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How High Should The Bed Be From The Ground? – The Bedding Planet

How High Should The Bed Be From The Ground?

There are a lot of things to consider when creating a bedroom. The space should be a comfortable and relaxing place to come to for rest and relaxation.

It should be a place for healing of the body, so a lot is on the line. Not only is the size of the room and color of the walls important. It’s important to know how to position the bed.

And how high should my bed be from the ground? The optimal bed height is the same as your knee height and the average knee height is between 16″ and 24″. Bed height is a measure of how high the complete bed is from the floor to the top of the mattress. This means adding together the height of the bed frame, the mattress, and the possible box spring.

While there is no one perfect height for everyone, finding the right bed height is important because 1) it affects us physically because we have to be able to get in and out of our bed every day; 2) it affects the overall look and style of the room (aesthetics).

How Bed Height Affects Us Physically

Have you ever tried getting out of a car that is too low to the ground? Or sitting on a bicycle seat that was too tall for you? Imagine trying to climb into a bed that is too high for you, or vice versa.

The wrong bed height can affect you physically and can play a big role in your overall comfort and sleep experience. You don’t want to put additional strain on your body by pushing yourself up into bed every night or trying to get out of it in the morning.

And what about age? As you age, the more uncomfortable the task can be if the height is not right for you.

As a general rule, the height of your bed should be proportionate to your overall height. The standard bed frame height should be knee-level, about 16-24 inches off the ground.

This way both feet can be firmly on the ground and you can push off the bed with knees bent, making the average bed height around two feet.

How Bed Height Affects Us As We Age

It’s not unusual for our bed needs to change as we age. As we get older, it may be a good idea to re-evaluate the height of our bed.

While a bed height of two-feet may have been comfortable at one time, it may not be as comfortable in later years. A good suggestion would be 20″ and 23″, making it more doable to get in and out of bed safely and easily.

How Bed Height Affects The Look and Style of The Room

Bed height can also affect the aesthetics of the bedroom. A room can look more spacious with a low bed. Also a lower bed is more grounded and creates a laid back and minimalist impression.

Traditionally, beds used to be higher off the ground, and stools or step ladders were used to climb in and out of beds. A bed of that height was a symbol of luxury, and the taller a bed would be the more affluent you were looked to be. This symbol still holds true today.

This is a feature you will see in antique-themed homes, and homes with higher ceilings. A bedroom with high ceilings is befitting for a taller bed.

An added touch in decor, is that it is highly recommended that bedside tables and the top of the mattresses be similar in height.

How To find Your Perfect Bed Height

There is a way to determine what a good bed height might be for you. Sit on a chair that just gets your feet to hit the floor (heel and toes), and measure the chair height.

After measuring the height of the chair, add two or three inches to compensate for your mattress, because your mattress will compress as you sit on it.

Then you can measure your frame height off the floor, your foundation, and your mattress. If your mattress height off the floor is too high, you’ll want to lower your bed. The most sensible way to solve this issue is to buy a lower bed frame.

If your mattress height off the floor is too low, you will want to make your bed taller by purchasing a bed frame that’s higher or making your existing bed higher.

How To Make Your Bed Higher

Bed risers are the easiest way to increase the height of your bed. They come in metal, plastic, and wood to suit the aesthetics of any room. They’re placed under the legs of the bed and help lift the bed further off the floor.

The good thing is that bed risers make the height more comfortable for you, as well as add storage space under the bed. They also save you the money and hassle of having to buy a new bed. The not so good thing is that your bed is not as stable as it was on its own.

Bed risers come in different heights, based on how high you want to raise your bed. Some are adjustable and can be set to different heights.

Common Bed Heights

18 Inches

This is a common height when you have a platform bed with a mattress. This height is ideal for shorter people since it’s low to the ground.

25 Inches

The average bed height is 25 inches. This is the most traditional in terms of height. Twenty-five inches is approximately knee-level for most people.

32 Inches

This height is generally too high for most people, but may be a good height if you are taller than most people. If you are short, have a bad back, have bad knees or are older in age, this height is not recommended as it could be problematic getting in and out of the bed.

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