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Air-Pedic vs. Sleep Number Mattress Comparison (2022) – The Bedding Planet

Air-Pedic vs. Sleep Number Mattress Comparison (2022)

Air-Pedic and sleep number mattresses are among the most popular air mattresses in the market today. Either mattress guarantees maximum comfort and support and even shares some features.

There are some notable differences between the Air-Pedic and Sleep Number mattresses that buyers consider when choosing between them.

So we will run a comparison between these mattresses to help you make an informed choice for yourself.

Air-Pedic vs. Sleep Number Features Comparison

FeatureAir-Pedic MattressSleep Number Mattress
Mattress typeAir mattressAir mattress
Firmness levelsAdjustableAdjustable
Warranty30 years25 years
Warranty non-proration3 years2 years
Foam compression covered in warrantyYesNo
Dual-sided adjustable firmnessYesYes
Sleep trial120 nights100 nights
AssemblyPre-assembledAssembly required
Motion transferNoYes
Price ranges$1400 – $4700$600 – $5800
Customer service rating82%77%

There are some similarities and differences between the Air-Pedic and sleep number mattresses. But these features don’t tell the whole story of either mattress.

For that, we need to take a closer look at each mattress, starting with its advantages and disadvantages.

Air-Pedic Mattresses Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. Fully Adjustable 6-Zoned Air Chamber Technology:

Underneath the memory foam layer, the Air-Pedic mattress has two thick urethane chambers separated by indiscernible center support. Each chamber has three zones: the head zone, the middle (lumbar) zone, and the foot zone. You can adjust these zones separately to your preferred comfort level. The six-zone air chamber technology offers several advantages:

  • Excellent For Partners With Different Needs

The two urethane chambers are independent and come with two separate remotes for individual adjusting. So you and your partners can make personalized adjustments based on your needs without affecting each other’s comfort.

  • Better Back Support

Most mattresses will sag in the middle; a situation commonly referred to as “hammocking”. Hammocking causes misalignment in the spine as one sleeps, which can cause back pain, among other problems. The six-zone air chamber technology eliminates hammocking and ensures back support and alignment as you sleep.

  • Great For Side Sleepers And Any Body Type

By adjusting each zone separately, side sleepers can avoid shoulder pain and numbness without affecting their backs. Further, the Air-Pedic mattress is suitable for any body type as you can adjust the mattress firmness based on your preference. In case you are unsure which adjustment combination will work for you, the mattress checker app can help you figure out the right adjustments.

2. Supportive Memory Foam Layer

The Air-Pedic mattress has several layers, the first being its memory foam layer. Memory foam offers excellent support and spine alignment while sleeping because it indents to suit each individual. Using your body’s heat and pressure, the memory foam takes your specific shape, which is good for your spine and body alignment. And when you get up, the mattress returns to its original form.

3. Zero Motion Transfer

Two features ensure zero motion transfer in the Air-Pedic mattress:

  • Memory foam: Because both partners sink into the foam, your movements absorb into the mattress. That way, light sleepers are not disturbed or awakened by their partner’s tossing and turning.
  • Centre support: The two urethane chambers have a center support between them that prevents motion transfer. As such, either side’s movements remain on just that side.

4. Temperature Balancing

The Air-Pedic mattress has an airflow transfer system that allows body heat to escape and keeps you cool while sleeping. The memory foam layer has many small surface holes connected to open channels underneath. As such, room air will circulate through these holes and channels to keep the mattress at room temperature.

5. Safe material

The Air-Pedic mattress consists of hypoallergenic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products. It has received certification from Greenguard, CertiPUR-US, and Green Bear Mark of Excellence.

6. Long Warranty And Pre-Assembly

The Air-Pedic mattress offers a 30-year warranty where the first 3 years are non-prorated. That means in those first 3 years, you get full protection and will not have to cover any costs for replacement or repair. This mattress also comes pre-assembled, so all you need to do is attach the hoses to the air pump and get ready for bed.

7. Edge Support

The Air-Pedic mattress has strong edge support, which keeps it from sagging around its perimeter. The edge support ensures that you won’t easily roll off your bed and provides good support when sitting around your mattress’s edges.

The Cons

1. Steep Learning Curve 

It may be challenging at first for some people to learn how to adjust the mattress and find their own best settings.

2. Expensive 

Air-Pedic mattresses are rather pricey and can be inaccessible to many people.

3. Not Modular 

As they come pre-assembled, it can be challenging to fix individual problems. So if anything goes wrong, you might have to replace the whole mattress

Sleep Number Mattresses Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. Sleep IQ Technology

Sleep Number mattresses have technology that measures your breathing, heart rate, and movements to accommodate your needs. The technology also aims to continually improve your sleep by constantly adjusting to your current and future needs. You can even get a regular snapshot of what’s affecting your sleep to see how well you’re doing and what improvements are possible.

2. Responsive Air Technology

The Sleep Number mattress design enables it to respond to your movements while sleeping and adjust the firmness in real-time on each side. That means you won’t need constant adjustments as you toss and turn.

3. Dual Adjustability

There are two separate air chambers within the Sleep Number mattress that you can adjust separately. You and your partner can decide on your firmness levels and adjust them accordingly. A touchpad comes with the mattress for these adjustments, and you can buy an extra one if you need it.

4. Lightweight

The sleep number mattress system is very lightweight, making it easy to move. Its components are also light making them easy to move around during assembly. 

