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How Do I Keep My Bed Sheets From Coming Off? 5 Easy Tips – The Bedding Planet

How Do I Keep My Bed Sheets From Coming Off? 5 Easy Tips

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep at night, only having to wake to straighten up the sheets and bed covers.

The covers have come off due to the sheets being all over the place. Since the sheets are the culprit, it would be great to keep them in place.

So, how can you keep bed sheets from coming off? We have five tips for keeping bed sheets from coming off, including stretch bands, band clips, knotted edges, zipping sheets, and sock tape.

Read on and pick the tip you think would best solve your sheet moving problem:

1. Use Stretch Straps

Stretch bands are large rubber bands that stretch under your entire mattress. They can be found online, at some big box stores, and at stores where you can buy household items.

They are available in different sizes, so make sure to choose the right size for your bed. Stretch bands fit over the top and bottom of the mattress.

How to use stretch straps to lock your sheets in place

  1. Stretch the bands over the mattress at the bottom and the top, and stretch out one band.
  2. Find the locking mechanisms that are on either side of the mattress. Slide the band onto one side at the top of the mattress, go above and below the mattress.
  3. Go to the other side and pull the band down on that side. It should be about one foot down the mattress. Do the same with the bottom band.
  4. Put the fitted sheet on your bed over top of the bands. The bands will help hold the sheet in place.
  5. The bands should come with knobs that fit into the locking mechanism. Place a knob on each locking mechanism. Click the knob in place over the fitted sheet.
  6. Continue to make up your bed as normal.

2. Use Bed Sheet Clips or Suspenders

These clips help to keep the fitted sheet in place. There are many versions of bed sheet clips on the market, and they come in sets of four, eight, 12, and 16.

They’ll also give your bed a sleeker look by smoothing out the wrinkles in your sheets.

How to use bed sheet clips to lock your sheets in place

  1. Clip your bed sheet in place under your mattress at the corners with the bands.
  2. Once you tighten them, they’ll prevent your sheet from sliding up and popping off no matter what happens on the bed during the night.

3. Tuck Knotted Edge Under Fitted Sheet

This hack helps to keep the top sheet in place.

How to knot the edges of your top sheet and place it under your fitted sheet

  1. Smooth the flat sheet out over the fitted sheet and mattress, and tie a knot at one end of the corner of the flat sheet.
  2. Lift the bottom corner edge of the fitted sheet on the side that was knotted, and tuck the knotted edge of the flat sheet into the corner of the fitted sheet.
  3. Repeat step 2 with the other corner of the bed.
  4. Tuck and smooth the remaining edges of the flat sheet when done.

4. Zipping Sheets

Zipping sheets are a cool new phenomenon and are great at keeping your sheets in place. The set includes the fitting sheet and top sheet together.

It’s composed of a zippered top and a zippered base that wraps around your mattress. You can switch out the top of your sheet in a matter of seconds without ever having to lift your mattress.

Zipping sheets are probably the least complex to use of all the tips mentioned here.

How to use zipping sheets

  1. Put the whole zippered sheet set on like you would a normal fitted sheet.
  2. Make sure the sheet is zipped all the way around.

There’s not a lot to do to undo what you just did. Simply zip off the top part of the sheet from the base when it is time to wash it.

5. Sock Tape

If you’re familiar with sock tape at all, you may know how useful it is to soccer and hockey players. Guess what? It can also do wonders for keeping your sheets in place.

How to use sock tape to lock your sheets in place

  1. Start the tape on the top and wrap it straight down.
  2. Lift the corner of the mattress and bring it up the other side to the top.
  3. Tape the mattress cover on all four corners to keep it snug, and then tape the bottom corners of the cover sheet and quilt.

When you wake in the morning from a restful sleep, with sheets still intact, all you have to do is pull the covers up.

What About Silk Sheets?

The bedding clips and sheet straps mentioned above are great for silk sheets.

The bedding clips hold the silk sheets in place near the foot of the bed, allowing room to slide in and out of bed with the sheet slinking its way to the floor.

The clips have a horizontal portion that fits between the mattress and box spring – similar to bookends – while the vertical portion has a clip-like device that grasps the sheet, keeping it on the bed.

The sheet straps fit between the mattress and box spring with the clips sticking out, gripping the sheets in the desired location. Straps fit horizontally across the bed near the bottom to keep a top or flat sheet in place, or in an “X” fashion diagonally beneath the entire mattress to hold the fitted sheet in place.

Other Options to Consider

Here are a couple of other things to consider if none of the above works for you.

If nothing else works, make sure your sheets are the correct size. They may be coming off because your sheets are not the right size for the bed. For instance, it would be extremely difficult for full-size bed sheets to stay on a queen-size bed.

It’s possible your mattress could be too thick. That happens a lot with certain mattresses. You may need to upgrade to “deep” sheets that can handle up to 15″ thick mattresses. Standard sheets usually only fit mattresses that are 7-14″ thick. Deep sheets can span 16-22″ on thick beds and will cause your sheets to extend over your box spring.

Lastly, consider checking the material of your sheets. Sheets that are satin, silk, or have bamboo material tend to be slippery. You may want to switch to sheets that can hold onto your mattress better, like cotton or linen.

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