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Top 3 Best Short Queen RV Mattresses in 2022

Are you looking for a good short queen mattress for your RV?

After a day of outdoor activities, there is nothing better than a comfy bed. An RV bed may be a haven, giving you the comforts of home in the midst of a wild environment. But an excellent mattress is something you need for that slumber!

Although they are smaller than conventional house mattresses, standard RV mattresses are great. If you take the time to look around, you can find a fantastic solution that suits your specific preferences.

Continue reading to learn more about short queen RV mattresses, what you should think about before getting one, as well as our top 3 picks categorized under best value, best premium, and best rated.

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What is a Short Queen Mattress? And How is it Different to a Standard Queen Mattress?

While all mattress sizes have the same width, a short queen mattress is 5 inches shorter in length than a conventional queen mattress.

In contrast to a regular queen mattress, which is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, a short queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 75 inches long. A short queen mattress costs less than a queen mattress because of the difference in length of 5 inches. A short queen mattress weighs less than a full queen mattress.

Now that we are aware of the distinctions and affinities between a queen and a short queen let’s review and better comprehend it through a tabular comparison.

Short Queen Mattress Vs. Standard Queen Mattress Comparison Chart

ParameterShort QueenQueen
Length75 inches80 inches
Width60 inches60 inches
Surface Area4500 inches4800 inches
Price Range$600 – $1500$1000 – $1800
Occupancy2 Adults2 Adults
Ideal forA couple with average heightA tall couple
Minimum Room Size9.6 X 10 ft.10 X 10 ft.

Which Type of RV Mattress Should You Get

Memory Foam


Going through the desert versus camping in the woods is a different experience. Memory foams have a reputation for controlling body temperature. Memory foam might be a smart choice if you’re camping next to a forest because the temperature will probably be comfortable.

However, cooling gel or gel beads in RV mattresses might be a better option if you’re camping in a warm, muggy environment.


Best for all sleeping positions: Memory foam mattresses’ adaptability and ability to distribute body weight uniformly allow them to accept a wide range of sleeping positions without feeling uncomfortable. While back and side sleepers also benefit from the same amount of posture support, stomach sleepers will find that their spine is held in perfect alignment.

Superior motion absorption: Another major benefit of modern memory foam beds is their reduced motion transmission. Memory foam is a great option for couples since it can absorb energy and lessen movement impacts. The second partner feels nothing when one partner rolls over or flops around.

Less back and neck pain: By encouraging a neutral spinal alignment, Visco elastic foam enables you to sleep in a relaxed and supportive position. Long-term, this helps to lessen issues with persistent back and neck pain.

Good pressure relief: Too-firm mattresses can cause uncomfortable pressure points in the shoulders, back, hips, and knees. This issue is resolved since memory foam evenly distributes body weight over the sleeping surface.

Customized support: Memory foam once had a bad rap for being hot to the touch when sleeping and feeling like quicksand. The most recent models provide a customizable degree of support and have improved airflow and sleep cooler at night. There are now memory foam mattresses available in low, medium, and high densities, as well as a variety of foam comfort thicknesses.

Sag free and no sinkage: Modern memory foam beds are constructed using premium flexible materials that provide the ideal balance of “not too soft and not too stiff.” Due to the open cell structure of the mattress, you may be confident there won’t be any sagging for the duration of its use.


Almost every camper and RV use foam mattresses.

Foam mattresses may not always provide the right degree of comfort, but they can help you travel cross-country or go camping on a budget.

If so, there are breathable, dust-resistant RV foam mattresses that may be customized to meet your needs and prevent allergies.


It Hugs You Better Than Because memory foam is a pressure- and temperature-sensitive substance, it conforms to the weight and temperature of your body. So if your memory foam mattress seems to be hugging every part of your body, it probably is.

For maximum comfort, the memory foam softens and conforms to your body as it warms up from your body temperature.

Memory Foam Can Provide Back Pain Relief: Memory foam’s ability to react to temperature is also helpful for easing back discomfort. It can fill in the gaps around “problem regions” (like the lower back) that sometimes don’t get the support they require because of its flexibility to conform to your body.

Additionally, pain regions frequently have warmer temperatures than the rest of the body; therefore, memory foam conforms to these warm spots to ease discomfort. Additionally, memory foam promotes even weight distribution, which offers pressure point alleviation beyond what, for example, a conventional innerspring mattress can.

