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Are Mattress Encasements Necessary?

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Most of us know what it’s like to have to get up for work after having a terrible night’s sleep – a real nightmare, right?

But if you’re having trouble sleeping due to infestations of bedbugs and dust mites in your mattress, you’ll need to find a solution fast.  

A zippered mattress encasement that completely encases your mattress should be your next move towards dealing with such health-threatening matters.   

But, are mattress encasements necessary? Bedbugs love a nice warm bed with an unlimited supply of human blood. On top of that, dust mites have a penchant for dead human skin and synthetic fabrics. A total encasement of your mattress leads to existing bedbugs dying of starvation – the zippered system on the mattress encasement also prevents bugs from getting in. 

Apart from the fact that bedbugs bite, allergens carried by dust mites inhabiting your mattress can often lead to asthma attacks.

And if being bitten regularly by bedbugs and sneezing half the night due to allergens isn’t bad enough, bedbugs also ruin the integrity of your mattress. 

Read on for more motivation to utilize a mattress encasement.

What Mattress Encasements do

Mattress encasements trap bedbugs already residing in your mattress, eventually leading to their demise – and prevent them from moving into your mattress.

People who suffer from allergens carried by dust mites or dander can also benefit from the use of a mattress encasement. 

They also protect from the spilling of liquids on the mattress – most mattress encasements are made from water-proof material such as polyester. 

A Decent Night’s Sleep

Military interrogators have been using sleep deprivation techniques since records began. 

Most people agree that failing to get a good night’s sleep because of a bedbug infestation, reaction to allergens, or anything else is enough to send you crazy.

Whereas bedbugs mainly just irritate after feeding on your blood, dust mites lead to serious respiratory issues, which often result in a problem with sleeping.  

Keep Bedbugs Out


One of the better options in a mattress encasement will prevent bedbugs from being able to set up a home in your mattress.

Even zipper teeth commonly used to close the 360-degree cover are an open invitation to the dreaded Cimex lectularius. 

And if you or one of your children suffers from breathing difficulties brought on by allergens, you’ll need to put a proper mattress encasement in place. 

Increase Lifespan of Mattress

One reason why mattress encasements are a popular choice for many householders is that they are a relatively inexpensive option.

Rather than having to replace a branded mattress with a severe bedbug problem, you’re better off having one of the more effective mattress encasements on your bed. 

What you pay for a decent mattress encasement to prevent the mattress from having a shorter lifespan is insignificant compared to the cost of a new quality mattress.

Material Considerations

If your main concern is making your bed more waterproof, you could end up leaning towards a mattress encasement that’s slightly uncomfortable to lay on. 

It makes more sense to get a mattress encasement made from a fabric that’s easier to sleep on such as a hypoallergenic Terry Cotton encasement. 

Polyester-based zippered mattress encasements are the more common types available, with most being hard to detect while sleeping on top of them.   

Dust Mite Dangers


If you or a family member suffers terribly from allergies brought on by dust mites, you’ll want a mattress encasement providing proper protection from these bugs. 

To get more of an idea of the importance of dust mite-proof mattress encasements, take a look at the following issues caused by allergens carried by these tiny arachnids.  

  • Hay fever
  • Skin rashes
  • Chest tightness
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Trouble breathing 

Of course, supplementing your mattress encasement efforts with products designed to repel or eradicate dust mites would be a smart move. 

Can’t I Just Use a Mattress Protector Instead?

Not really. You see, using a standard mattress protector will only let you achieve so much concerning hygiene in your bed. 

Although mattress protectors will provide solutions to damp mattress issues, they aren’t designed to protect against bedbug infestations. 

Sure, a waterproof mattress protector is great for liquid-based hazards and generally keeping the mattress clean but is left wanting with keeping bugs out. 

Can I Use Any Mattress Encasement Option?

One of the most important things to think about when buying a mattress encasement is the size of your mattress to be protected. 

Failing to use a mattress encasement that fits properly over all six sides of the mattress will only lead to a complete failure in what you’re trying to achieve – a bug-free mattress. 

It’s also wise to get a mattress encasement with a good quality zipper, which should include a gadget to stop bedbugs from entering through weak points in the zipper. 

What About Keeping It Clean? 

To be fair, mattress encasements can take a while to get used to in terms of putting the cover on properly and getting it off. 

That said, once you’ve mastered getting the mattress encasement off to put in the wash, you’ll be able to wash the fabric as often as you like. 

Some people use a mattress protector on top of the mattress encasement, washing the more mobile mattress protector once a week and the encasement every month or so.   

Wrapping it up

After looking at numerous issues caused by bedbugs and dust mite infestations in your mattress, we’re sure you’re more informed about dealing with such events. 

But just like with almost any kind of product, there are many options in zippered mattress encasements to choose from – some being much better designs than others. 

Taking the first step to sorting out problems caused by bugs living in your mattress is all you need to do.

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