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Best Polyester Pillows of 2022 – Complete Review

This post is a part of the complete polyester pillow buyers guide

Polyester pillows are commonly used for bedding purposes considering they are budget-friendly and available in big stores and retailers worldwide.

Most people prefer these pillows because of their lightweight, soft, loftier, and machine-washable structure.

If you think polyester would be an excellent alternative to cotton, memory foam, and latex pillows, then here is a guide focusing on the best polyester pillows currently on the market and an unbiased review of each.

Best Cooling Polyester Pillows

Since polyester is a material known to retain heat, one of the first thing people look for when it comes to polyester pillows is their cooling properties. So, it would make sense to start with a list of the best cooling polyester pillows currently available on the market.

Here’s what our research came up with:

Pillowflex Premium Polyester Filled Pillow


  • Pure polyester fiber fill
  • Cotton-polyester blend cover
  • Hypoallergenic and dust resistant
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 30-day sleep trial

The unique oblong rectangle shape and structure of the Pillowflex Premium make it one of the best polyester pillows of 2022. The pillow has a pure polyester fill that makes it firm and plushy like an actual down pillow.

Even though the pillow is pretty firm, it still maintains its responsiveness and shape. The Pillowflex Premium polyester-filled pillow also features a polyester-cotton blend cover that maintains terrific cooling effects. The borders are reinforced with a double-stitched black ribbon for durability and comfort.

You can learn more about the Pillowflex Premium Polyester Filled Pillow here.

COZSINOOR Cozy Dream Series Pillows


  • Microfiber pillow cover
  • Polyester fiber filling
  • Available in three sizes
  • Soft density for all types of sleepers
  • Machine washable and medium temperatures
  • 30-days sleep trial
  • Sold in pairs

Many features make this pillow one of the best polyester pillows. It is soft, easy to use, comfortable, and budget-friendly.

The COZSINOOR Cozy Dream is a unique pillow with a skin-friendly microfiber shell with antimicrobial properties. The pillow is also filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber that is breathable and has cooling effects.

Such pillows are common in hotels and are the most sold pillows worldwide. If you have sensitive skin, you will enjoy the comfort of this pillow and even after washing several times, it still remains fluffy and lofty.

You can learn more about the COZSINOOR Cozy Dream Pillow here.

WhiteClassic Down-Alternative Soft Bed Pillow


  • Virgin cluster polyester fill
  • 235-thread count cotton cover
  • Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resistant to dust mite
  • Machine washable
  • Available in three sizes
  • Sold in pairs

The WhiteClassicDown-Alternative Soft Bed Pillow is one of the most purchased polyester pillows. The pillow is filled with soft, virgin cluster polyester that feels like a full down pillow.

Besides being plushy, the down-alternative fiber is responsive and can maintain its shape when you lay on it. The WhiteClassicDown-Alternative Soft Bed Pillow is stuffed inside a 235-thread combed cotton shell with double-needle stitching to reinforce the edge, making it more durable.

The fibers used to make the pillow are hypoallergenic with antimicrobial properties, dust mite resistance, and odorless. The product is initially packaged in a vacuum-sealed pocket and once you open it the pillow fluffs out.

You can learn more about the WhiteClassicDown-Alternative Soft Bed Pillow here.

Utopia Bedding Extra Lush Polyester Pillow


  • Unique ball polyester fiber filling
  • Full microfiber cover with satin ribbon edges
  • Hypoallergenic fiber and dust-mite resistant
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Available in two sizes
  • Sold in pairs

Utopia Bedding polyester pillow is low-priced and still maintains its value and quality. The pillow is one of the best cooling pillows in the market, built with a special ball polyester fiber that maintains its fluffiness while being moldable and breathable.

The Utopia Bedding Extra Lush Polyester Pillow has a pure microfiber shell with double-stitched edges for longevity. When you purchase the pillow, it comes with vacuum-sealed packaging, only that you may have to wait for nearly 24 hours for the pillow to loft entirely after opening.

You can learn more about the Utopia Bedding Extra Lush Polyester Pillow here.

Blissful Serenity Alternative Down Pillow


  • Down-alternative polyester fiber stuffing
  • Bamboo shell with cooling properties
  • Adjustable firmness and loft
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Available in two sizes
  • 30 days of trial for satisfaction guarantee

This pillow ranks as one of the best with its zip cover that allows you to take out the polyester fiber to adjust the firmness and loftiness.

The Blissful Serenity Alternative Down Pillow has cooling properties with its bamboo cover that can be washed separately or with the pillow as a whole.

It features hypoallergenic and dust-mite-resistant polyester fiber suited for stomach and back sleepers. Likewise, this is one of the special polyester pillows that allows a 30-day guarantee to return the pillow if you are not satisfied.