Your Allergies Could Improve: The last thing you want is for your bed to make your allergies worse because they can be uncomfortable.

Because it is constructed of inorganic fibers resistant to dust mites, pet dander, and other common allergens, memory foam is fortunately hypoallergenic. As a result, anyone allergic to wool, feathers, or other fibers should choose this mattress type.

Encourages Proper Spinal Alignment: Many of us have bad posture when awake, but we rarely consider the possibility that we might also have bad posture while asleep. Unhealthy sleeping positions can increase back discomfort, soreness, and other conditions.

However, because foam mattresses fill in the voids and spaces along the body, your spine may keep its natural neutral curve, promoting healthy spinal alignment and good sleeping posture.

Supports a Variety of Sleeping Positions: Some like to sleep on their sides, stomachs, or backs, but not all mattresses are suitable for all three. However, memory foam fills in gaps throughout the body regardless of how you sleep, it can offer comfort for many kinds of sleeping postures.

Best for Adjustable Bed Frames: Also, adjustable bed bases like the Bear Adjustable Base work well with memory foam mattresses.

At this point, we probably sound repetitive, but memory foam is indeed highly moldable and will easily flex to the frame’s various orientations. And when you pair a foundation like this one, which allows you to customize your sleeping position with a memory foam mattress, let’s say you’ll be better rested than everyone you know.


Latex mattresses are steadily gaining favor among campers due to their environmental friendliness.

This RV mattress is devoid of chemicals and resistant to mildew and dust mites, but it is also costly.

If you want a weightless, incredibly resilient mattress that reacts to movement, an RV latex mattress ought to be your top option.


Pain Relieving: For those who suffer from back and joint pain, the soft cushioning and buoyant support of latex foam mattresses are especially helpful.

Especially weighty body areas like the hips and shoulders are gently supported by latex foam. The intrinsic flexibility of latex maintains natural spinal alignment by gently supporting lighter parts, such as the neck and back. At the same time, this gentle contouring relieves pressure on the joints and lower back.

Eco-friendly: Natural latex is produced from the rubber tree’s sap, as was already described. The trees can generate sap for up to 30 years and are not killed or harmed. As a result, the production of latex mattresses promotes the growth of trees and is very sustainable. Additionally, biodegradable, natural latex guarantees that it won’t spend years in a landfill.

Breathable: The open-cell structure of natural latex foam allows for continuous airflow. Additionally, pinholes are incorporated into the foam layers to improve ventilation. Most notably, mattresses made of natural latex contain minimal to no additives, whereas those made of synthetic materials have chemicals that keep body heat in.

Choose a permeable cover made of cotton or wool for a particularly cool mattress.

Durable: The best-known feature of natural latex mattresses is their long-term comfort. The typical lifespan of high-quality latex mattresses is 12 to 20 years, much longer than other mattress kinds. Natural rubber’s resilience is frequently cited as the reason for this lifespan. Once the pressure is released, a natural latex mattress effortlessly bounces back, holding onto its original shape over time.


An innerspring mattress is a good option if you’re the kind of camper who values comfort over long-term toughness.

Unlike memory foam mattresses, RV innerspring mattresses often last longer in warmer regions than in colder climates.

Since innerspring mattresses are inexpensive, you might be able to keep your expenses in check while taking an unforeseen road trip in your RV.


Springy: They have spring construction and are springy. These mattresses use dozens to hundreds of metal springs to offer a base support layer. They include softer plush fabric layers for added comfort. This layout makes it simpler to get in and out of bed. Additionally, switching between sleeping positions is simpler.

No strong odor: Because the comfort layer of these mattresses contains fewer chemicals and other ingredients, they are less likely to have a strong odor.

Buying option with the lowest price: With such a wide selection of mattresses, you might also find a fantastic deal on an innerspring, as well as a variety of thicknesses and mattress toppers. Additional sources of support are available. The innerspring business has reacted to the emergence of new mattress types like memory foam or latex by fusing the tried-and-true technology of steel springs with contemporary technologies. They are employing increasinUg percentages of memory foam, polyurethane foam, fiber, latex, and other ingredients to provide that conforming feeling.

A familiar choice: Mattresses with innerspring are also widely used. These sorts of mattresses are well known and understood by the public, and because they have been available for such a long time, it is simple to purchase them, find them, and understand what you will get when you do.


