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Do Mattress Toppers Make The Bed Hot to Sleep on? – The Bedding Planet

Do Mattress Toppers Make The Bed Hot to Sleep on?

After a busy day of running errands, all you desire is a night of sound sleep. Quality sleep improves your body functionality like blood pressure, inflammation levels and even helps with weight management. But your mattress won’t let you have that coveted sound sleep if it’s too firm, diminished, too hot, or too cold.

That’s why mattress toppers come in handy. They are designed to give you the comfort, luxury, warmth, and coolness your body requires to catch some Zs. Talking about warmth, do these toppers sometimes become too hot that they affect your sleep? Do all toppers retain body heat, or does this apply to some? 

Some mattress toppers will make the bed hot to sleep on, while others won’t. This depends on the type of topper you buy as some toppers are designed to retain heat and make you sleep hotter while others are designed to remove heat and make you sleep cooler.

To better elaborate, let us look at the different types of toppers and whether they retain heat. Let’s get to it.

Do Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Retain Heat?

As the name suggests, this type of topper is made of foam and is found in various designs. These include:

  1. Gel memory foam mattress topper
  2. Convoluted egg crate topper
  3. Medium standard toppers
  4. Premium standard toppers
  5. Luxury firm toppers

Memory foam toppers provide comfort by contouring, hence relieving your body joints from pressure. Gel memory foam mattress toppers relieve your body from hotness as they allow free fresh air circulation. This maintains cooler temperatures while sleeping. While gel memory foam toppers are cool, the other types of memory foam toppers are considered hot for most people.

Other benefits of memory foam mattress toppers are:

  • Convenient for people with allergies because it doesn’t allow microorganisms like mold from growing on it
  • They change according to your body shape, which relieves pressure on your neck, back, and shoulders making you more comfortable.
  • Good for temporary sleeping arrangements, especially when you’re using medium standard toppers.
  • They are soft and flexible
  • Reduces motion, so your partner doesn’t interrupt your sleep when they toss and turn.

Do Feather and Down Mattress Toppers Retain Heat?

Imagine sleeping on a topper made of a feather. Your body will have the softest, coolest night you’ve ever had. Down and feather are natural materials that regulate your body temperature by absorbing all the heat your body emits at night. If you want extra luxury and comfort, feather and down should be your first consideration. 

If you prefer something extra soft and comfortable, then this is your best bet. Also, they don’t get extremely hot since they absorb most of your body heat. This keeps you considerably cool at night but warm enough during cold weather. 

Down and feather toppers come in handy when you have a tight budget. They are affordable and found in most stores.

Do Wool Mattress Toppers Retain Heat?

Wool is another natural filling like down and feather. For a long time, people have had the misconception that it’s best suited for cold months because it keeps you warm at night. Although this is true, wool also absorbs body heat during hot summer nights, thus keeping you considerably cool. Wool is a natural insulator and thus provides relief for hot sleepers since it controls the body temperature. 

These toppers aren’t easy to find, but when you do find one, you get comfort, extra cushioning, and no body heat retention. Although they offer the extra comfort you need, it’s isn’t enough for people with health support issues like arthritis. They are also expensive and often smell like sheep when new.

Do Latex Mattress Toppers Retain Heat?

Latex foam toppers exist in three different forms. These are:

  • Synthetic
  • Natural latex, extracted from the sap of rubber trees, and 
  • A blend of synthetic and natural latex.

But, do latex toppers also make you hot while sleeping? 

It depends on the latex material used to make the topper. For instance, synthetic latex toppers are hot because manufacturers use chemicals in making them. Obviously, this makes them retain body heat, thus keeping you hot during the night. Natural latex doesn’t have any chemicals and will thus not retain body heat.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because, during freezing nights, you have enough heat to keep you warm.

Other advantages of latex toppers include:

  • They are durable, especially natural latex toppers.
  • They relieve pain from your body while you sleep on them. This makes them comfortable and luxurious.
  • They are firm
  •  Natural latex is eco-friendly. If you are an environmental conservation enthusiast, get yourself a natural latex topper. This is because natural latex is made from the sap extracted from rubber trees which remain uncut when extracting the sap. 
  • The trees can stay for about 30 years while still obtaining sap from them.
  • You don’t have to worry if you have allergies. Natural latex toppers don’t encourage mold and mite from growth. This keeps these allergy-causing microorganisms away.

Do Polyester Blended Mattress Toppers Retain Heat?

These toppers resemble feather toppers. They are good for people who want to feel soft, comfortable but have allergies. But, unlike feather toppers, they make you feel hot to some extent.

However, the good thing about them is they are pocket-friendly, and they have no odor when new.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer a lot of support or cushioning and may even feel lumpy time. They even compress over time. This is to be expected because they are a budget item.

Do Microfiber Leather Mattress Toppers Retain Heat?

Microfiber is made from a synthetic material combined with natural leather. Despite being resistant to microorganisms like mold and mildew, they are hot. This makes it unsuitable for hot sleepers unless you are using them during the cold months.

Wrapping it up

When buying a mattress topper, be sure to know what feature you prioritize. If you want that extra comfort from your old mattress, make that your first consideration.

If you are based in a cold place, go for toppers that will make you feel hot while sleeping. For instance, pick a microfiber topper.

If all you want is to feel soft, consider toppers with fillings like wool and feather. Whatever you prefer, choose it over other benefits that come with buying a topper. After all, you deserve sound sleep after a hectic day.

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