east asian countries and they originally originated from Japan.

They are called buckwheat because the filling consists of buckwheat hulls which encase the shells of the buckwheat seeds, and this makes the pillow strong and firm, giving the head and neck the necessary support it needs.

But despite the pillow being known to aid a better sleeping posture and enhance a healthy sleeping lifestyle, there have been questions as to whether the pillows last longer than other pillows.

Buckwheat pillows are very durable and when used correctly they can last as long as 10 to 20 years. You know it’s time to replace your buckwheat pillow when it no longer provide good support, has become flat, has lost it’s softness and when the cooling properties has disipated.

It’s usually not only on what the product has to offer but for how long it can offer these benefits. This article will shed more light on the longevity of buckwheat pillows and also provide ways to make them last longer, telling you the do’s and the don’ts.

How Long Do Buckwheat Pillows Last?

It is normal to desire a product that would benefit you in the long run. No one enjoys spending money on a product just to dispose of it after a few months because of its short life span.

If you’re contemplating getting a buckwheat pillow but aren’t sure it’s worth the investment, here are a few reasons why the buckwheat pillow is the perfect choice for you in the long run.


Buckwheat pillows are extremely durable and can last for a long period of time when properly cared for. This is because buckwheat hulls are imperishable and take quite a long time before breaking down and when they do, it is pretty easy to replace the hulls in the pillow.

This is great for comfort and luxury because they are strong and can do well in any weather. You also do not have to change your pillow every couple of months because you feel uncomfortable with how weak they have become.

They are usually a safe investment whereby, regardless of the price, you would be getting the value for your money as the pillow will last you for a lifetime. 

Sturdy and strong

Buckwheat hulls are quite sturdy and strong and do not weaken easily unless you wash the pillow cover without removing the hulls. Though the hulls sometimes slowly break down and flatten out after several years, it takes a lot of time before it gets to that stage. 

While other traditional soft pillows made of cotton or foam do not last long and flatten easily, the buckwheat pillows are the best alternative to that as the strong and sturdy hulls keep it firm, maintaining its original thickness.

It is a struggle to constantly have to buy new pillows for consecutive three to four months, all because you want the pillow to maintain its original feel, but with the buckwheat pillow, you won’t have to worry about that.

Doesn’t break easily

Despite being a bit easy to compress, buckwheat hulls do not break down easily, and this feature makes them last longer.

Buckwheat hulls also work well in the different conditions of every season; they work well in both the hot and the cold seasons. They do not dry out and fray in hot temperatures (unless you heat them too much) nor do they weaken in cold temperatures.

The ease at which you can remove and add to the hulls in a buckwheat pillow freshens it and makes it last longer.

An important aspect in the issue of a buckwheat pillow lasting longer is the pillow cover or case used to package it. If it is of durable quality and holds moisture well enough to not seep through and touch the buckwheat hulls inside, then, the chances of the pillow lasting longer goes up. 

Bugs and dust mites resistant

Another beautiful feature of a buckwheat pillow is that they do not attract bugs and insects, and are fairly dust mite resistant. This increases the pillow’s lifespan. The hulls used do not contain enough nutritional values for a bug to be drawn or attracted to it, talkless of considering it a source of food. 

Bugs and pests are known for their ability to destroy things by feeding on them, creating holes and even laying eggs in them. This is common to some pillows made from foam or cotton but with the buckwheat pillow, the story changes.

The hulls allow for easy air circulation making it difficult for dust mites to settle in it as they prefer dark hosts. Knowing your pillow is insect free just gives you a feeling of reassurance and satisfaction as the stakes of your pillow lasting longer goes high.

This post is about the longevity benefits of the buckwheat pillow, if you want to learn more about all the benefits of sleeping on buckwheat, check out this post next.

How To Make a Buckwheat Pillow Last Longer

Yes, it is no new news that the buckwheat hulls are tough and strong, hence, they last long but they are not insusceptible to damaging factors that could weaken and shorten the lifespan of the pillow.

Below are the few ways to make your buckwheat pillows last long and also the few things to avoid doing in the course of using the buckwheat pillow. 

Do not wash the buckwheat hulls

Do not wash them alongside their pillow covers. Buckwheat hulls, although imperishable, do not absorb water well and can become weak after being washed.

This is another great reason to keep an extra pillowcase on your pillow. You would have to wash the first layer pillowcase regularly and, every once in a while, you can wash the second pillow cover the buckwheat hulls are kept in.  

Washing a buckwheat pillow will not only destroy your washing machine but also the pillow itself and all the buckwheat hulls it contains.

Make sure your buckwheat pillow never gets damp and if you find that it is, replace them with fresh buckwheat hulls. 

Check out this post to learn more about cleaning and drying your buckwheat pillow.

Change buckwheat hulls after any liquid spillage

Once you notice an accidental oil or water spill, try opening the pillow cover and spread the buckwheat hulls in the sun to dry.

This will prevent it from weakening and, if eventually, you notice some weakening, you can always change them to better ones. Leaving these spills can create a mold on the pillow or even attract insects to it. The outcome wouldn’t be nice and can push you to throw the pillow away or toss it aside.

Have extra buckwheat hulls for future use

After several years, buckwheat hulls usually become flattened out and would require rejuvenation in which you would have to replace them after a couple of years.

You might begin to notice that the pillows are no longer giving the support you used to enjoy; this is because they have experienced a substantial rejuvenation as a result of some crushed buckwheat hulls. 

Always keep extra buckwheat hulls for future use and for periods in which you would need to change the hulls in your pillow. By changing the buckwheat hulls, the pillow feels new just like when you originally bought it and this can go on for years.

Purchase adjustable buckwheat pillows

When buying a buckwheat pillow, make sure to buy the type that is easily adjustable to aid you when you need to change the cover, remove the hulls or even dry them.

You also have the opportunity of removing and adding to the number of buckwheat hulls in the pillow. This will make the utilization of buckwheat pillows more comfortable for you to use

Purchase your buckwheat pillow from a reputable brand

Also, make sure the buckwheat pillow is made by a reputable brand. This is to ensure the durability of the buckwheat hulls as well as that of the pillow cover. Ensure the brand is highly accurate to ascertain the quality of what you are buying.

Be sure they make use of breathable materials for the pillow covers and pillowcases of your buckwheat pillow. This will allow air to pass out through the buckwheat hulls easily and make it more durable for your use. 

Choose quality over cheap price

Check the price guide before buying. Oftentimes, durable and quality buckwheat pillows are expensive. They usually have a higher price rate than other normal pillows in the market. Therefore, you have to overlook the expensive price of the buckwheat pillow and think of its advantages and long-lasting features. 

Buckwheat pillows are a great investment into your proper and comfortable sleep journey and you should not settle for anything less.

You need a buckwheat pillow that is comfortable, soft, and flexible as that can aid relaxation as you sleep. The materials the pillow covers are made of should be strong and buckwheat hulls should be unable to poke through the pillow covers.


So the answer to whether buckwheat pillows last long is a big YES! However, note that the buckwheat hulls are a bit responsive to weight so, you need to know what size is suitable for you and will not flatten out quickly from constant usage.

Most companies sell their buckwheat pillows in medium and large sizes, if you purchase the adjustable ones, you can add to or reduce the size of the buckwheat hulls till you’ve achieved the perfect fit for you.

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