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Are Mattress Heating Pads Safe?

Generally, a lot of people don’t consider safety measures when buying equipment. Only a few people go through the manual to read the precautions, while the rest ignore them. Ignorance has cost households losses because of accidents that could be prevented. 

Mattress pads are one of the equipment that require strict adherence to rules and precautions when using lest you end up burning yourself or causing a fire.

If you buy a heating pad from a trusted company (not a counterfeit) and adhere to the rules and precautions outlined by the manufacturer then it should be safe to use. Furthermore, research has revealed that healthwise, heated mattress pads are safe for use as they can’t cause cancer or other diseases.

During those cold nights and winter seasons, heated mattress pads are a savior. They keep you warm and cozy. They are more helpful if you have joint pains. If you want to buy one, consider these three crucial things:

Things to Consider When Buying a Heating Pad

1. Safety 

When buying any gadget, the most important thing to look at is how safe you are during use. In a world where nearly everything has its counterfeit, you need to be keen to identify the original item. Original mattress pads have special marks from Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) or Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Some heating pads have a thermostat for regulating heat flow.

2. How to operate it

If you have poor eyesight, buy a heating mattress pad with bright colors. Bright marks improve your readability. Some mattress heating pads have easy-to-turn knobs specially made for people with shaky hands. Go for these if you are one. Always refer to the manual before you start using your mattress pad.

3. Lifespan 

Don’t buy second-hand worn-out mattress pads. This is because the electric cables in them might have become loose. With loose wires, you are risking yourself from getting burned or even causing a fire. Buy heating pads with a five-year plus warranty. This way, you’re sure of its safety. Also, check the pad to ensure the electric cables aren’t visible through the pad.

Now, let’s look at some of the reasons why heated mattress pads are safe:

5 Reasons Why Heating Pads Are Safe

Best Heated Mattress Pad

1. Easy to use

Since they are meant for your bed, mattress pads are laid straight on top of your mattress. When laid straight, heat from the cables is evenly spread throughout the pad. This prevents heat from collecting at one point. Therefore, no burns or fires.

The electric cables used to make them are found deep in the material used to make the pad. Moreover, you should lay bedsheets on top to cover them. In this way, there’s no direct contact between your body and the pad. Your body acts as an insulator for the heat they emit when you lie on them.

2. Heated pad Settings 

Heated pads normally have settings for heat regulation. You can always set this according to the temperatures that you want. On warm nights, lower the temperatures but increase it slightly during freezing nights. The maximum temperature in most heated pads is 100 degrees, while the lowest is 80 degrees.

There are mattress pads with low voltage designed for your pets. So, when your pet sits on them, they are safe from getting burned. If you have pets or small children who lie anyhow on surfaces, this pad got you covered.

3. Cleaning your mattress pad

Are heated pads safe to clean? The simple answer is, yes, they are safe. You only have to remove the control panel from the pad and dip the pad in your washing machine. Removing the control panel also ensures your machine is safe from any hazards. After washing, refix the control panel. Make sure the pad has fully dried before connecting to a socket.

4. When using with a partner

Dual control panels are available for some pads. This is convenient for people sleeping with a partner having different body types. Sometimes your partner gets hot and sweaty while sleeping, unlike you, who gets cold. Each person controls the settings from the panel according to their preferences.

The presence of a thermostat in the pads controls heat flow throughout the gadget. This prevents overheating of the pad, which may result in fires.

5. How about deep sleepers?

Some heating pads are meant to be used before going to bed. You only need to switch it on, wait for some time while it’s warming, then switch it off. This makes it good for people who easily fall into a deep sleep and might leave the pad on. This reduces the risks of burns and fire breakout.

While heating pads are generally safe for use, there are instances when they become hazardous. So, here are a few things you should watch out for:

  • When you buy one without a UL mark- The absence of UL marks indicates the pad hasn’t been tested and recommended; therefore, can be unsafe for use. In such cases, a fire might occur.
  • Worn-out pads- Don’t use worn-out pads on your bed. If you do, you are more likely to get burns from the worn-out cables.
  • When you connect a wet pad to the socket- After washing, dry the pad out in the sun to remove all water in it. Wet pads connected to the socket might cause electric shocks if you lie on them.
  • When electric cables in them are fixed lightly- Before buying one, feel the fabric to see if you can feel the cables. Safely heated pads have wires fixed deep in the fabric that you can’t feel them. When wires are on the surface, you can easily get an electric shock.
  • When you leave it in contact with your body for long- This especially applies to the old generation of heating pads which didn’t have thermostats for heat control and timers. The modern pads have timers and a thermostat. It’s advisable to warm your bed minutes before going to sleep.


Generally, heated pads are safe for use. But safety depends on the item, if it’s original and how you handle it while using it. You need to follow the precautions as indicated in the manual. If you were budgeting for one, go ahead and get one to have that warm cozy night you’ve been longing for. But, ensure you adhere to the instructions on its usage and maintenance.

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