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Best Blackout Curtains For The Bedroom: A Buyers Guide (2021) – The Bedding Planet

Best Blackout Curtains For The Bedroom: A Buyers Guide (2021)


This post is part of the blackout curtain buyers guide.

Having a blackout curtain installed in your bedroom can help you sleep much better, especially if you’re a light sleeper or night shift worker.

Most blackout curtain manufacturers promise that their curtains will block up to 80-100 percent of outside light from coming into your bedroom, (depending on the color). On top of this, blackout curtains can also help regulate your bedroom temperature and reduce outside noise from entering.

If you’re interested in buying a blackout curtain yourself so that you can make your bedroom darker, more comfy and quieter, then here are a few things to look for that may help you choose the right one.

After considering more than a dozen blackout curtains, the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains inched out the competition. First and foremost, it comes in seemingly endless color and size options and to a very good price. The curtains have almost 59,000 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with most of these stating that the curtains look amazing while also blocking out light very well.

The fact that you can choose from multiple colors is great as it makes it much easier to get the decor the way you want it. However, a few reviewers recommend to stay away from white or baby pink to get the best blackout effect possible.

What to Look For in a Blackout Curtain

There are a lot of blackout curtains on the market. You want a reliable product that meets all your expectations. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Blackout amount. This should obviously be one of the first things to look at. Choose a curtain that has atleast a 85% light blocking capacity, preferably above 90% if you want light to interfere with your sleep as little as possible.
  • The correct size. For blackout purposes pick a size that covers your entire window plus a few inches more at the top, bottom and sides. This will minimize any gaps that may otherwise sip in light. Once you have the correct size for blackout purposes, then it becomes a decorative question. Do you want longer curtains that reaches the floor or shorter ones that goes a few inches below the window?
  • Fit on your curtain rod. Make sure the blackout curtain you pick will fit your curtain rod. You can always get new curtain rods as well if you really want a certain blackout curtain that doesn’t fit.
  • Energy efficient materials. One smart thing to look for when getting blackout curtains is what materials they are made from. Microfiber and polyester for instance, are materials that not only provides great blackout properites, they also insulate against both summer heat and winter chill. This means that you will save on your energy bill over time and your curtain will pay of itself.
  • Maintenance. How easy are they to clean? Are they machine washable? Ask yourself these questions as they will make maintenance easier.

Top 3 Blackout Curtains to Consider

1. Best Overall – NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

These are the blackout curtains mentioned above and they’re the best overall in my and many other people’s opinion. With the large amount of sizes and colors available, great blackout properties and energy smart fabrics for a good price, they’re a clear winner.


  • Fairly cheap
  • 20 different colors.
  • 6 different lengths (45-90 inches).
  • Blocks 85-99% of light and UV rays (depending on color).
  • Decent insulating against summer heat and winter chill.
  • Looks great according to most people.
  • Machine washable.


  • To get complete blackout you need to get a size that’s larger than the window, otherwise light will seep in through the side, top or bottom gaps.
  • White and baby pink doesn’t block light to well.

2. Best Bang-For-The-Buck – BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

If you’re on a tight budget the BGment blackout curtains have you covered. They also have a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. These also comes in many different colors and sizes.


  • Cheap
  • 23 different colors.
  • 6 different lengths (45-95 inches).
  • Blocks 85-99% of light and UV rays (depending on color).
  • Decent insulating against summer heat and winter chill.
  • Soft and comfortable fabric.
  • Machine washable.


  • Blackout doesn’t reach 100% in direct sunlight.
  • The “brighter” colors doesn’t block light all to well.

3. Best Blackout Capability – WONTEX 100% Blackout Curtains for Bedroom


  • Affordable
  • WONTEX quarantee a 100% dark room even during the day.
  • Great insulating. They retain heat indoors during the winter and reject heat in the summer, resulting in lower cooling and heating bills.
  • Machine washable.
  • Noice reducing.
  • 60-day easy return policy if you’re not happy with your purchase.


  • Not as many colors to choose from as the curtains above offer.
  • Hard and heavy fabric, not that comfortable.

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