A 2-inch latex or memory foam layer and a pocketed coil support system are both features of hybrid beds. Hybrid mattresses offer comfort, support, and durability. Getting a hybrid bed is an excellent idea if you like foam beds but don’t like how warm foam gets. Despite having a foam top layer, a hybrid bed’s coils encourage increased airflow through the mattress.


They’re Oh-So-Comfy: In connection with that, the top comfort foam layers support your body in a contoured way as you sleep. When coupled with the pocket-coil springs, it can occasionally produce a weightless sensation that many people find incredibly pleasant.

It almost has the same sensation of being cradled on a soft cloud (or something). It feels like you are sleeping in a five-star hotel in the convenience of your own home.

Hybrids Are a Great Value: A hybrid mattress is a wise purchase, especially given the limitless material combinations that may be used to create a bespoke item without emptying your wallet. In other words, even if you get a hybrid mattress that is less expensive, you won’t necessarily be sacrificing quality.

They’re Breezy and Breathable: The fact that memory foam mattresses can become steamy is one of the main concerns about them. However, because the innerspring core of hybrid mattresses is absorbent, they offer a cooler sleeping environment. In actuality, regular memory foam is 28% worse at transferring heat than innerspring coils.

There are also mattresses like the Bear Hybrid, which employs a layer of hyper-soft cooling-gel foam mixed with fabric manufactured with Sleep Recovery Technology—a fiber that helps control body temperature if you have a hot sleeper problem.

Hybrid Mattress Are Versatile: There are limitations to how much you can modify a mattress made entirely of foam or simple springs. However, a hybrid mattress can find a bed that feels just right for you.

You can choose a traditional innerspring system or pocket-coil springs for the core (though most use pocket coils these days). For the comfort layers, you can select any mix of latex foam, memory foam, polyfoam, or something else. A pillow top or other quilted cushioning can occasionally be added as the top layer.

They Help With Pain Relief: Hybrid mattresses are incredibly comfortable, as we’ve discussed frequently. However, hybrids also offer enough support thanks to the combination of foam and pocket springs, which both conform to the body and relieve pressure points in the neck, back, hips, and shoulders, among other areas of the body.

The structural support provided by the spring core aids in promoting healthy sleeping posture and spinal alignment. In the meantime, the top layers of foam fill the areas surrounding your body that an innerspring mattress made entirely of coils would not have given as much attention. Together, these effects serve to lessen persistent bodily ache

Features to Look For Before Purchasing an RV Mattress

A few factors might make a difference when looking for an RV mattress. Users can choose the finest option possible by considering these factors. The main factors are as follows:


Even though the RV is relatively large, it can be challenging to fit a thicker mattress inside. Because of this, the majority of RV mattresses are no taller than 10 inches. And for most users, that ought to be sufficient.

A decent mattress as little as 6 inches thick for normal sleepers should provide adequate support. However, 8- and 10-inch mattresses would work better for people who desire more comfort layers (or heavy users who need more support).

RV mattress material

As explained earlier, before making a purchase, it is important to understand the mattress’s substance. Do your homework to find out which materials to avoid, as some may be more problematic than others.

Memory foam or another supporting material is used to make some of the best RV mattresses. These materials are supportive and comfortable, much like a conventional mattress.

Alternately, certain materials used to make RV beds may be prone to off-gassing. When a product, such as a mattress, off-gasses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air in your house (like your RV).


Since normal RV mattress sizes differ from typical residential mattresses, RVs typically require customized mattresses. You may identify the size you need by measuring the bed in your camper and using the advice below to decide the search terms.

For instance, “Short Queen” and “RV Queen” are several inches shorter than “Standard Queen,” and “RV King” can be used to describe more than one size! If your bed size isn’t specified, you might need to acquire a custom mattress (which I’ll explain later in this article).

Remember that your primary concerns while measuring are your ability to fit on the bed and the mattress’s ability to fit in the room. If you have a walk-around bed, it’s acceptable for the mattress to hang over the edge a little bit. Many RV owners replace their RV mattress with a conventional residential mattress slightly longer than the original one.


RV mattresses typically have shorter warranties. Most provide coverage for 5–10 years. Additionally, the quantity may be a sign of the caliber. Customers may anticipate higher quality as it gets bigger. A guarantee is, therefore, a crucial factor to take into consideration.