You can learn more about the Blissful Serenity Alternative Down Pillow here.

Sobella Polyester Pillow


  • Sleep trial of 120 days
  • 5-year warranty
  • Kapok fiber fill with supportive memory foam
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable and dryable

The Sobella Polyester Pillow is soft and supportive, best suited for side sleepers. The pillow fill is pure polyester and can maintain the pillow’s shape for more extended periods.

The shell is made from a 300-thread count pure cotton, which combines with the fiber fill to have natural hypoallergenic properties.

The pillow is very popular in the accommodation sector since it is used in most hotels globally. The manufacturers used a copper-infused cover with double-stitched edges to make the pillow durable, allowing for extra comfort.

The loft and firmness of the Sobella Polyester pillow mimic that of a cotton pillow, with the ability to resume its initial shape.

You can learn more about the Sobella Polyester Pillow here.

Best Value Polyester Pillows

Quince Premium Down Alternative Pillow


  • Hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill
  • Available in two sizes
  • Two firmness level options
  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Breathable cotton cover
  • Machine washable and dryable

While most polyester pillows on this list are easily affordable, the Quince Premium Down Alternative Pillow is among those that would want you to dig deeper into your pockets. Nevertheless, it is worth the premium price since it is durable and has excellent construction. The pillow offers two firmness levels that buyers can select from. However, the medium-soft seems to be the most comfortable one with a plushy surface that provides adequate support for the neck and head. The hypoallergenic properties of the Quince Premium Down Alternative Pillow make it usable to people with allergies. If you need to clean the pillow, it is machine washable and dryable, making it convenient and reliable.

You can learn more about the Quince Premium Down Alternative Pillow here.

Casper Original Pillow


  • Pure polyester fiber fill
  • Available in two loft levels
  • Hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Plush of a real down pillow
  • Crisp cotton pillow cover
  • Breathable pillow

This pillow is suitable for stomach and back sleepers since it provides sufficient support for the head without much elevation.

Buyers can choose between the 5 and 6-inch loft levels to match their sleeping styles, whether back or stomach. If you are after the plushness of a polyester fiber pillow, the thicker 6-inch profile will do the trick, while the 5-inch model is more supportive and firm.

Users allergic to animal-based materials will enjoy the hypoallergenic properties of this down-alternative pillow. Additionally, the pillow has a crisp cotton percale shell which is exceptionally breathable which provides a cool sleep all through. With its adaptive feel, you will not have to fluff the pillow frequently.

You can learn more about the Casper Original Pillow here.

Best Soft Polyester Pillows

Bedsure Queen Pillows


  • Polyester fiber down alternative fill
  • Available in three sizes
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Brushed microfiber shell
  • Hypoallergenic polyester fiber
  • Sold in pairs
  • OEKO-Tex certified

For side sleepers who want a firm polyester pillow, the Bedsure Queen Pillow is one of the best options.

Besides its soft and supportive characteristics, this pillow is available in three sizes, and all are OEKO-Tex certified. Therefore, you are guaranteed that you are safe from harmful elements like lead, mercury, and other metals.

The softer variation of the pillow is breathable, which is attractive for stomach sleepers, while the firm pillows are ideal for back and side sleepers.

The cover on the Bedsure Queen Pillow is made from brushed microfiber, which ensures durability and comfort. These materials also contribute to the convenience of machine washing.

You can learn more about the Bedsure Queen Pillows here.

Edow Luxury Soft Pillows for Sleeping


  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Available in queen size
  • Pure polyester filling down-alternative
  • Soft pillow
  • Polyester blend shell

With this pillow, you enjoy both softness and firmness. The Edow Luxury Soft Pillows for Sleeping are filled with pure polyester fiber that works as down alternatives.

The fiber fillings are hollow, and with the touch of down feathers, you are assured of comfort whether you sleep on your back or side. The pillow is soft enough to keep you comfortable for a long night, even if you switch positions.

The pillow cover is made from polyester blend material with hypoallergenic properties for individuals allergic to down and feather pillows. Likewise, people who buy the Edow Luxury pillow will enjoy the convenience of machine washing and drying.

In addition, the pillow has a good fluff and loft that forms immediately after it is taken out of the vacuum package.

You can learn more about the Edow Luxury Soft Pillows for Sleeping here.

DOWNCOOL Premium Large Body Pillow Insert for Adults


  • Polyester fiber cover
  • Polyester fiber filling
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Hypoallergenic and dust resistant
  • Breathable pillow structures
  • Firm and soft

The DOWNCOOL Premium lives up to its name from its elongated rectangular shape and remains affordable. The polyester microfiber filling makes the pillow fluffy, soft, and breathable, which is best for all kinds of sleepers.