5. Durable 

The Sleep Number features an adjustable air chamber underneath a mattress topper. This air chamber ensures the mattress is more durable than conventional mattresses whose internal materials compress over time. In addition, you can replace the foam sides and mattress toppers as needed, which adds to the longevity of this mattress.

The Cons

1. Expensive

Sleep Number mattresses are expensive and get even more expensive when you add all the extra smart features. In addition, delivery and set-up costs can further raise the expenses of purchasing this mattress.

2. Thin foam toppers

Some of the more affordable Sleep Number mattresses come with a thin mattress topper that may require buyers to get an additional topper at an extra cost. While the thin topper can be beneficial for back sleepers, it is quite uncomfortable for side sleepers.

3. Middle Foam Insert

The insert is designed to separate the two rubber chambers. However, it is not indiscernible and can cause some discomfort for people who like to sleep close together. It is especially uncomfortable for mattresses with thin toppers.

4. Air Loss And Pump Malfunction

With the Sleep Number, you need to be quick when removing the hoses from the air pump as they are prone to air loss. The mattress also loses air with time affecting one’s comfort level. In addition, persistent air loss can sometimes cause the hammocking effect that is bad for one’s spinal curvature. Smart Sleep Number models can also have their settings fluctuate, affecting one’s sleep and comfort.

5. Motion Transfer

The Sleep Number air chambers are not completely independent of each other. As such, there is some motion transfer across the foam insert between them.

Air-Pedic And Sleep Number Mattress Construction

Air-Pedic and Sleep Number mattresses have different models with slight variations in their construction. For this comparison, we have chosen the Air-Pedic 800 and Sleep Number i8.

Air-Pedic 800Sleep Number i8
Bamboo viscous cover with micro vents.Temperature-balancing cover
1” hypergel plush top cooling layer3” energetix comfort foam
1” Gel-infused cooling foam2” Reselienx Support Foam
6 chamber multi-zone air system2 chamber air system
Medical-grade urethrane air chambersTraditional rubber air chambers
Patented Airflow Transfer System (Optional)1” Base foam

Are Both Air-Pedic And Sleep Number Considered Smart Beds?

Yes, both Air-Pedic and Sleep Number are smart beds.

The Air-Pedic mattress comes with two digital handheld remotes that allow adjustments to the mattress firmness as needed. These remotes have 89 settings to choose from, and once you have found your preferred setting, there is a memory option to save it. The mattress also comes with a mattress checker app that helps you choose the best settings.

Sleep Number mattresses can automatically adjust to a person’s needs using their Responsive Air technology. Their Sleep IQ technology further helps adjust and improve one’s sleeping experience based on their preferences and needs. In addition, you can access your data on any of your mobile devices to monitor your sleep and link it to your fitness apps to help improve your sleep.

Which Sleeping Positions Are Air-Pedic And Sleep Number Best For?

The Air-Pedic can accommodate any sleeping position. Its six-chamber multi-zone air chambers can adjust separately to help your spine stay properly aligned, and keep you comfortable, whatever your sleeping position.

Similarly, the Sleep Number can work with any sleeping position given the right settings. However, due to its single chamber on each side, the middle of the mattress may likely sink, making it uncomfortable, regardless of sleeping position.

Which is Better For Hot Sleepers: Air-Pedic or Sleep Number?

The Sleep Number has a mattress topper over rubber chambers which can cause the bed to retain heat. Some of this heat can be offset by the temperature-balancing mattress cover, but it may still be uncomfortable for hot sleepers.

Air-Pedic mattresses have an optional airflow transfer system that is helpful for hot sleepers. It consists of multiple holes in the foam layer that connects to open vents beneath. Room air circulates through this system, keeping the mattress cool and comfortable for hot sleepers.

Which Has The Better Motion Isolation: Air-Pedic or Sleep Number?

While both mattresses have individually adjustable chambers, the Air-Pedic chambers are completely separate. They come in two different spaces separated by a firm center support that prevents motion transfer between the two sides of the bed.

Sleep Number, however, zips their chambers together to prevent rolling in the middle of the mattress. Unfortunately, this connection between the chambers causes motion transfer between the two sides.

Common Air-Pedic Complaints

One of the common Air-Pedic complaints is how much time it takes to find the most comfortable setting. It takes a lot of adjusting and experimenting to find that sweet spot, which for some users is different when they change positions. Another complaint would be the cost.

Common Sleep Number Complaints

A common Sleep Number complaint is information disclosure. Buyers can only find basic mattress specifications on their site. It is also hard to find information about their warranty and return policy. There are further complaints about some smart bed electronics having a total warranty of just two years.

Air-Pedic vs. Sleep Number Conclusion

Ultimately, the choice between either mattress will depend on your personal needs and how much you are willing to spend.

Related Questions:

What Is An Adjustable Air Mattress?

An Adjustable Air Mattress is a mattress with one or more air chambers inside it instead of the standard foam or springs.

Air chambers offer support to the person on the mattress and can adjust to be more or less firm based on the needs of the person. These adjustments can occur by either adding more air to the chamber or releasing it.

Who Should Use An Adjustable Air Mattress?

1. Partners With Differing Preferences

If you and your partner don’t agree on the same firmness levels, then an adjustable air mattress is the best option to satisfy both needs simultaneously.

2. Combination Sleepers

People with several sleeping positions are better off with an adjustable air mattress that can conform to these positions.

3. People In Physical Pain

Whether acute or chronic physical pain, adjustable air mattresses can help relieve some of the pain people deal with when sleeping. The mattresses can ease pressure on specific body areas and ease the soreness or pain someone is experiencing.

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