Try sleeping. RV mattress sleep trials aren’t that common. However, some models offer a sleep trial period of between 90 and 120 nights. For uncertain buyers, this component is essential. If customers weren’t delighted with the mattress’ performance, they could test it out and return it.


How much the mattress will add to the overall weight of the RV is something to think about when purchasing a new mattress for a lightweight travel trailer.

This is crucial for safety reasons while towing a camper. This may be a solid argument in favor of selecting a smaller mattress, particularly for a bed in an RV that won’t be used frequently.


What level of stiffness do you prefer? Many of the mattresses on our list let you select the firmness you desire or are made to accommodate the vast majority of people who prefer a medium-firm mattress.

Top 3 Short Queen Mattresses For RVs

Top 3 Best Short Queen RV Mattresses

Best Value Short Queen Mattress For RVs: Sedona Luxury Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding

The Sedona mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is their most abundant product. Superior comfort layers and a premium pocketed coil innerspring support system are features of the Sedona.

With more than 1000 pocketed coils, this innerspring unit will conform to your body and align your spine as you walk. The comfort layers of memory foam with gel also provide cooling and pressure relief.

The Sedona hybrid mattress is the softest and most supportive mattress we’ve encountered for an RV, even with a short queen bed.

With this mattress, your RV can enjoy the same pocketed coil luxury you’d find in a hotel. If you desire the opulent luxuries of home while traveling cross-country or anticipate sleeping in your RV for extended periods, this mattress is what we advise.

The more expensive price tag also suggests that it is built to last and withstand years of travel.

You can learn more about this mattress over at Brooklyn Bedding here.

Best Premium Short Queen Mattress For RVs: Wanderlust Dreamfoam Essential RV Mattress by RV Mattresses

At a fantastic price, the Wanderlust memory foam mattress is a superb all-around supportive memory foam mattress.

This mattress is available in various thicknesses, odd and custom sizes, and other shapes to fit antique beds, RVs, campers, and more.

They can offer factory direct prices since all of their products are produced in the United States at their facility in Arizona.

Learn more about this mattress here.

Best Rated Short Queen Mattress For RVs: GhostBed Short Queen RV Mattress by GhostBed

One of the top-rated memory foam mattresses is offered by GhostBed, a company that has been in the mattress market for over 20 years. RV short queen and RV king are the two sizes in which this mattress is now offered.

This mattress was designed with medium-firm comfort because most sleepers prefer it. For hotel-like luxury inside the comfort of your car, it boasts a high-density core and two layers of comfort foam on top.

When it comes to creating a memory foam mattress that suits a wide range of sleeping habits, Ghostbed has proven to be an expert in its field. They have a short queen RV that is a little firmer but still provides wonderful support and hugs your body well.

If you enjoy the feel of memory foam and want a memory foam mattress in a short queen RV size, this is the one we advise.

Like this post, write the product review part with general information about the product, pros, and disadvantages, and add a review of the product.

This mattress is available on Amazon here.

How Much Does a Short Queen RV Mattress Cost?

Generally, an excellent short queen mattress costs about the same as a regular queen mattress.

You may purchase a basic, affordable mattress for about $300 and $400.

A great value, high-quality mattress that will last for years may be had for about $800–$1000, and a luxury mattress can be had for about $1500–$2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Regular Queen Mattress in an RV?

A standard queen mattress is acceptable for use in an RV. Using a standard queen is acceptable as long as you have the space for one.

Make SURE your slide won’t run into the extra length when you get in if you have space, but the initial queen was short. Make sure that the thickness won’t hamper any buildings if it is thicker.

Will full-size sheets fit a short queen mattress?

Full-size sheets won’t fit on a short queen mattress.

You’re better off using regular queen-size sheets on a short queen or getting custom short queen sheets for your mattress.

How much does an RV queen mattress weigh?

Additionally, RV mattresses are typically significantly lighter and thinner compared to regular beds. An RV mattress typically measures six to eight inches high, while a conventional mattress typically has a thickness of 10 to 11 inches. The majority of RV mattresses weigh 50 to 75 pounds.

How long do RV mattresses last?

The general guideline is roughly every eight years. Many RV beds, nevertheless, aren’t made to be used every day or every night. Therefore, you might want to consider upgrading your RV mattress every five years or so.

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