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Down Pillow Cost: Why Are They so Expensive?

Are you looking for new pillows?

And maybe down is your prefered choice?

But, you just saw the price tag and wonder; oh my.. how come are they so expensive?

The down used as filling in pillows are more expensive than other pillow stuffing materials because each duck or goose (who carries the down) has very little down on them, so it requires many birds to simply fill one pillow.

Read on to learn more about down pillows, what they cost and why they are so expensive.

How Much do Down Pillows Cost?

Down pillow cost

A standard or queen-size down pillow will usually cost between $80 to $200. However, the fill level of a pillow might affect the price, as pillows with 100 percent down fill can be fairly expensive, while down pillows with a high amount of feather fill blended with the down can be quite a lot cheaper.

Also, down from ducks are cheaper than down from geese, which is something to take into consideration if you’re looking to get a down pillow but are on a budget.

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Why Are Down Pillows so Expensive Compared to Other Pillows?

What follows are a couple reasons for why down pillows are more expensive than other pillow types.

1. Farming down is expensive

Farming down is more expensive than creating or farming other pillow stuffing types. The reason for this is that ducks or geese have very litte down on them, so it requires a lot of birds to fill only one pillow with down.

Polyester for instance, is the cheapest pillow stuffing material because it’s so easy to manufacture and no animals need to be kept and plucked during the process.

Feathers are also cheaper than down because it’s much more feathers on a bird than there is down. Some feather pillows can cost as little as $25, while down pillows can cost well over $100.

If you’re searching for quality, comfort, and a fair price, a feather pillow with roughly 25% to 50% down can be a nice compromise.

Also, keep in mind that goose down will cost more than duck down because it is rare.

2. Down is suitable to market as an expensive product

Most products that come from animals can easily be marketed as being expensive. This is true for leather products, cosmetic and beauty products and many others.

A lot of companies want down pillows to be more of a luxury product compared to polyester, cotton and other stuffing types. Overtime this has increased the average price of down pillows by a lot.

Are Down Pillows Worth The Price?

Down pillows are often softer and more moldable than other pillows. They tend to be lightweight, quiet, durable, comfortably warm, and good for all sleep positions.

A pillow is considered down if filled with at least 75% down and no more than 25% feathers. A down pillow with 850 fill power will have the fluffiest, most luxurious feel, thanks to larger down clusters from bigger, more mature geese.

In essence, if you’re not afraid of spending extra on pillows, buying down pillows are definitely worth it for the added comfort and quality they provide.

Lastly, one big benefit of down pillows is that they last much longer than other filling types, especially if you use good pillow covers.

Our Top Down Pillow Pick

Continental Bedding’s Siberian 800 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow

This is a high quality white goose down pillow with 800 fill power. This level of fill power provides optimal support and is perfect for back and side sleepers.

It works ok for stomach sleepers as well, but the loft could be a bit high, especially in the beginning.

The pillow comes with a very comfortable cotton sateen cover that is breathable, allowing the down to regulate temperature perfectly.

You can learn more about this pillow here.

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