You can enjoy great convenience since the pillow is machine washable and maintains its shape even after washing it a few times.

All this comfort comes at 20 by 54 inches and covers a large portion of your bed. This feature makes the pillow more usable by people with huge bodies since it also retains weight.

You can learn more about the DOWNCOOL Premium Pillow here.

Amazon Basics Down-Alternative Pillow


  • Polyester microfiber filling
  • Microfiber pillow cover
  • Available in two firmness densities
  • Available in two sizes
  • OEKO-Tex certified
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly

If you cannot stand the allergens in down pillows, the Amazon Basics Pillow is a fantastic polyester microfiber pillow to use as an alternative.

The pillow is certified, and its durability, health, safety, and environmental properties have been tested to ensure it is free of harmful substances.

This two-piece pillow is purely made from polyester microfiber fillings, including the cover. The loft and firmness also mimic the quality of an authentic down, and you can choose between soft, medium according to your sleeping style. The medium pillow works best for side sleepers, while stomach sleepers will enjoy the comfort of the softer version.

You can learn more about the Amazon Basics Down-Alternative Pillow here.

How to Choose The Best Polyester Pillow

When buying polyester pillows, there are a few key things to look for to find the one best suited for you. Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for a new pillow.

1. Cover

The cover on your polyester pillow will determine whether you will sleep comfortably or not, Even though it has little impact on the support. When checking out the covers, there are three types to consider.

2. Polyester covers

These covers are naturally hypoallergenic and also cost less. They are also machine washable and dryable, making them convenient for home bedding.

3. Cotton covers

Cotton covers are cool and breathable, and they also favor people with allergic reactions to other material types. They are also easy to wash.

4. Bamboo covers

Bamboo covers are breathable, comfortable, and have natural antibacterial properties, making them skin-friendly.

What Types of Polyester Fillings Are Available?

Polyester fibers and microfibers exist in different types, and they determine how soft, fluffy, or firm your pillow will be. Mid-range polyester pillows are pretty hollow, working best for hot sleepers, while high-end polyester pillows are comfortable, soft, and loftier for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

1. Size and shape of the pillow

When shopping for polyester pillows, you need to be sure about the size so that it perfectly fits your bed. The pillows should not hang from the bedside, which will make the edges flatten out quickly. The correct pillow size also provides comfort and adequate support.

2. The density of the pillow

Most pillows have manufacturer ratings for their densities. You can choose between firm, medium, or soft, with different hardness levels for the desired support. These will determine how comfortable you sleep and how long your pillow lasts.

3. Pillow maintenance

Even the best pillows need maintenance to last for more extended periods. Your pillow covers need to be cleaned regularly; hence you need a material that will withstand the several weeks of washing in a year. The pillow itself should also be washed a few times yearly. The best pillow should be washable and dryable in the machine without losing its firmness.

4. Warranty

Most manufacturers who produce high-quality polyester pillows always offer warranties to reassure their customers of decent quality. Some manufacturers allow a 30-day guarantee trial to return your pillow if you are not satisfied with it. You can also get a five-year warranty in case of any damages or defects to the pillow while using it.

Can Anybody Use a Polyester Pillow?

Yes, all types of sleepers can use polyester pillows. In fact, some of the best polyester pillows are labeled to show the type of sleepers to use them. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know no matter your sleeping style.

  • Side sleepers. The pillow should be medium-soft for side sleepers to offer sufficient support while keeping your head, spine, and cervical spine straight. Any other pillow would result in headaches and tension problems.
  • Back sleepers need firm and less-lofty pillows to support the curve between the head and shoulder. It should not be too high to affect the position of your cervical spine.
  • Stomach sleepers should use medium-firm pillows that are breathable to avoid suffocation when lying down on their tummies. The pillow covers, too, need to have a cooling effect to avoid breathing warm air from the pillow.
  • Combined sleepers There are a variety of polyester pillows that work for all types of sleep. Most of the time, combo sleepers use fluffy and lofty pillows that they can place differently on the bed to provide the desired support and comfort.

Do Polyester Pillows Cause Allergic Reactions?

Polyester materials do not have animal or plant-based materials which naturally make them hypoallergenic. This characteristic means that if you are allergic to down or cotton pillows, you can use down-alternative polyester pillows to help sleep and get rid of reactions.


Taking everything into account, the list captures some of the best polyester pillows you can buy in 2022. However, it would be best if you also relied on personal considerations to make an informed decision about the pillow since you will be using it for a long time. When buying a pillow, your comfort while you sleep matters, and you should focus on softness, loft, and firmness before even looking at the price tag.

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